Mrs Fan Liebenberg 80: skull crushed

Mrs Fan Liebenberg: 80, skull crushed with garden-shears: Nicolas Smit Street, Monument

Krugersdorp – August 2 2011. Beeld journalist Amanda Roestoff reports that eighty-year-old Afrikaner pensioner and avid church-goer Mrs Fan Liebenberg was mutilated so brutally with a garden-shears that her skull was crushed.

LIEBENBERG Mrs Fan 80 tortured to death with garden shears Krugersdorp Monument Aug22011 Mrs Liebenberg was murdered in the  Krugersdorp suburb of Monument only days after returning from holiday in Margate at the Zululand south-coast.Her lifeless, bloodied body was discovered at noon on August 2 2011. by daughter Kobie Geldenhuys, 53, who routinely visits her live-alone parent.She suspected something was amiss when she saw the backdoor’s security gate standing open. She alerted friends to help her get into the house and waited outside while two men searched the home and came across the badly-mutilated elderly Afrikaans woman’s body.Mrs Liebenberg was tied up hands-and-feet before she was murdered. She was fully dressed when found. Missing: a .22 pistol from her registered gun-safe, a cellphone and jewellery. Her son Frans, a mechanical engineer from Kempton Park, said despite her advanced age, she was very independent, very alert and closely involved in church-affairs.Family and friends streamed to the house to help the Liebenberg family cope with their loss. Warrant officer Solomon Sibiya of the local police said nobody was arrested.Mrs Liebenberg is also survived by three grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

White Benoni woman shoots dead black-male gunman
BENONI – One of two black men who broke into a family home on Houtkapper Street at 3am, in Crystal Park, was shot dead during a gun-fight on July 29.
. Clyde Meela reports in LookLocal Benoni that the unnamed white home-owner was awakened by the house alarm and her dogs. She was asleep in the bedroom with her two children. She took her gun and went downstairs to investigate. She looked through her living room window and spotted two black men with guns in her yard. When they saw her one pointed his firearm at her, and she raised her gun and a gun-fight ensued, with shots fired throught the windows.  She fired off two shots and saw one man fall down. She alerted the Crystal Park police and Community Monitoring Service (CMS) security guards but after a search in the dark they could find neither of the two gunmen. Later on the same day, at about 7.30am, the gardener arrived and started with his daily duties. He saw suspicious liquid drops on the grass and decided to follow the trail, which led him to the discovery of the body of the shot suspect on the grass. The paramedics were called to the scene and declared the suspect dead. At that point the police were called back to examine the scene with photographers and detectives and a mortuary vehicle arrived to fetch the dead gunman’s body. It was taken to the Germiston Mortuary.  The other suspect is still on the run, and the cases are being investigated by WO Riana Erasmus.


Other Benoni serious crimes:

Botha, Alice and Jacobus, retired, murdered in attack Northmead Benoni MURDER TRIAL OF THREE BLACK MALES STARTS MARCH 22 2011 DELMAS COURT: for the double-murder of Alice and Jacobus Botha, who both were murdered… Fri Feb 12 2010 1:21:00 am | Relevance: +3
Chantelle Barnard, 20: raped, throat cut, bathed, smallholding Benoni  Chantelle Barnard, 20, Benoni smallholder: the Afrikaans girl was raped, then her throat was slit: and then she was bathed… her mother discovered her with her hair wet. A white caretaker ‘s son was arrested for the murder.  Sat Apr 2 2011
Rynsoord, Benoni homeowner attacked by 3 black gunmen, shot at  Rynsoord resident attacked, shot at by three black men Wednesday, April 20 Warrant/officer Jannie van Aswegen of the Benoni SAPS said an unidentified male owner … Thu Apr 28 2011 1:38:00 am
Collins, John and Sue, 55, killed, throats cut, three black males, Airfield Benoni  John and Sue Collins killed: Airfield, Benoni: working class couple: knifed numerous times and then their throats were cut by three black males. Very little of value was ‘robbed’. … Tue May 17 2011 7:30:00 am
Geldart James shot in face, left in coma by 3 Boksburg metro-cops: JULY 14 2011 BENONI COURT ask for dismissal  On April 18 2008, Afrikaans high school prefect James Geldart – a bright young scholar and among the country’s top-ten squash-players – was shot in the head and critically injured and disfigured, after he had crashed his car while fleeing from a group of heavily-armed men in an unmarked car who had not identified themselves as metro-cops. Thu Jul 14 2011 8:00:00
Benoni charity worker 76 mysteriously dead, Newlands Avenue Benoni 76-year-old Benoni charity-worker mysteriously dead, Newlands Ave He died under mysterious circumstances inside his heavily-secured home Wednesday, June 29.Wed Jun 29 2011 7:13:00 am
Benoni woman shoots dead black male gunman, Houtkapper Street, Crystal Park 3am  Benoni woman shoots dead black-male gunman BENONI – One of two black men who broke into the high-security, fenced-in garden of a family home on Houtkapper Street at 3am was found shot dead the next morning by the gardener. He died in the gunfight between the woman: during a gunfight through the window. Fri Jul 29 2011 3:00:00 am

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