SA cops spinning out of control

Does SA still have a functioning government when 87% of the jobs at the governing body – the presidency – now are vacant? read

SOUTH AFRICA THUMBSS DOWN AFRICAN PEER REVIEW REPORT  Adriana Stuijt, Dokkum. – This week, South Africa received the worst possible rating in the ‘African Peer Review Mechanism report. Specifically singled out were the  police force, the government’s failure to deal with the growing number of attacks against black foreigners, the government corruption, the ongoing destruction of the commercial agricultural sector….

Police force is spinning out of control:

The citizens and taxpayers have known about this for a long time: they increasingly are at the receiving end of abusive, vengeful and even murderous cops. Yesterday, I spoke to four young Afrikaner men who were beaten brutally and shot at by two cops in Acacia, Pretoria when the four white youths were just walking along a dark, deserted roadway, returning from buying cigarettes. (their personal details are below).

Acacia 4 Afrikaans youngsters shot at_beaten_kicked_by SA COPS June2011

Over the past few years, we posted many examples of the abusive, authoritative and even murderous behaviour of police officers. And they seem to target the white residents to vent their vengeance on most of all.  And the policemen who still carry out their duties despite the heavy workload – often are drummed out of the service. On June 3, 2011 Mr Justice C J Musi even expressed his concern about the spreading cop violence: saying that it was ‘worrisome’ that the Sasolburg cops who were co-accused for carrying out a reign of terror against (white) smallholders, were ‘still working, and never arrested.’  BeeldJune32011

Just some links describing SA Police Brutality:

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Below we detail two new incidents of police-brutality — just the latest in a long line of criminal offences by unsupervised, out-of-control or at times, just plain stupid police officers.  Use the search engine on this site to locate all the stories – one more horrific than the next: and all targetting whites.







 June 17 2011 Acacia – Four Afrikaans youths assaulted, shot at, kicked by Soshanguve cops, cursed as ‘criminals’ and ‘hijackers’ – for just strolling along the roadside – when just strolling along the road:

Yesterday-afternoon I heard the personal account from four Afrikaans youths who were brutally assaulted while walking on the Brits Road in the Acacia policing-district – after buying cigarettes on June 17, 2011 at 2am.

hand1 The four matric-friends from the Gerrit Maritz Afrikaans high school in the Acacia policing district of Pretoria were walking well away from the kerb, on the other side of a pallisade fence next to a dam. One of them, Armand Janse van Rensburg, 17, had just gone through the gate and was the only one standing at the kerbsidem waiting for his friends to join him. Suddenly  a vehicle came screeching up to him, terrifying the youngster so much that he scaled the pallisade fence in great panic– believing they were being attacked by criminals. Both his hands were pierced while doing this. (picture below, after treatment at Montana hospital). Armand hid hid behind the fence while his three friends, amongst them their spokesman Martin Fourie, 17, who spoke to me yesterday, were accosted by two men who jumped out, armed. They did not identify themselves as police officers. The road was very dark and deserted at that time of night and visibility was very poor. The boys said that one of the armed men was white, one was black. They fired a shot towards three Afrikaner youths and ordered them to lie down. Armand was hiding behind the fence – in pain from his pierced hands. A shot was fired by one of the men and they summonsed the three youths to lie down on the pavement, cursing and screaming insults at them. Only then did the youths realise that the men had arrived in what looked like a police vehicle. The black police-officer then proceeded to kick and hit the three terrified youngsters for a long time.  Mr Fourie emphasized that specifically the black police officer – who never identified himself  as a cop– took the lead in kicking and assaulting them,  cursing them for ‘criminals’ and ‘hijackers’  and demanding to know ‘where the dagga was’. The youngsters protested in vain that they had no drugs, that they had simply gone to buy some cigarettes, that they certainly were not ‘hijackers’. They just kept on being beaten, kicked, accused and yelled at., said Fourie in a telephone interview with me.

Armand went to stand next to the police vehicle where the white police officer was watching the black colleague assault the three Afrikaner youths: who were Martin Fourie, as well as Jan-Hendrik and Juandre. (last names not disclosed).The officers both spoke Afrikaans to the youngsters. Their ordeal lasted more than an hour while they were being kicked, cursed for ‘criminals’ and assaulted. Eventually the two cops called for reinforcement and a whuite police officer who identified himself as w/o Ras Hamilton of the Soshanguve Dog Unit also showed up. Martin Fourie said he was being threatened with a gun by one of the first two officers when he demanded to have their names and ranks given to him.

