Frank Gaudin 73 tortured to death, Randfontein farm

Canadian-born South African farmer Frank Gaudin 73, was tortured to death on his African Artifacts farm at Blaauwbank, Randfontein on June 4 2011. His second wife Sandra, 56, also was murdered inside their homestead on Dec 23 2008.

The international wholesaler in African curios was a keen environmentalist and also ran the Wild Animals and Bird Haven sanctuary. Nothing whatsoever seemed stolen: even his cars were still untouched, police confirmed.  Five months earlier, one of two Mozambiquan brothers who were charged with Sandra Gaudin’s murder was sentenced to life; however the brother escaped from custody and still remains at large.

Gaudin_Frank73_murdered_RandfonteinJune2011 Mr Gaudin, 73, was found tortured to death, hidden inside a deep hole on his farm. His body was identified by his son from his first marriage, Frank Gaudin jr, now a teacher working in Katanning, West Australia.

“The brutality of this deed was inhumane”, he told Beeld newspaper. His father had slash wounds and bruising to his upper body, across his face and head.

“I don’t have any language strong Gaudin Frank son of murdered SA farmer Frank Gaudin 73 RandfonteinJune2011enough to describe how brutal these injuries were.’  Frank junior, (picture by Beeld newspaper) said however he had left South Africa ‘not because of the crime, but a decision to change my life-style’.  He does not yet know what will happen to his father’s farm, the son said. Mr Gaudin leaves four sons from his two marriages. The funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. .

 Nothing stolen from the farm –  but DA spokesman blames the gruesome murder on ‘defective security and criminality’…

Thomas Walters spokesman on agricultural matters for the Democratic Alliance,  issued a statement in which he apparently totally disregarded the fact that nothing was stolen from the Gaudin farm: instead  blaming the gruesome torture-murder of the Canadian-born farmer on ‘criminality”. He said there was “a discernable pattern of defective security in the rural areas,’ adding that ‘farmers and their workers statistically run much greater risks than any other South Africans of being targetted by violent criminals.”

SAPS capt Appel Ernst of Randfontein confirmed that Mr Gaudin’s body was found at 5pm. Ín January this year, Judge Gerhard Hatting sentenced one of the two Mozambiquan brothers who killed Mrs Gaudin, Teleo Valente Matimbe (25) to a lifetime in prison at the Johannesburg High court. The brother remains missing. Revenge for the sentencing is not ruled out as a motive, according to well-informed sources .

Mr Gaudin’s neighbours reported the farmer-businessman missing on Friday-morning at the Randfontein police station and that a massive man-hunt was launched for him which included the use of a helicopter. All his vehicles are still on the farm. Capt Appel said ‘even the dams were pumped empty to determine whether he may have drowned.”  The police would not provide the death cause until a forensic examination had confirmed it, said Capt Ernst.

His only son who still lives in South Africa, Paul Gaudin, 34 of Vanderbijlpark, said the entire family is horribly shocked and traumatised. ‘Nobody deserves to die like that,’ said the son. He said his father had started the business in the archeologically-very interesting area, African Artifacts Farms, in 1973. “He had built it from scratch and built up a successful enterprise. I will always remember my dad as a hard and direct man, a good businessman.’  The investigating officer is lt.col Gert Kruger, tel 0112788100 or 0824132635. The murderers are still at large.


Boer farmers at risk of Genocide on Ma7 2011 GenocideWatch list

At Risk of Genocide, Politicide, Mass Atrocities’ at hands of ‘Black-Racists’ (list, map links below) writes on this subject: “The threat of destruction of a group must not be ignored because its numbers are small or its members disfavoured…’ The majority of ethno-European farmers are Boers. In world context, this may seem to be a small number of people…. however the smaller the minority, the more severe the bias against recognitioin of threats to the survival of minorities’…

“It may indeed be possible to exterminate a specific group over an extended period of time while the absolute number killed each year decreases, paradoxically creating a false impression of a diminishing annihilation – decreasing in annual numbers but resulting in undetected genocide’. (click pics to enlarge)GenocideWatch2011_BoersRefugeesAtRiskOfGenocideByBlackRacists

Proportional murder rate of Boer farmers: ‘reason for alarm’:

Genocide Watch writes: “The agricultural department of a bank in South Africa has calculated the per capita murder rate of ethno-European farmers to be four (4) times greater than the average murder rate for the population of South Africa (in 2002). Thus comparative trend analysis of murder rates for specific ethnic groups is troubling. If the per capita murder rate of the population as a whole has decreased over recent years as the South African government claims but at the same time the per capita murder rate of a specific group (in this case Boer farmers)  has increased, it is reason for alarm’…



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