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After my retirement as a fulltime South African-based journalist, I still continued to write extensively — mostly for online publications. I published 609 articles on Digital Journal in Canada alone in 2009. I have now stopped writing for profit as I believe it was high time: I started earning money as a freelance kid-writer from the age of 14. But one never really quits journalism…


STUIJT ADRIANA CholeraEpidemicIngwavuma1980_1_AdrianaStuijtReport (1)


About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

One Response to Adriana Stuijt articles online

  1. Etienne says:

    Hallo Adriana, I’m writing you in despiration, you did a part on our case in 2008 (S Africa: Afrikaner farmer repeatedly sodomised in police cell), up to date there has been NO progress!!! Our so called Advocates/Attorneys has either stole our money and left, the Attorney firm in Pietermaritzburgh gives us the: we will keep in touch’ but nothing happens, no new court dates – absolutely nothing. I’ve tried to get hold of Adv. Gerrie Roberts, with no luck. Is there anything you think you could do to help. We will really appreciate it immensly

    Best regards


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