Black-racist cops get away with murder

On April 18 2008, Afrikaans high school prefect James Geldart  – and among the country’s top-ten squash-players –  was shot in the head while fleeing from two cars with black gunmen near Springs.  He was in a coma for days. Left facially disfigured, the traumatised young Afrikaner now lives in Durban. On July 14 2011, the three black mystery-cops from Boksburg municipality who were charged for his attempted murder, are planning to apply in Benoni magistrate’s court D to have the case dropped altogether…

 JamesThomasGeldartShotByEkhuleniCopsApril182008 Beeld On April 18 2008, the unarmed James Geldart, then a promising young Afrikaner high-school student, the senior-prefect at Brandwag High School in Boksburg, became so terrified when confronted by two groups of black gunmen who tried to pull him over in their unmarked cars, that the youth fled and crashed  with the three blacks in hot pursuit – shooting at him while chasing the unarmed young Afrikaner down the highway. They never identified themselves as cops.

He said later that the shots were fired by two groups of armed men in two unmarked cars who had followed him on the N12 highway near Springs.’They were giving no indications that they may have been cops’. Believing they were hijackers or robbers, he called his security company CMS while he continued driving to his parental home. He was shot and injured while fleeing. Spokesmen of his security company confirmed that they could ‘hear the shots while he was calling them in sheer panic’. They immediately rushed to his house because a security alarm had also been raised there by his mother. Young Geldart, bleeding profusely and weak from the gunshot wounds, lost control over his car and crashed it into a wall a block away from his house. There was no sign of the men who had been following him. He was treated on the scene by paramedics and rushed to Glynnwood hospital.

The three cops from Boksburg municipality who were charged two years later with this attempted murder will hear on July 14 2011 in Benoni magistrate’s court D whether the case will be dismissed altogether. They have not only managed to keep their identities a total secret – they have also managed to repeatedly get this case postponed, it never was moved to any higher court for trial – and now it will  very likely be thrown out by the public prosecutor on July 14. Nobody knows who these violent Boksburg municipal cops are to this very day. They have managed —  with the help of friends and colleagues —  to evade the news media ever since their arrest, bail application and repeated court-appearances. Meanwhile young James Geldart has seen no justice done. On July 14 2011, the Afrikaans community will find out whether these black-racist cops will get away with permanently ruining Geldart’s young life. The youth would have been murdered if he hadn’t played dead.  It is said that they are still working at Boksburg municipality, still packing their guns. They have also been charged with discharging a firearm in a populated area and negligent use of a firearm. The newspapers still do not know their names. Journalists believe that the three officers are protected by colleagues and court-officials who are able to sneak them into court rooms. And it will probably happen again on July 14 2011 in Benoni magistrate’s court D.      

The mentally-disturbed, black Kempton Park cop was witnessed on April 26 2011 by car-guard Sipho Baloyi  executing Janet Odendaal in her car at point-blank range. The accused cop initially was denied bail due his mentally-disturbed state. On July 1 2011 he was quietly given R3,000 bail… and is back on the job: his case will be heard again on August 15 in the Kempton Park magistrate’s court

SAPF sergeant Mnape Phineas Kgoale initially was denied bail for Mrs Odendaal’s execution-style murder, which witnessed by the horrified car-guard, Sipho Baloyi, 45, who showed a Beeld journalist the exact way in which the Afrikaans woman had been murdered (picture below).

However June, he suddenly appeared in the local magistrate’s court and quietly granted R2,000 bail. He’s back at work. It was reported at the time that Kgoale came walking out of the Kempton Park police station while Mrs Odendaal was sitting inside her car: friends told the news media later that she ws calling the 10111 emergency number. It was reported that Kgoale had just returned to duty from treatment at the Elim Clinic for Alcohol Addiction between March 26 to April 2, and had earlier in the year also undergone treatment for some other unspecified mental illness. The court heard at his first bail-application that Kgoale was ‘in a very emotional state because his girlfriend did not allow him to visit their six-year-old daughter because of his ‘violent, erratic behaviour and alcoholism’.

