The Killing Fields of South Africa

Tens of thousands of poor working-class Afrikaners suffer horrific, cruel torture-attacks at their subsistence-smallholdings countrywide   – PHOTOS

Another unnamed smallholder, 66, murdered at Kameeldrift, Pretoria
2011-07-21 A heavily armed gang of black men, possibly five, murdered another Afrikaner man at the besieged smallholdings of Kameeldrift yesterday.
And since they ‘robbed’ the 66-year-old Bynespoort man’s cellphone to prevent him from raising the alarm, the ANC-ruled local news media was quick to write it off as just another robbery.

It’s not a ‘robbery’ : the execution-style murder of this working-class Afrikaner forms part of a very clear pattern: a decade-long terror campaign to chase the poorest whites in the country off their subsistence smallholdings and force these defenceless families into permanent homelessness and chronic  starvation. Many hundreds of thousands of poor Afrikaners have already been chased from their homes since 1994 and are now wandering around the countryside, drifting from little mission-stations and fighting desperately to survive with their families – in the land their forefathers had turned into Africa’s only first-world state…

Kameeldrift – populated by low-income, working-class Afrikaners – is often targetted for the most horrendously cruel torture-crimes by armed black-male gangs. The ANC-ruled newsmedia invariably describes these torture-attacks as ‘ordinary robberies’….

KAMEELDRIFT residents interviewed by Norwegian Dagbladet no You won’t get any South African journalists to describe the terrorism which has washed over Kameeldrift. They stick to the ANC-propaganda accusation that it’s all just ‘ordinary crime’ and that white smallholders should be ‘more careful’ and ‘help the police fight crime.’ However on 8 May 2010, a Norwegian news-team travelled all the way to Kameeldrift – just to film and interview the genocidal attacks which target the working-class residents of this low-income Afrikaans smallholding region  – and discovered that this was  one of the most-targetted areas in the country by black killer-gangs, and that many hundreds of Afrikaners have been attacked, raped, often tortured for hours and left sexually-mutilated and murdered there since 1994 – Norwegian journalist Torgeir P Krokfjord of the 1-m daily readership Dagbladet, travelled all the way from his peaceful Scandinavian country to interview South African smallholder  and sign-writer Jason Meyer, (picture).Meyer:

“Me and my wife were sleeping. We woke up with five black men standing in our bedroom. They tied us up. I got a pillow pressed against my face, a gun muzzle against my forehead,” said Arno to the paper, showing the tie marks on his hands. Thankfully the couple’s four children were asleep, and they do not know what really happened that night. -“ And we can thank God for that. Had they woken up, I do not know if we would have been alive today. he children do not know that dad and mom are considering escape. To Australia perhaps, where they can dare to leave a small bike in the street and walk alone to school.” This is just one of the many tales of terror residents will tell you at Kameeldrift. They are waging a 24/7 battle for survival against the many attacks by totally ruthless, black killer-gangs. The Afrikaner/Boer smallholders spend most of their free time, their resources and energy just on protecting their families each day and night..”

Smallholders who defend themselves get arrested for murder:

Olivier Elize husband Frederick and brother arrested for shooting dead attacker in selfdefence Uitzicht Kameeldrift Sept212010 Yet despite the ANC ‘gangster-State’ ‘s cynical exhortations for smallholders to ‘help police fight crime’; when smallholders shoot armed attackers in self-defence, it’s the crime-victims who are arrested and charged with criminal assault, attempted murder and murder...  This happens frequently: for instance on September 20, 2010, two Afrikaner men on a Kameeldrift/Uitzicht smallholding which had been attacked, were arrested for defending their families. They were moreover, denied bail and told they would be charged with ‘murder’ . We fear for our lives. Last night another three men were on our erf,’ said a fearful, weeping Mrs Eliza Olivier (right) at the Pretoria magistrate’s court after hearing that her family would be left alone to fend for themselves – after her husband Fredrick Chrisjan Olivier, 46, was denied bail together with his brother Koos Petrus Olivier, 43. One of the men had fired a shot in self-defence through their window and killed a Zimbabwean man who was trying to break in, and then left the body on the side of the road. Their attorney J D Nel said the families would be left undefended in one of the highest crime region in the country. However black magistrate Bheki Ntshingila wouldn’t hear of bail: instead he postponed the case to the following week so that the state ‘could get more statements from another Zimbabwean man who has since gone missing’. The lawyer said this man, part of an armed attack-gang, would be ‘impossible to trace’. Even so, the two Afrikaner brothers were forced to spend four days in a police-jail while their families were left undefended… After all that, the case then was simply dropped.

