Mattheus Jacques Els: murdered, Mozambique

Mattheus Jacques Els, 25, of Germiston found murdered in Mozambique

2011-06-13 Johannesburg – A body found in a shallow grave in Massinga, Mozambique, last week is believed to be that of missing working-class Afrikaner Mattheus Jacques Els, 25, the South African Police Service (SAPS) said on Monday. “The vehicle used by Els was also found in the village and we believe that the motive for the murder was robbery,” police  Captain Dennis Adriao said in a statement. Mr Els was not ‘rich’: he installed laminated flooring for a living for which he was using a white Ford Bantam bakkie, registration YNG035GP.Els Mattheus Jacques artisan missing Mozambique Elspark
Police arrested a man named only as Armando, who had travelled to Mozambique in September 2010 with Mr Els. They had a contract to install laminated flooring but never arrived at their destination. His sister lodged a missing person-report when Els failed to return home by September 20. Last month the police  arrested the co-worker who had accompanied Els to Mozambique. and the Mozambiquan citizen helped in the joint enquiry which led to the discovery of the grave.  The Els family were notified and a further identification of the body would be done once it arrived in South Africa.The co-worker, who was an undocumented migrant, was later charged for murder by the Mozambican police.

missing since Sept 17 2010

On 30 January 2011, journalist Melissa Hart recorded in The Germiston News that the SAPS were trying to find the Afrikaner artisan.  Els was driving his own vehicle, a white Ford Bantam bakkie with registration number YNG035GP. The investigating officer at the Elsburg Police Station is Capt Stephen de Vos on 082 557 6951 or on 011 871-5126. Germiston News:



Why did Mr Els have to travel to Mozambique just to do a day’s work?

South African labour laws are the 7th-most restrictive in the world – and causes massive unemployment among the most skilled sector of the country:

Under the ANCregime’s anti-business-oriented, black-economic-empowerment laws, the tiny white minority workers are barred from most of the labour-market, even though they often have excellent skills, such as educators, medical personnel and mining engineers with years of experience in mining in some of the deepest and most dangerous mines in the world… That’s why young Afrikaners such as Mr Els, have to try and find work wherever they can.



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