Was WorldCup2010 a catalyst for black-racist hatecrimes against whites?

Attacks, murders, hatespeech against white South Africans soared just after World Cup 2010 from July 2011..

Was the FIFA WC2010 football tournament in South Africa the catalyst which unleashed a  sudden storm of black-racist violence against whites throughout Southern AfricaThe statistical evidence being built up from the criminology-website Farmitracker.com shows a dramatic increase in black-on-white armed violence, black-on-white murders and black-racist hatespeech against white South Africans within a day after all the football tourists had gone home. This was seen inside the country but white South Africans also were targetted for black-racist crimes in neighbouring African countries..  


The map above shows that from January 2007 to April 2010, an average of one attack a day took place against whites. Within a day after the end of the WC2010, there was a dramatic spike, soaring as high as 100 attacks a day targetting all whites – including foreign visitors. These now average fifty a day. Ninety-nine percent of all those attacks were carried out by blacks. These attacks include officially-authorised black-racist hatespeech by ANC-authorities; often vicious,  armed attacks by large black male gangs targetting white families inside their homes and in public; and  frequently very gruesome, execution-style murders of whites – mostly Afrikaners – on smallholdings and farms which have been given their own category, namely ‘ farm-murders ’ (‘plaasmoorde’ in Afrikaans). Particularly worrisome in this regard are the large number of black police officers who were arrested for participating in a great many of these crimes. The graph below  shows the attacks against whites from January 2010 throughout the pre-publicity runup to the WC2010 right to April 2011.ATTACKS ON WHITES BEFORE_DURING_AND_AFTERWC2010


Anti-white, anti-black foreigner hatespeech on South African social media erupted in WC2010 period

The record also shows that there was a huge amount of xenophobic hatespeech on South African social-media networks such as Face book during and after the World Cup 2010 – especially after the South African team Bafana Bafani lost their game their anger erupted, as  some examples below:  

WC2010 BLACK RACIST HATESPEECH_Chibeleka Tundo Oxide June17_NowLetXenophiaStart WC2010 Xenophobia2010 JULY 13 2010 DIEPSLOOT Mongezi Ziggy Mabena worldcup2010 blackracist hatespeechBaloyi Allot June172010 Tomorrow We start Xenophobic attacks Facebook

WC02010 black racist hatespeechDiphoko, Tebogo Fonfo Facebook hatespeech June2010_thumb[5]Diphoko Tebogo Fonfo, left,  wrote on June 19 2010 ; “Let’s get rid of them I say. Am going to buy panga and get some old tires… let us end the world cup, ba-boele magabone, who is from Alexandra xenophobic?

Dlungwane. Mfundo: (right) 25 May 2010 – “We have no choice but to kill the white babies, simply because they are going to grow aONE BULLET ONE WHITE INFANT COINER MFUNDO DLUNWANEnd oppress our babies, so we kill the white babies. When the right time comes we’ll chop their heads off and they become headless little racists.’ His favourite book: “… deal with White People HandbookONE BULLET ONE WHITE INFANT SAFMARINE ANC-REGIME WORKER

Sodo, Nceba: May 25 2010 – “What can we do to save our babies from these future oppressors and white racists? Let the white babies and infants reap the harvest that their forefathers have planted. … Kill them before they grow and oppress our babies. One Bullet, One White Infant. (pictures follow)

 ONE BULLET ONE WHITE INFANT Sodo Nceba hatespeech FacebookMay252010AONE BULLET ONE WHITE INFANT Sodo Nceba hatespeech FacebookMay252010

WC2010 BLACK RACIST HATESPEECH_Makhosonke Sangwene We must Kill All White People WC2010 BLACK RACIST HATESPEECH_Makhosonke Sangweni In the pre-publicity runup to the FIFA WC2010, the black-racist hatespeech also started growing each day as the event drew near: For instance on April 6 2010 Makhosonke ( first name Sangwene)  wrote: – “We must kill all dis white people de ma se kont pooses futsek julle racists..’ He listed his education as a graduate from the Vaal University of Technology 2009; Khunjuliwe Secondary school 2003. He lists himself as a ‘political student activist and part-time worker’. http://www.facebook/com/makhosonke . And Lindo Manzi wrote: “If I can meet a white person in the street where there is no-one to witness, fuck I would killl the dog…’



Gauteng: 653 black-racist crimes against whites since end of WC2010:

The largest number of black-racist criminal incidents were logged in the province of Gauteng: 653 since January 2007 up to May 27 2011. The second-highest level of racist violence against whites occurred in the Western Cape, with 109 logged attacks; the Free State, 78, Zululand 76. There were 15 attacks against white South Africans in the rest of Africa: six in Namibia; 1 each in Zimbabwe and Botswana, three in Mozambique, and one on an island near Madagascar. Two white South Africans also were captured by Somalian pirates aboard their yacht in october 2010 and are now languishing in some pirate-hellhole in Mogadishu.

The website, which was specifically launched by the military analyst Pieter Oosthuizen to log serious crime-incidents before, during and after the World Cup 2010, also shows the meteoric rise in poverty and homelessness of especially working-class Afrikaners – who are being pushed out of traditional Afrikaner-suburbs into marginal wastelands, where they languish without having any rights to access the job-market under the ANC-regime’s nazi-style ‘black-economic’-empowerment’ laws. 

When analysed together, all these logged events show that right after the WC2010, South Africa was plunged into a very rapidly-escalating pattern of armed-violence against the entire white population – which was accompanied by officially-sanctioned hatespeech by the ruling Troika-government (the troika is comprised of the African National Congress, the SA Communist Party and the Cosatu trade union movement).


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  1. debbie says:

    No one will touch my family or my baby if it’s not God’s will.

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