Whites attacked 2x as much as black foreigners

Twice as many whites are attacked daily in senseless black-racist violence than are foreign Africans in South Africa.  http://bit.ly/jYJGGe

Maps of senseless racist violence – deadly and non-lethal – against whites and black foreigners in South Africa: in the countryside and in the cities: Jan 1 2010 – May 31 2011. More than 98% of all the attackers were black males.

Summary: There was an inexplicable sudden peak of violent militia-style attacks against whites (ten) and foreign blacks (four) on June 27 2010, at the end of the World Cup football tournament 2010. This coincides with the massive amount of hatespeech targetting whites and black foreigners alike on South African social networks during the WC2010: link and link and link and link .

After June 2010 the physical attacks against whites averaged FIVE attacks a day (map 1, left), against black foreigners THREE attacks a day. (map 2, right)

Farmitracker.com also posts senseless-violence attacks against blacks by blacks (‘xenophobic attacks’). However one xenophobic murder of a Malawian man was logged in Broederstroom on Sunday 12 June 2011 which was carried out by three white Afrikaner men, two of whom were arrested. All the other xenophobic attacks were carried out by black South African men against foreign Africans.  In Gauteng province the violence against both threatened groups was the worst, with a total of 584 attacks against whites and  92 ‘xenophobic black-on-black’ attacks. The second-highest number of attacks were in the Western Cape; 86 against whites and 29 against foreign blacks. KwaZulu-Natal was the only exception: there were more attacks against black foreign Africans: 54; and 21 against whites. The maps show the totals for each province.

* We do not list any murders/attacks in the personal-relationship-sphere or in drunken brawls.








About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

2 Responses to Whites attacked 2x as much as black foreigners

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  2. Jay Pax says:

    may God protect your people..and may He open the eyes of the world…

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