Mom and two children aged 9 murdered, Dagbreek Welkom

Unarmed mom 46, her two nine-year-old children murdered in fierce struggle, blood-coated rooms show…

Welkom mom two children aged 9 murdered HaarlemStr151Dagbreek2011-06-06 WELKOM. – Police told Volksblad newspaper that the nine-year-old boy desperately tried to crawl underneath his bed to hide from his murderer – but was dragged out and killed, markings on his back showed. His nine-year-old slain sister’s body was on her bed in the same room; their 46-year-old mother’s blood-covered body was found in the main-bedroom of the family-home in the working-class traditionally Afrikaans suburb of Dagbreek, Welkom.

Volksblad journalist Tom de Wet quoted SAPF capt Stephen Thakeng as saying that the organised-crime unit was ‘following all the forensic leads’ to try and find the murderers of the unarmed three-member family. The unnamed family had moved into the house only two months earlier and no-one in the neighbourhood knew them.  A neighbour said he last saw the woman on Sunday-morning outside in the garden. He had noticed ‘nothing unusual’.  A friend of the dead woman who stopped by on his motorbike at around 19:30 on Sunday, discovered the tragedy when he looked through a window after finding the house locked and silent. He reportedly ran into the street in fear and neighbours alerted the police after seeing the carnage inside. Police broke open the front door. One of the witnesses told Volksblad journalist Tom de Wet that the two children were not at school on Thursday.

Afbeelding kaart

The ANC-regime unilaterally renamed the Afrikaner mining-town of Welkom to “Matjahabeng’ — without any permission from its rate-payers and long-time residents…  and turned it into a crime-swamp run by thousands of criminal gold-panning gangsters:

Comment from local resident in response to article: “Welkom has horrific problems which you would not wish on your worst enemy. Tens of thousands of ex-miners and other unemployed people live here now, the poverty just drips off the old mine-shafts. There are some 2,000 illegal black ‘miners’ panning gold in the old gold-diggings, and these activities are under control of mafia-type criminal gangs. The police are overwhelmed by this criminal community and practically helpless to stop it. If a police-van drives up they just run away briefly. My biggest fear is that once the source of panning-gold is exhausted,  this organised criminal army will turn on the town, the nearest suburbs with families and the shooping centre. Nothing less than a battallion of troops in an armed crime-sweep would be able to wipe this area clean of these criminals. Private-security is a must. What residents need here is a Very Strong police commander who would dare tackle this problem. But he’s also having to deal with sidekicks who inform the gangs of any crime-sweeps being planned…’

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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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