Black-racist incitements; followed by farm attack

The important role played by genocidal hatespeech by black racists on the social internet media and news media directly leads to armed attacks targetting white South African families.

For instance, on April 8 2010, a frontpage article in The Sowetan newspaper had the screaming headline: ‘you killed my uncle Terre’Blanche…’ by journalist Luzuko Pongoma. The article claimed that  Randfontein farmerJohannes du Toit had ‘shocked workers Andries Sithole, Mapule Ndaba and Lebo Senwelo with an electric prod and shot at them for killing his uncle, Eugene Terre’Blanche’. Du Toit denied their claims at once, pointing out that there were no physical injuries to back up the workers’ ‘false accusations’, that the incident had never happened…. The Randfontein farmer was briefly arrested, remanded on his own cognisance in Randfontein magistrate’s court – but the case hasn’t been heard of since: however, if anybody can shed more light on this mystery, please inform me at


The SA authorities are not making any attempts to stop or even to publicly condem the black-racist genocidal hatespeech against white South Africans… on the contrary:

On that same day, on the Face book page of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC)  a discussion was kicked off at 1.49pm April 8 2010 about this claim by a man who calls himself Chris Mathabula. – but uses the nomer Chris Sankara, after an admired dead PAC-cadre who died in a car accident.  This posting caused a black-racist diatribe which  included participatiion by a rather startling  foreign participant: namely London-based environmental activist Karolina  O’Donoghue.

The 41-year-old Ms Donoghue is the kind of pretty little ‘public personality’ who, for instance, shows up in support of arrested  Wikileaks hero Julian Assange while prancing in front of the news media cuddling her photogenic llasa apso dogs Snoopy and Flora. She ‘s apparently also fond of  protesting against the various evils of  capitalism at the London US embassy, or learning to build ‘sustainable houses’.  More power to her elbow I say – but what was she doing on that vile Pan Africanist Congress page, asking questions such as ‘why was Terre’Blanche not stopped?’ I have sent her an email asking her: am awaiting her reply with baited breath.

  • Karolina O’Donoghue, UK environmental activist asked in PAC blog : ‘why was Terre’Blanche not stopped? ‘
  • Karolina ODonohue incites black South africans to kill farmers on Sowetan website London-based environmental activist O’Donoghue’s participation in this debate on the face book page of the PAC included placing an unproven claim that ‘Only a few days ago the body of a small girl was found in a water tank. She had been raped and murdered by the farmer her parents were working for. (April 8 at 4:24pm) . Thandolwetu Sipuye  then responded with: ‘One Settler Farmer! One AK47 Bullet! Death to the downpressor!’  In response to more of the same, O’Donoghue then responded with: ‘Let us gather the evidence. If the boere are shooting innocent workers now, we need to pray. But let us make sure we know EXACTLY which boere are doing what. They must be stopped. Why was Terre’blanche not stopped?’( April 8 at 3:07pm) In other words: she doesn’t mind calling for the murder of white farmers: as long as they are ‘guilty, racist’ ones…’ Ms O’Donoghue (picture is from her face book page) also is no exception in believing that it seems to be perfectly OK to kill white South African ‘boere’ : she is just one voice in a massive international chorus, all chanting the same false black-racist genocidal song, including SA president Jacob Zuma himself.



Why does Pres Jacob Zuma sing ‘bring me my machinegun?’’ – a weapon designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible… so which enemies does Zuma want to shoot with his machinegun?

Black racists teach township children the Execution Game targetting whites for genocide MALEMA GENOCIDE CHARGE ICC BY PRAAG DAN ROODT MAY262011A quick look at the rapidly-growing  Boer Genocide Photo Album which show the graphic details of the many thousands of  atrocities against the Boers and their families since 1994, should make it clear why genocidal hatespeech against this very vulnerable and highly visible minority group should be kept at an absolute minimum. A very determined effort should be made by the authorities to stop people from inciting black-racist hatespeech which could lead to  atrocities such as these . However no attempt seems to be made by anyone, including the social- and news media, to reign in such vicious incitements to commit genocide against the Afrikaner-Boer people.  It’s no surprise therefore that only four days after this diatribe above appeared in public, an Afrikaner working-class family found itself fighting back with their bare hands and broomsticks against an armed black militia-gang which tore into their homestead near Pretoria, shouting ‘Mahlungu… die white man… viva Malema!’  The State broadcaster SABC interviewed the family after they had fought off the attackers and won their battle: but never broadcast it due to the ‘sensitivity of the situation.’  At the same time, the genocidal hatespeech continues untrammeled – and when attempts are made by civil-rights organisations such as Afriforum to force a court order to stop ANC youth leader Julius Malema from singin his genocidal hatespeech chant “Shoot the Boer’ all across the country at his meetings, the ruling party even pays his legal costs… and Malema is hailed as a hero at public meetings by SA president Jacob Zuma who recently closed off a meeting by sneering: “next time I will bring my machinegun’ in reference to his favourite chant; ‘bring me my machinegun’…


