Racial polarisation soars in SA

Racial polarisation soars in SA:  ‘Comrades we are going to war’ scream ANC-youths; Genocide Watch ‘Malema must be removed as leader of ANC youth league’; lawyer Thomas Mahlobogoane: ‘white cops beat me up’ ; white Broederstroom men turn State witnesses in racist murder of Malawian; Afriforum probes ‘disastrous Soshanguve trial’ of 5 suspects of murdering shopkeeper Hein de Jager; dairy farmer Connie Janneke’s murderer ís guilty; Susan Griebenouw 80, dead in mystery fire; three farmers survive two Overberg farm attacks; municipalities in 64,4billion debt; Afrikaans teacher acquitted of two ‘rape’ charges – will he now get his job back?;

Boers in Stage 6 genocide: Dr Gregory Stanton, Genocide Watch23601_116301771729710_116298045063416_221263_1345830_n

  Genocide Watch: “Julius Malema must be removed as leader of the ANC youth league… ‘he is a violent Marxist-racist just like Winnie Mandela. We will update South Africa to being in Stage 6 (of  the 8 stages) of genocide in the next week…’ entire statement on  http://bit.ly/k5SfV

Why are Pretoria cops so violent against Afrikaners? Disabled Boer couple assaulted by racist cops: Many other incidents:  http://bit.ly/hHzPn6  http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2011/01/disabled-boer-couple-assaulted-by-saps.html

Blackwash anti-white hatespeech leader Andile Mnxingtama paid by European taxpayers


Is the SA Human Rights Foundation only concerned with ‘black human rights? So why are European taxpayers supporting this black-racist outfit?


Getting away with murder:  Afriforum probes ‘disastrous police-investigation and public-prosecution work’ which acquitted 5 suspected murderers of Hein de Jager, executed in front of many witnesses on 13 March 2011 in Acacia

De Jager Hein AcaciaShopkeeperExecuted5blacksAcquittedAfriforumProbesSoshanguveTrial June 23 2011 – Civil rights group AfriForum is launching a probe into setting up a safety-net to protect the community and crime-victims from the results of poor police-investigation and poor public-prosecutions. This in response to the ‘disastrous trial in Soshanguve’ in which five black men were found not guilty of the execution-style murder on 13 March 2011 of Afrikaner shopkeeper Hein de Jager – with judge Cynthia Pretorius criticising the ‘poor police investigation and poor public prosecution’ which led to the acquittal despite the overwhelming evidence. http://www.koerant.co.za/?p=4658 One suspect was already released before the trial because the state-advocate was ‘unable to prove the case. The remaining four suspects were found not guilty by judge Pretorius – who was highly critical of the police-investigation in her summary: saying that ‘although the court has a strong suspicision regarding the involvement of the suspects, the state-prosecutor was unable to prove the case beyond all doubt.’  The way in which the police-investigation was conducted led to important evidence, such as the victims’ identication of stolen goods, of the escape-veicle and of the murder-weapon ‘could not be admitted as evidence.’ The signed admission in front of a magistrate by one of the suspects also was classified as ‘unsubmissable evidence’  because the suspect was not warned of his constitutional rights by the arresting officers. Afriforum representative Willie Spies, who attended the trial with the victim-family, said the biggest disappointment in the trial was the fact that the state-prosecutor had called the girl-friend of one suspect about the ownership of the escape-vehicle: and she instead provided him with an alibi which he did not question her about  “It is tragic that the five accused men each had their own advocate paid for by the State, while the victims of the crimes and their family are delivered over to the half-baked investigation work and poorly-prepared litigation proceedings of the prosecuting authority’s one and only junior advicate. Victims have to just accept the fact that they are being delivered over to the mercy of incompetent government officials,’ said Spies. “The only parties who were not represented in the War against Crime, are the defenceless victims and their relatives. Afriforum will investigate ways in whcih these people in such situations can be assisted.’ URL: http://www.koerant.co.za/?p=4658

Jacques Liebenberg and Groenewald couple survive two farm attacks, Overberg region
Two farm attacks have been registered in the Bredasdorp and Swellendam districts this week, said  Niel Neethling, chairman of the Overberg Agricultaral Cooperative.Attacked on June 11 2011 were Jacques Liebenberg, who farms on Hanskraal, the farm belong to Mr A J du Toit in the Protem region.
The heavily-armed black men were wearing balaclavas and tried to hack him to death with a hatched, but he managed to escape and is now recovering from his wounds.Several days later the Groenewald couple were attacked on the farm Klipfontein in the Ouplaas region. It is suspected that the same group of black men were responsible as their descriptions matched.The couple were held hostage for a while before they were able to flee and alerted the agricultural community and the police. After a massive search the men were arrested.Mr Neething warned farm residents to be on the lookout and remain alert to any other gangs who may be roaming the region, looking for white farmers to attack.