Gerhardt Theron of the local Kempton Park newspaper noted on July 1 2011 that Mrs Odendaal’s alleged killer was granted R3,000 bail by the Johannesburg High Court on the Wednesday before. “Sgt Mnape Phineas Kgoale paid his bail after his court appearance in Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court yesterday. During this appearance both the state and the accused’s representative Mr Riaan Louw, asked for a postponement ‘for further investigations’. Louw also wanted to know whether the trial would take place in Kempton Park or in the Johannesburg High Court. Mnape stands accused of shooting and killing Odendaal in Monument Road opposite Kempton Park Police Station on April 26.The case was postponed to August 15.” What happened? And has anybody seen the car-guard lately?

Odendaal Janet shot dead outside Kempton Park police station  Odendaal Janet car guard shows how she was murderedKemptonPark police stationimage

Sasolburg cops who killed Ignatius Michael ‘Naas” Grobler, Deneysville, were an integral part of the armed gang which carried out a wave of attacks against smallholders are still working… ‘  judge C J Musi, June 3 2011

Grobler Naas 56 murdered rural Denysville Vaaldam security complex Sept82010 2011-06-03 Johan Brits of Beeld newspaper recorded on June 3 2011 in a trial of the Sasolburg court that judge C J Musi expressed his deep concern about the fact that the police-officers who aided and abetted convicted armed robber Moses Sechaba, 23, in carrying out his series of attacks between November 2009 and October 2010 against white homeowners are still working at their jobs. The attacks targetted private homes and smallholders in Sasolburg, Vaalpark, Deneysville and at the high-security compound Club 40 outside Denysville. Ignatius Michael (Naas) Grobler , left,was shot dead at his house in Club 40. The court ruled that Sechaba ‘did not pull the trigger but he is co-responsible for Grobler’s death. Musi said in his summary that Sechaba worked with a gang – and that ‘a group of police officers formed part of this gang. Yet Sechaba is the only one charged with these crimes in this court.’ “Of those police officers are in custody, but others are still working as police officers,’ he said.

“During this trial, a police-officer had even visited Sechaba in the holding cells and threatened Sechaba and told him ‘he knows what he said in his guilty plea.’ Musi said ‘this means that this police officer had access to the dossier. And that worries me. That worries me a lot. I can understand why you fear for your life. I understand why you won’t mention the names of specific fellow-gangmembers in an open court.’ He was sentenced to 29 years prison of which he will have to serve 25 years, on 15 charges of housebreaking, armed robbery, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, attempted murder and murder. 

At about 04:00 on Sept 8 2010, businessman Naas Grobler, 56, had gone to investigate why his dog was barking so incessantly and was shot dead in cold blood, said his stepson, Mel Shandos, 44, after the murder. The family was under attack and Grobler’s wife Rika, 62, grabbed her cellphone and locked herself in the bathroom of their house, named Lekker Lag, ( Happy Laughter ) when she heard the shots.The gunmen then calmly stole only a cellphone and some jewellery from the house: shortly before the same gang had also robbed two other houses in the same ‘secure’ Club 40 complex, about 10km from Deneysville and the Vaal Dam just before they shot Mr Grobler. One of these houses belongs to Grobler’s son Louis, 30, who also was a partner in their steel business. His house was three doors down from that of his parents. “My stepdad was shot in cold blood,” said Shandos.Three shots were fired, of which at least one hit Grobler snr. His sons described him as “a kind man who had no enemies”.”When my mom heard the robbers flee, she phoned the security guard at the complex’s gate and started screaming,” said Shandos. She was treated for shock. What followed was even more amazing: as it is now said that some police officials from Sasolburg and Deneysville who launched a search for the gang were actually a very integral part of this gang. Some were later arrested after their involvement was proven when Moses Sechaba was arrested. The majority, as judge C J Musi noted, were however ‘still at work’.



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4 May 2011 He was previously found guilty of the negligent discharging of a firearm

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30 April 2011 The case has been postponed until Wednesday

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28 April 2011 Friend says she has no idea where Odendaal was before she arrived at the station

Polisielede help skurk inbreek

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