“Die White Man, Viva Malema’ – Koekemoer family attacked at Bynespoort smallholding

Koekemoer Annelie she and family fought off four farm attackers Cullinan April102010 shouted Viva Malema Only four days later on April 12 2010,   armed black farm attackers shouting “Mahlungu’ … ‘Die White Man! Viva Malema! ‘ tore away the burglar bars at the homestead windows of the working-class Koekemoer family at their Bynespoort, Cullinan smallholding near Mamelodi, Pretoria. Targetted for murder by these armed men were Leon Johan Koekemoer, his wife Annelie, left, an adult lodger and the three small Koekemoer children.  The Boer family put up a spirited defence however – unexpectedly. They shot dead one attacker in the hallway,  hacked and injured another one with a hatchet, and the remainder of the struggle heroes ran away. Nothing was stolen. The two black men inside the homestead both had loaded firearms which were ready to fire. The Afrikaans news-media mentioned the black-racist hatespeech but still referred to it as just another thwarted ‘robbery’. The state broadcaster SABC-TV made a clip with interviews of the family after this horrific ordeal, which left the family permanently traumatised. The SABC didn’t broadcast the clip, telling the Koekemoer family afterwards that it was decided against screening it because of the sensitive situation surrounding the Eugene Terre’Blanche murder.

  April 8 2010 – Article in SowetanYou killed my uncle Terre’Blanche…’ 8 April 2010, by Luzuko Pongoma  – this accused farmer was briefly arrested; butthe case was quietly dropped ín Randfontein magistrate’s court…                   BlackRacistArticle_Sowetan_YouKilledMyUncleTerreBlancheApr82010             source link above


                                 APRIL 12 2010 – THE REACTION TO BLACK-RACIST GENOCIDAL HATESPEECH

– farm attackers shout  ‘Die White Man! Viva Malema! ‘ Bynespoort, Cullinan near Mamelodi, Pretoria, targetting Leon Johan Koekemoer, wife Annelie, a lodger and three small children.

Koekemoer Annelie she and family fought off four farm attackers Cullinan April102010 shouted Viva Malema                                              article: ‘who speaks for the corpse of Eugene Terre’Blanche? 




                        Black racist genocidal incitements,  April 8 2010  –

                                                      PAC face book page: April 8 from at 1:51pm to April 9 9:01am


Chris Sankara  April 8 2010 – posted this claim on the PAC site at 1:51pm – ‘Black farm-workers’ lives are in danger as attacks have been started by white farmers. Gun-fire was opened on black farm workers by white farmers. This was confirmed in Randfontein by SAPF spokesperson capt Appel Ernst ‘ –   He was referring to above-mentioned the Sowetan article.


This kicked off the following discussion on the PAC blog:

Sinethemba Mandyoli  I think Chris it will be more appropriate for our people to fight fire with fire. I am not blood thirsty or anything, but for how long are our people going to pretend as if all is well…. April 8 at 2:01pm  tp://

Thembinkosi Henge  AgreedApril 8 at 2:04pm

Comfort Masaka  We must start a process of equipping them necessary tools. If one farmer have 6 guns they must have 12 per person.April 8 at 2:08pm

Thembinkosi Henge Guns are not an issue, but warm bodies to opperate them is an issue April 8 at 2:11pm

