Journo Ngoako Matsha suspended: anti-semitic hatespeech

Mail & Guardian cadet-journo Ngoako Matsha was suspended for writing on Facebook: ‘small wonder Hitler killed all the Jews, you are all a bunch of racists’…

2011-06-16 The Mail & Guardian daily in South Africa has allegedly suspended a cadet-journalist, Ngoako Matsha, and is planning to hold an internal discliplinary hearing after he allegedly said on the Face book social network: “small wonder Hitler killed all the Jews, you are all a bunch of racists.’

Matsha Ngako MAILGUARDIAN JOURNALIST ANTISEMITE HATESPEECH Matsha, on the right, worked since February 2011 at the newspaper. He was participating in a discussion on a Face bookpage in which Benji Shulman asked Face book users for a basic, decent history of apartheid’. Matsha reacted with: ‘petty apartheid is to build high walls around Israel to seperate them from Palestinians’.  To which Shulman reacted with: ;”thanks for that bit of pseudo-politics, but I need something which can stand up against a logical argument’.

To which Matsha reacted: “You racists! Small wonder Hitler killed all the Jews, because you are all a bunch of racists’.

Chief editor Nic Dawes of the Mail & Guardian, according to Beeld newspaper, was accosted with the remark by his student-journalist during an interview with Jeremy Mags on E-TV network.
Dawes immediately checked with Matsha’s direct supervisor to establish whether the information was accurate and was informed that it was. He returned to the office and spoke to Matsha, allegedly telling him that he was being suspended pending an internal discliplinary hearing, Beeld noted.

Dawes sent around an email to his personnel informing them that Matsha’s comments were fundamentally in violation of the values at the Mail and Guardian, as well as in violation of the Constitution and with basic human decency.

“To justify the Jewish Holocaust in such a manner is hatespeech and totally unacceptable on any forum,’ Beeld quoted him from the email.

Matsha apologised feebly – but only his own face book page apparently..

Matsha wasn’t available for comment at the time Beeld had gone to press – however he said on his own face book page today on June 17 2011: “ I apologise and withdraw my comment as it does not reflect my true opinion on the issue.”  To which he received the following reply:

  • Ilan Solomons ‘China but you must send your apology to the community concerned and do something to show you are genuinely sorry and not just trying to save face. I think you should consult with Benji and see what he thinks! Just suggestion…”



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