Susanne Griebenouw, 85, dies in mystery fire: Riversdal Ou-Meule home
2011-06-22 RIVERSDAL – Frail Mrs Susanne Griebenouw, 85, died in a mysterious fire in an old-age residence here: shortly thereafter the matress of another old woman caught fire: she survives with burns from her toes to her waist.
And another fire broke out later that day in a store-room. Mrs Griebenouw ‘s son is convinced his mother was murdered.
Now the families of the frail old-age pensioners who live in the Ou-Meule retirement home are terrified that their loved-ones will be next. Mrs Griebenouw was partially paralysed and unable to speak before the torching-death.The other two fires broke out in a storeroom and in the matress of another elderly resident: she survived with burns from her toes to her waist.(source: Eugene Gunning, Die Burger newspaper, Cape Town) There have been similar fire-incidents before recently, said Johan Griebenauw, eldest son, who is convinced his mother was murdered.’I won’t rest until the guilty person has been arrested. I want to prevent this from happening again. The community of Riversdal does not deserve this.’ http://www.dieburger.com

Murderer of Connie Janneke, 61, dairy farm Cullinan, found guilty
Saliva on a cigaret-butt at the scene of Mrs Connie Janneke’s murder contained DNA which proved that Tumelo Shakes Monakedi had murdered the Afrikaner dairy farmer.Mrs Janneke’s body was discovered on her bed on January 21 2008 after she did not arrive for work. Her hands and feet were tied behind her back and a towel was wrapped tightly around her neck.Only her cellphone was missing.The 27-year-old Monakedi was found guilty in the North-Gauteng High Court on June 20 2011.  Mrs Janneke  had only moved into a cottage on the farm four days before her murder.The black man – who had no links to the farm and was unknown to anyone there – flicked away a cigarette butt, enough to convict him. A DNA expert testified that the DNA in the saliva on the cigarette was such a close match that one out of 23-billion people would have matched it.The SA police traced Monakedi from a phone call made from Mrs Janneka’s stolen cellphone: and discovered that it was used by a girl who testified that it was Monakedi who had given her the phone.Mrs Janneke was seen the evening before the murder using the same cellphone. Judge Vivian Tlhapi commented during the cross-examination of witnesses that it is very likely that more than one person was involved in Mrs Janneke’s murder.The pleas in mitigation of sentencing start from 5 August.

Two white murder suspects in Broederstroom Hartbeespoort turn state witness
20 June 2011 – Sowetan newspaper is very cautious in describing the ‘alleged racist murder’ of Malawian national Mkwinda Makanjira Adam in Broederstroom, Hartbeespoort Dam, have turned State witness’Today I am going to kill’, the drunken lout had allegedly told his friends, who were arrested with him.(source: McKeed Kotlolo, Sowetan)  Adam, 51, was bludgeoned to death by an “alleged racist white man” with a piece of a pole last Sunday evening.He was waiting at a farm store in Broederstroom for some congregants to pick him up on their way to a prayer service.The two, aged 23 and 26, were in the company of the murderer of Adam. They were arrested on Monday and appeared in the Brits magistrate’s court on Wednesday on a murder charge.The court released them however after they said they had not carried out the murder and had not planned anything of the kind: they put the blame on the missing suspect.They offered to be witnesses for the state, according to Brigadier Tulane Nubian of North West provincial police.He also confirmed that the alleged killer was still at large and an intense manhunt has been launched for him.The suspect allegedly fled the scene of the gruesome murder the same day about 6.30pm.Ngubane said police had confiscated the suspect’s VW Citi Golf in Johannesburg. It was allegedly being driven by his girlfriend who made a statement that she did not know his whereabouts.The man allegedly picked up a pole in the dark and attacked Adam who died at the scene, still clutching his Bible which he tried to use as a shield.
His two friends had not seen this: they had by then allegedly moved back in the direction of the pub.