Chumile Gcamgcam  It is evident that another dreadful example must be made out of a white farmer..whats m0st b0thering is that my ANC is n0t responding t0 such hurtfull occurances…enough is enough,enough,enough..Where are the Helen zelies on this particular issue,where are the Deborah pata’s afri-forums and ff+,where are they?…entlek,VOETSEK,KILL THE FAUKEN BOER…April 8 at 2:42pm

Chumile Gcamgcam  I am shore gentlemen,extreme revolutionaries like you’s knew that the stitches of the ”TRC KAK BAG”wasnt going to be intact for long..the emeritus tutu’s,Mandelas and slovo’s,where are they n0w?phela this is their engeneering,the engeneer is the solution,where are they???we must all c0nfess that it has lambasted on their faces…its undoable n0w,to0 litle to0 late..April 8 at 2:49pm

Karolina O’Donoghue Let us gather the evidence. If the boere are shooting innocent workers now, we need to pray. But let us make sure we know EXACTLY which boere are doing what. They must be stopped. Why was Terreblanche not stopped? April 8 at 3:07pm

Abdullah Hossayn

tragic that n0 0ne seem t0 care ab0ut what happens t0 s0 many black f0lks. let’s n0t spark anger 0r give ven0um a chance but let us bring deeds like this int0 the 0pen f0r debate. April 8 at 3:10pm

Comfort Masaka Pray?? The is no religion about getting killed. APLA and MK veterans must start to offer free training to farm workers. Its time to have militant farm workers. April 8 at 4:07pm

Uhuru Movt  Uhuru Movement: posts following You Tube vid:   April 8 at 4:12pm


Karolina O’Donoghue @ comfort, they could be dying RIGHT NOW, what else can I do but pray? April 8 at 4:16pm

Chumile Gcamgcam @masaka,i second you man of substance…a tough lesson will 0nce more be taught to the white farmers April 8 at 4:16pm

Karolina O’Donoghue  Just make sure you get EXACTLY the right ones, pleez man. April 8 at 4:21pm

Chumile Gcamgcam D0nt worry,the poor workers will tell us, April 8 at 4:23pm

Karolina O’Donoghue Only a few days ago the body of a small girl was of…und in a water tank. She had been raped and murdered by the farmer her parents were working for.   April 8 at 4:24pm

Thandolwetu Sipuye One Settler Farmer! One AK47 Bullet! Death to the downpressor! April 8 at 6:18pm

Chumile Gcamgcam Where are they going to when c0z the seas are going t0 be b0iling,whr are they going t0 when the rocks will be h0t..d0wnpress0r man – April 8 at 6:22pm

Karolina O’Donoghue  downopressor April 8 at 6:24pm

Thandolwetu Sipuye The sea will be boiling! Rocks will be melting! on that great day! They can run but hey cannot hide. 400 years of Black History cannot be wiped away so easily. They must get paid according to the work they have done. Equal rights and justice for the Black Race now. Total Liberation in our lifetime.Uhuru! Phambiri nge Chimurenga! Liberate Azania – … See MoreArm the Masses! APLA gather your bone and live. Black Man awake and see your program stand before you like a mighty swell. 400 Million Black People wake up from your death spell! – April 8 at 6:26pm

Karolina O’Donoghue  The sea is boiling and the rocks are melting already. Today the downpressor was signing a deal with the World Bank to build a massive coal plant that will destroy the environment and the ANC will be profitting. It’s a GLOBAL WARNING. April 8 at 6:39pm

Thandolwetu Sipuye Plant Ganja (Hemp)Trees, and save the environment. Its a good alternative for fossil fuels, it can be used for Biomass fuels. It is a solution to Global Warming and the so-called global environmental crisis. Plant Ganja -Marijuana-Hemp trees. Legalize it! its good for the environment.It can be used to produce the best quality paper, best quality … See Morebricks for cheap yet sustainable houses, environmentally friendly cosmetic products. eat a seed of because it contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 – nutrients that are good for stimulating brain activity. Ganja is the Solution. De-creminalize It! De-stigmatize It!Legalize It! We wil market and advertise it! – April 8 at 6:48pm

Karolina O’Donoghue Me, I’m busy with the sustainable houses. I’ll come over when I learn how to do it. April 8 at 7:00pm via Email Reply

Xola Tyamzashe “It’s good for meditation, the international herb” *singing* Fri at 7:38am

Funzo Kuu

Funzo Kuu The shitstem is evol no doubt, them invent crisis 2 confuse us..they bring them bombaklat armies 2 kill us.., this ish has been going on even b4 our VITUAL ” independence ” change a come..AFRICANS 4 AFRICANS ayard n’ abroad.. Upendo Fri at 8:48am

Xola Tyamzashe Amabhunu amnyama asenzel’ iworry *singing* Fri at 9:02am

Xola Tyamzashe Kode kube nini na nkosi?