Steenberg Suna 43 in coma since Kameelfontein AH attack April 16 2010[ DU TOIT Jan 80 Kameeldrift shot May2_2010 KAMEELDRIFT Robert Botha was killed execution-style on May 11 2010. And eighty-year-old Afrikaner pensioner Jan du Toit (left) was rushed to hospital after the frail, unarmed old man was attacked on his Kameeldrift smallholding by two black men who pulled a blanket over the old man’s head while he was in bed —  and then shot him in the stomach…. It’s not known if he survived. Many such incidents are never even followed up by the SA news media any more: there are just too many.

Suna Steenberg, 43, Kameelfontein businesswoman, dies Oct 11 2010 from April 16 2010 shooting 43-year old Suna Steenberg, right,  who ran the Montana Poles and Lapas company, died on Oct 11 2010 after she had been in a coma from a shooting since April 16.

On 9 March 2011, the SA artist Cornelius Bosch, 55 – missing since 24 February from his Kameeldrift smallholding —  was found torched to death. Dental records confirmed his identity, wrote Hilda Fourie of Beeld.

On 6 January 2011, to teachers at the ‘Via Nova school for Disabled Children’ at Kameeldrift, Karen, 45, and Johan Joubert, 52, were brutally and repeatedly assaulted by three armed black men on their Derdepoort smallholding right next to high-crime Kameeldrift.

On 27 Dec 2010, 58-year-old pensioner Willie van Zyl lay bleeding for six hours after he was shot in the face during an armed attack by four black males on his smallholdings near the Baviaanspoort prison in the Kameeldrift region of Pretoria. His nephew Johan Pretorius, 47, who lives nearby, said Van Zyl was shot while he was asleep at 1:30am in his bedroom...

On Oct 26 2008, Kameeldrift father of two Marius acdonald, 42, was shot by a coldblooded gunman during an attack on his smallholding and simply left behind to bleed to death.

 It is genocidal warfare out here … Pretoria Afrikaners in ethnic-cleasing siege

Genoeg_Is_Genoeg_Cullinan Kameeldrift police station protest Nov7200822 Nov 2008 Elmore de Reuck, 31  was attacked on the Kameeldrift smallholdings near Pretoria, which have been in a decades-long siege from armed criminal gangs…

‘Afrikaner farmers, smallholders face genocide’2 Nov 2008 – Some 2,000 Afrikaner smallholders of Kameeldrift and Cullinan held a peaceful protest march to the local police stations north of Pretoria, warning that they were being targetted by gangs intent on genocide’.

Theunis Pelserm, truckdriver, killed, Kameelsdrift AH 08 May 2010 – Hilda Fourie of Beeld newspaper reports that the gang crime-afflicted smallholdings of Leeuwfontein/Kameeldrift north-east of Pretoria have claimed its third gun crime-victim within a month.

Rrural murders of whites in SA: sources; links08 May 2011 – Six Afrikaner police officers who live at the Kameeldrift smallholdings used their own money, their own cars, their own off-duty time and their own phones to hunt down and arrest the killers of ex-cop Marius van Greunen, 38: “Seven times. Why did they shoot him seven times?’ 

  • There are many more such incidents recorded at Kameeldrift/Leeuwfontein/Cullinan and also all the great many smallholdings around greater Pretoria, Brits, Hartbeespoort …. For the latest attacks: 

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

5 Responses to The Killing Fields of South Africa

  1. Hilda Steyn says:

    I live in Kameeldrif West. What is written above is the absolute truth. Every night and every morning we pray for our safety. It’s all we can do.

    • I have the deepest admiration for your courage. Many people outside South Africa are growing very concerned about the safety of the Afrikaner people. These cruel incidents are being noticed and recorded – even if that does not help you in your present situation, the one thing the ANC-regime hates is ‘bad publicity’. Please don’t hesitate to send us any detailed information you wish about security incidents. Email me at – with pictures if you have them.

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  4. Nasdaq7 says:

    I wish we could get the real statistics, because the ANC doesn’t want to give it.

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