AfrikaansSchoolsThreatenedByBlackDemonstrators Comrades we are going to warANC propagandist threatens ethnic-cleansing of white farms, white smallholdings, white homes and nationalise mines:  ’Comrades, we are going to war. We are going to war for radical policy change.” Trust Julius Malema to sum up his own conference. He is going to war, he wants to put his imprint on everything. And he might just get his way, writes EWN-reporter Stephen Grootes.  http://www.thedailymaverick.co.za/article/2011-06-20-malema-20-time-to-get-worried

Police swore, kicked and punched me. They called me k****r

Vereeniging lawyer Thomas Mahlobogoane claimed that he was attacked by three white police officers who swore at him, clapped him in handcuffs and beat him up.source: Ntwaagae Seleka, Sowetan newspaper: He said his only ‘sin’ was to drive at night and forgetting to switch the lights on. Thomas Mahlobogoane’s face had to be given stitches after he was allegedly attacked by three police officers. “My sin was to drive at night. I don’t know why I was assaulted and am still asking myself what wrong I had done. To make matters worse, I was assaulted at a place where I thought I was safe – outside my yard,” he said. Mahlobogoane said he was assaulted by two policemen and a policewoman in Vereeniging who drove a VW Golf marked with bright police stripes. http://www.sowetanlive.co.za/news/2011/06/20/police-swore-kicked-and-punched-me.-they-called-me-kr

SA municipalities in R64,4-billion debt and collapsing
There is no way to break it to them gently where the state of our municipal budgets are concerned. The time for a no-holds-barred overhaul is right now. Are you listening, Mr President – it is time for tough love.  by Paul Berkowitz. The treasury released its latest quarterly report on municipal finance for January to March 2011 (which is the third quarter of the 2010/11 financial year). It was released two weeks late, at 18:20 on Friday. We were only able to crunch the numbers early this week. In short, municipalities are in a mess.  There is no way of glossing over or finessing this fact. The latest municipal financial data are out and the picture is even worse than we feared. Total debt grew from R62.3 billion to R64.4 billion by end-Q3. Only R514 million, or 0.8% of total debt, was written off as bad debt during this period. The metros (original six) are responsible for R35.9 billion of this debt, or about 56% of the total. The secondary cities (including Mangaung and Buffalo City) are responsible for another R12.3 billion, or 19% of the total.  Johannesburg’s debt is R11.4bn or 18% of total debt. After a few quarters where the debt situation showed tentative signs of improving, it is starting to look worse again. The overall age of the debt is increasing: in Q1 2010/11 about 73% of all debt was older than 90 days. This increased to 75% of all debt by Q2 and has now risen to 78% of all debt. Total debt under 30 days old has fallen from 18% to 15%.
Operating budget revenue collection is fairly good, but spending is not as good. Operating expenses are fairly predictable (salaries, bulk water and electricity, provision for bad debt) so this underspending on the operating side is a concern.  more:


Afrikaans teacher falsely accused of rape: acquitted of all charges: will he now get his job back?
2011-06-20 Alet Rademeyer en Wolfram Zwecker of Beeld newspaper write that Theuns Botha, the former headmaster of the Afrikaans High Volksskool in Heidelberg, has been found not guilty of all seven sexual charges against him. The Appeals court judges Ben du Plessis and Lettie Molopa were in agreement on Friday that the state was unable to proof beyond all reasonable doubt that the charges were true.Botha was sentenced to eleven years imprisonment but only spent two months in Modderbee prison near Springs before he was granted bail pending his appeal.He walked out of the Appeals Court a free man, exonerated. “There was no believable evidence that the complaint of the rape accusation was forced to do anything and the claimed ‘sexual abuse’ instead were
‘kind and loving kisses which the complainant did not resist: and importantly she only lodged the charges against the white headmaster 17 years later.A second complainant’s story was so ‘incomprehensible and contradictory’ that it could not be relied on as credible for finding Botha guilty.After he was imprisoned, he was fired by the Gauteng education department.The two complaints were only lodged in 2002 – 17 years after he had a relationship with a matric-girl as a teacher at Vanderbijlpark High School and had allegedly kissed another girl. The Benoni magistrate’s court found him guilty. The two women lodged In 2002 there was a news-report about Botha reporting that he had been found not guilty of an ‘indecent-assault’ charge in Heidelberg.After he was found guilty he spent two months in Modderbee prison near Springs before he was granted bail pending his application for appeal against his sentence at the Appeals Court.

racial polarisation, Hein de Jager, GenocideWatch.org, Malema, lawyer Thomas Mahlobogoane, Vereeniging, municipalities R64,4-billion debt; Theuns Botha, Susan Griebenouw, Riversdal, Overberg farm attacks, post-apartheid South Africa more racially polarised than ever; ethnic cleansing of farms, town properties, mines starts in earnest; Boers in stage 6 Genocide

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