Sowetan article:

‘Farmworkers Andries Sithole, Mapule Ndaba and Lebo Senwelo say their boss assaulted them after accusing them of murdering his ‘uncle’, AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche. PHOTO: VATHISWA RUSELO THREE farm workers are in hiding after they say their boss shocked them with an electric prod and shot at them for “killing his uncle, Eugene Terre’Blanche”. The attack took place at Rand Ridge in Randfontein, while Lebo Senwelo, a domestic worker, and her cousin Mapule Ndaba, were in their room on Monday night. Senwelo, who has worked at the farm for six years, said her employer, Johannes du Toit, entered her room and accused them of murdering Terre’Blanche. “He said, ‘you ******* with stinking vaginas, you have killed my uncle,” she said. Amazed at the outburst, Senwelo said she asked Du Toit which uncle he was talking about as they had not killed anyone. “He later said ‘my president Eugene Terre’Blanche’. Then he attacked us.” She said Du Toit, who was accompanied by his son-in-law, slapped them and used a cattle prod to shock them. “We escaped through the window and he shot at us while we were running away,” she said.Senwelo  said they hid in the grass at a nearby house. Andries Sithole, a gardener, said he heard a gunshot and dived under a table in his room. Du Toit came to the room and locked the door.“They found me and I told them I did not know uncle Terre’Blanche. I have never seen him. “But they assaulted me anyway,” said Sithole, who was nursing a swelling on his head yesterday. Sithole said that he was dragged outside where he was also shocked with a cattle prod and struck on his head with the blunt side of the panga. “He was threatening to shoot me if I fought or ran away.” Sithole said when he told the farmer he would not return to work his life was threatened. “He said he was going to kill me, so I agreed to return but after they released me, I fled.” Police spokeswoman Captain Appel Ernst confirmed to Sowetan that Du Toit was arrested and charged with attempted murder and discharging a firearm. Ernst said the farmer briefly appeared in court. Du Toit denied the allegations made by his workers and referred Sowetan to his lawyers, but then refused to give the lawyer’s name and contact details.” . The case hasn’t been heard of since…

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

5 Responses to Black-racist incitements; followed by farm attack

  1. Karolina O'Donoghue says:

    Dear Ms Stuijt, I did not incite genocidal hatred and have never done so. You mention that you emailed me to grant me a chance to respond to these very serious and disturbing allegations. I have in fact never received such an email from you, and feel strongly that you should have granted me the right to reply, especially given that you share my personal details in the wider world. I suggest that you do contact me, that we have a civil discussion about the matter, and that you publish my response and give it exactly the same priority that you give the allegations against me. With cordial best wishes, Karolina O’Donoghue

    • Ms Donoghue: I have indeed read your posts very carefully. And in the context in which they were placed on a black-racist hatespeech conversation, in which shouts of ‘Kill the Boer’ also were placed, including a horrific video of a black American pastor screaming that ‘all white women, childen and men must be killed’, you placed comments which were inaccurate and indeed inciting: what was your purpose for instance in writing of a ‘farm child found dumped in a water tank, she was raped and killed by the farmer’..? What on earth could you possibly achieve by such a message on that particular conversation except to make the respondents even angrier?

      The fact that you hadn’t checked the accuracy of this socalled report before placing it, made it even worse: it was an entirely inaccurate article. Two black men were arrested for the murder of that little girl and the court case now is pending.