Martin Fourie: “It was ludicrous to accuse us of being hijackers. We weren’t anywhere near a car and in any case three of us were walking behind the pallisade fence on the other side of the roadway at the time their car pulled up – and we had no access to the road, while Armand was the only one who had already gone through the gate.  There was no reason for these police-officers to act this way and point their gun at us. We were unarmed and their lives never were in any danger from us,’ said Fourie.

When w/o Hamilton showed up he roughly told the three youngsters to ‘fk off’ home’ and told the two cops to take the injured Armand home so that he could get treatment for his hands. The parents took him to Montana Hospital in the early-morning hours.

The youngsters were so traumatised that they were then too terrified to notify the local police of the incident: instead they contacted a police officer in Sunnyside to take their submission. Thus the case initially was registered at the Sunnyside PD and transferred to Acacia.The young Afrikaners are badly traumatised by the incident, all four suffer nightmares and pain from the internal injuries they incurred during the kickings and the beatings.  They have also contact Afriforum to obtain legal advice.

Armand Janse van Rensburg’s hands: pierced by pallisade fence as he fled  in fear from the cops

hand1 hand2

June 22 2011 – Armando Mourao – arrested at the airport, just about to board a plane to Lisbon with his family:  Randburg police were ‘looking for a black man’ —  but Mr Mourao is white: so the family had to buy new tickets for August 4… and are terrified that it will happen again.

Message from — Hi, my name is Armando and I think I might have a good story. On the 22nd of June 2011 at about 18.00 I was about to travel to Lisbon with my family when I got stopped a Passport Control. I was sent to the police station where I was arrested for no reason whatsoever. After a bit of argument with the police they told me that that I “had been arrested for fraud: .

I phone my family to let them now that I was not going to make the flight with them because I was arrested. They decided that they were not going to travel any longer because they wanted to help me. I ask them to get me legal advice as I did not know what was happening.They immediately got some legal advice. I was taken to a cell at OR Tambo airport waiting to be transferred to the Honeydew police station, and waiting for the police to arrive. It was then decided to take me to the Randburg police station, where I was driven from OR Tambo to the middle of town in Johannesburg via Commissioner and then turn onto Rissik Street where the driver stop to pick up some one at the City hall .

When we arrived at the police station in Randburg my attorney was already there to help me. I spoke very briefly with my legal representative and my family.They assured me that they will help me and I assured them that I did not know anything of what was happening.There was a “case against me”. They got hold of the detective that was handling the case to clarify the matter. The detective in question has told my attorney that he was on the way to the station to resolve the matter. After a 2 hours wait and several calls from my attorney to him he has decide not to go to the station and put off his phone or was not taking calls from my attorney.

I was forced to stay in a cell with other 8 prisoners, which I did not know what kind of people they were. I could not sleep. At about 2 or 3 in the morning my attorney told me that ‘there was nothing they could do for me but wait until 8.30 for the Court be open and then present my case to the Judge’.

‘ My ‘file’ was missing: but they were looking for a black person: and I am white’:

While in Court they got to know that the police and the detectives in Honeydew could not find the file where I was charged for. After a few hours the file was then found and brought to the police station in Randburg. I was then called from the cell to the office in front where there was 3 detectives waiting for me. For their big surprise they could not believed when they saw me and then opened the file.

I am a white person and the person that they were looking for was a black person. After 10 or 15 minutes I was then released after spending 18 hours in prison for a crime that I did not committed and a mistake from the police where they had a totally different person from what the file said.

We lost all our money: we had paid for the family’s tickets to Lisbon – and now we have to buy them again…

We then drove to Honeydew police station to get an affidavit from me as well some form stating that the circulation from the police for “my arrest is invalid”. My family and I try to fly the next day after losing all the money that we have paid for our tickets.

We had to buy new tickets. I was then too scared to travel as my ID number is still on the computers where they are going arrest me again. And it will take up to 3 months for my name to be cleared from the data base. “

  • I plan  to travel again on 4 August 2011 but I am scared to do so. I can not sleep at night. Please help so that this situation will not happen again to me or to anyone else!

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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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