Hendrik Grobler disabled: brutal assault by 3 cops

Boilermaker Hendrik Grobler, 35: ‘ I twice told the cop I could not lie down on the floor because of recent back surgery. He pointed his gun, threatening to shoot me if I didn’t. I showed him my back brace: then he kicked me again. A second cop  then also kicked me, a third cop turned me over. Then it was all over: the pain hasn’t stopped since and I can’t move…’ After the beatings and kicks, the young Afrikaner lay paralysed on the floor for 45 minutes: nobody came to help…

 Photo: Theana Breuge; article: Hilda Fourie, Beeld.

GROBLER Hendrik 35 boilermaker brutal beatings3blackcopsGezinaApr212011paralysedBEELD

Thirty-five year old boilermaker Hendrik Grobler may have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair after a brutal assault by three cops at a Gezina, Pretoria petrol station on 21 April. The Afrikaner was an innocent bystander: he and his friend Theuns Potgieter, 33,  with him buying a tyre, had a handgun in his belt for self-protection —  (SA is the most violently-criminal society in the world) — but did not carry his gun-license with him. The brutal assaults against the two Afrikaner men by the gaggle of black cops was filmed on closed-circuit television inside the petrol-station — and the pictures were published by Beeld newspaper on 2 May 2011.

Grobler had undergone back-surgery ten weeks earlier from which he was recovering, and wearing a back-brace, when the three cops forced him to lie on the floor, kicked him, stood on him and assaulted him.  His doctor examined him afterwards and said the nerves and soft-tissue in his back were so badly damaged by the assault that it could take up to twenty years to recover by itself. He’s also beginning to lose the use of his legs.. Mrs Estie Grobler, 33, who is seven months pregnant, has to help him shower: he suffers excruciating pain whenever he moves. He won’t be able to work: “I’ve lost everything because of this .Thanks to the police, I’ve now also lost the use of my legs.’

The Independent Complaint Directorate’s spokesman Moses Dlamini seemed rather casual in his reply to Beeld’s request for comment: merely saying they ‘hadn’t investigated it yet, as they were only ‘taking over the investigation from the police today.’


 THIS IS A SUMMARY. ENTIRE ARTICLE IN AFRIKAANS ON:  http://www.beeld.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Polisielid-trap-op-man-Vrees-dat-hy-verlam-is-20110524




Other attacks against Afrikaner Boers in Gezina area:

Grobler Hendrik, 35, paralysed from brutal beating by 3 black cops Gezina garage – Boilermaker Hendrik Grobler, 35: ‘ I twice told the cop I could not lie down on the floor because of recent back surgery. He pointed his gun, threatening to shoot me if I didn’t … Thu Apr 21 2011 http://www.farmitracker.com/reports/view/1303
Potgieter Theuns assaulted, illegally arrested, legal firearm confiscated THEUNS POTGIETER FALSELY ARRESTED, REPEATEDLY KICKED, ILLEGALLY DETAINED FOR SIX DAYS. Thursday April 21 2011 Police at the Pretoria Moot police station charge-desk refused to accept complaint of assaults against black police officers. Potgieter’s friend Hendrik Grobler was paralysed after beatings, kickings. http://www.farmitracker.com/reports/view/1213
Botha, Estelle, 16, torcbed, dismembered, dumped at railway line Koedoespoort – Afrikaans student Estelle Botha, 16: her torched, dismembered body was found Thursday, Aug 16 2007 next to a railway line in rural Koedoespoort. Thu Aug 16 2007 http://www.farmitracker.com/reports/view/1046

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One Response to Hendrik Grobler disabled: brutal assault by 3 cops

  1. Nelie Grobler says:

    One year later, did the SAP do something about this?
    Is this man’s life taken away from him and they so NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

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