      So what did you achieve? The immediate response to that particular posting was ‘Kill the Boer’ and other hatespeech in the same vein. And what happened five days later? A working-class Boere family, the Koekemoers, were attacked in their homestead when they were asleep by a large group of armed black males who tore away their burglar-bars to get inside, with their guns loaded and the firing-mechanisms ready to go. This family fortunately had a lodger who was able to fire the minute those thugs came through the door and shot one of them dead. Another defender – there were three small childen amongst them – then got hold of a hatchet and injured a second men, and the rest of the ‘struggle heroes’ ran away. They left behind two gunmen with their loaded guns. They came storming in there with the full intent to wipe out that entire family. That’s the result of such hatespeech. Perhaps you should examine the site of Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, who explains exactly what the effects of such ‘innocent-seeming’ postings like yours can be. Visit him at He has in fact been warning since 2002 that the Boers were at risk of genocidal attacks. If you have the guts to phone me, it would be nice than I could explain some more facts of life to you. My telephone number in The Netherlands is 31 519701 266. Or Skype me Skype Adriana Stuijt. I really need you to understand exactly what you are doing when you post such comments on black-racist sites like that of the PAC. There are a great many very reasonable black South Africans who abhor the violence enveloping the country just as much as I do. So why aren’t you campaigning against this horrific wave of violence which is targetting the Afrikaner-Boere community?

      This was the video which also was posted on that same discussion-line which you also participated in such an approving tone. You claim you never saw that video – but it was posted on the same messageline.
      Did you attack the contents of this video placed there at that time? No you did not. Indeed why didn’t you? If this had been a white man screaming this horrific language, wouldn’t you have objected
      This is the kind of hatespeech being posted all over black-racist sites such as the PAC one you participated in: and that’s what white South Africans now have to fight against because the calls to kill them aren’t just talk: they are carrying out those incitements, often to the letter: recently they also shot dead a little two-year-old Boer girl called Wilmien Potgieter, with a single execution-style shot through her head. The six black-racists who were arrested after murdering Wilmien Potgieter and her parents on their farm in Lindley, Free State on December 1 2010 are on trial right now. But nobody dares to ask them why one of them picked up little Wilmien by her red hair and fired a shot through her skull. I can tell you why though: it’s because of a PAChatespeech slogan which goes like this: ‘One Bullet:One White Infant.’ This slogan was coined by two specific government-workers in April 2010 (Ive got their details if you want them) — and Wilmien was shot dead exactly like that slogan asked for, on December 1 2010… Africans are up against – and why they are being killed:

  2. Dear Karolina O’Donoghue:
    As I mentioned in our telephone conversation just now, I can understand that people like you -you were clearly always an avid pro-democracy campaigner during your years in South Africa — can very likely be quite innocently engaged in organisations which actually have sinister agendas. A group of legal experts in SA and in The Netherlands have been in the process of gathering evidence this past year – to eventually lodge a suit at the European court in Strassbourg regarding this large chorus of incitements to murder the ethnic-European minority in South Africa. There are a surprisingly large number of people engaged in hatespeech incitements of this nature inside Europe at the moment who are actively calling for the annihilation of the Afrikaner/Boer whites. We don’t understand their motives: the whites have been left politically- and economically-emasculated and can pose no threat to the South African state. Nevertheless it seems there are groups of people who will only be satisfied with the total ethnic-cleansing of the Afrikaner-Boer presence in South Africa. Clearly this is not an acceptable situation: it’s a matter of the most basic of human right: namely to keep one’s family safe and secure.

    Warnings that such hatespeech targetting a specifically vulnerable and highly visible minority like this could lead to eventual allout genocide have also been sounded by in the USA since at least 2002 – so it’s not exactly an unknown fact that inciting and calling for the murder of a vulnerable ethnic-minority is considered an international crime — and can therefore also be investigated as such.

    My archives collected on this subject since at least 1992 also make it very clear that there is indeed a rapidly growing threat of all-out genocide which could soon be targetting the Afrikaner/Boer people in South Africa – because of the large tide of hatespeech on the social networks and also in the news media inside and outside South Africa. Slogans such as ‘One Bullet-One White Infant’ and “Kill the Boer’, ‘Shoot the Boer’ ‘Shayamabulu’ and even ‘the only good Boer is a Dead Boer’ are common on such sites. Chris Mathebula/Sankara is particularly active in this regard all over the internet in South Africa. This tide of hatespeech has increased dramatically since the end of the FIFA world cup 2010 football tournament in South Africa. We don’t understand exactly why, we just record these facts.

    It often is seen when a population is plunged in sudden poverty, as is happening in SA right now, that the authorities select a specific scape-goat group. This might be an explanation.

    Whatever the underlying cause, the International Criminal Court in the Hague has also been asked to investigate similar ‘genocidal incitements’ allegedly conducted by specific South African leading personalities: two such petitions were lodged in April and in May at the ICC in The Hague by two Afrikaans cultural organisations, the Verkenners and the Pro-Afrikaans-Action Group (PRAAG). If you feel you need to investigate this further, I urge you to also contact Dr Dan Roodt of PRAAG at He will undoubtedly be able to fully inform you of the details contained in the petition to the ICC.

    In any case, a group of analysts in SA, Brussels and The Hague have also been poring over all these ‘black-racist’ sites for such genocidal hatespeech incitements and have been recording all the public identities for this purpose: to put an end to their activities. If this continues, we feel certain that it will plunge all of South Africa into unprecedented civil-war and horrific violence in which no group will be spared.

    Your participation on Chris Mathebula/Sankara’s PAC-linked site was indeed a great surprise. We are however hoping that once you have been informed more about the present threat posed by such sites, you would undoubtedly have a clearer understanding of the dangers the wrong words could have in the wrong places? I am a great believer in free speech and true democracy and equal rights, but when such freedoms start endangering entire people, one must try and stop the flow of hatred before it erupts into all-out civil war.

    I also hope that you will help us by understanding this present danger – because if an all-out genocide were to occur in South Africa, it will plunge the entire country into untold misery and civil-war in which the entire population will become embroiled.
    All my best wishes to you – Adriana Stuijt

  3. Karolina O'Donoghue says:

    Dear Adriana

    Thank-you for engaging with me publicly on this. I appreciate your giving me the space to respond, and apologise for the delay in getting back to you. (I had been watching my email, but not this blog, but I am up to speed now.)

    You raise many, many issues. There is much that I would want to discuss with you, and many little things I would like to ask you to correct. For example, I was not in fact a pro-democracy campaigner. I arrived in SA well after 1994, and held a sober and responsible job in Higher Education throughout my time there. I feel you are misrepresenting me in more than one way.

    But let us not get ahead of ourselves. Before we can move forward in any way at all, there is a very significant point of clarification that I must make, and I plead for your careful attention to it.

    You have quite simply misunderstood the original comments I made in a very fast (and supposedly private) social networking thread. I can see why you have misunderstood, and I am absolutely hopeful that you will come to see what I said in a different light after reading this message, and that we can then move on from there. For I am a profoundly non-violent person. I have never engaged in hate speech of any kind.

    The conversation happened, as you know, at a time that the South African tinder-box seemed firier than ever. All over the internet incendiary and divisive comments were being made by people of all kinds. It seemed the cycle of violence was on the brink of a dangerous escalation. My mind was fretful; my thoughts were with potential innocent and defenceless victims from both sides of the racial divide. The conversation turns to arming one of the sides.

    Firstly, I plea for prayer for the victims. Secondly, I plea for the gathering of evidence, for if violent crimes have been committed, there are due legal processes. Then, perhaps in desperation, I say “get the right ones”. Adriana, I can see how that briefly-typed comment can be understood as a call to “get” ie violently attack a person. But that was absolutely not what I meant. Of course, in hindsight, I wish I had expanded the comment, although when you are chatting to people who are accessing via mobile phone, one tends towards the succinct. What I now wish I had said would be something along the lines of “For the love of Mercy, do not take your anger out on innocent people, on people who are not violent. Make sure, if you are angry, that you are angry with the right people, the small minority of people who do engage in hate-filled racial violence.”

    Please, Adriana, give this message your due consideration. This is a terrible misunderstanding, now spread widely on the internet.

    Hoping to hear from you soon, here or on the e-mail.

    Best wishes

  4. All we want from you is an undertaking that you now understand that words can kill – even the most innocent-seeming combination of words – when placed in the wrong place. It would also be nice to apologise for your ‘misunderstanding’. What I still miss is that you have now closely studied the causes of genocide by accessing the videos on this subject by Dr Gregory Stanton of You are clearly still somewhat in denial about yourself – and you need to re-analyse your own presently rather limited knowledge on this specific subject.

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