MAN KILLED for not wanting to vote The brutal killing of a 20-year-old man by four blacks in a car which was covered in ANC-stickers  and accosted two young men in a ‘heated debate over the elections’ shocks community of Boksburg North.

17 May 2011 –    The murdered man, identified only as ‘Andries’ in Twitter-messages, was pictured below in the veld after he was found with his throat cut next to Campbell Road in Boksburg North. Local journalist Fanie Mthupha obtained information at the scene and from a female relative that four black males had driven up in a 4wd vehicle and started an argument with the two young friends, who had been walking next to a field,  about the upcoming local-government elections. When one of the two pedestrian men said he wasn’t going to vote at all, the black men assaulted and chased them – and “Andries’ was then found with his throat cut.

 ANDRIES THROAT CUT BY FOUR MEN ANC_STICKER CAR BOKSBURG NORTH MAY162011 Their attackers’  car was covered in ANC-stickers — as per information obtained at the scene by Mthupha.  Gauteng SAPF spokesman LtCol Ndou Tshisikhawe, while willing to confirm  the murder of the man at about 8.10pm., was however unable to confirm that the 4wd vehicle had been covered in ANC-stickers. According to Tshisikhawe, the deceased man and a friend (23) were walking next to the open veld in Campbell Road when a double cabbed 4×4 stopped next to them. Four black men started an argument with the two friends regarding the elections. “The debate then became heated,” said the policeman. “The deceased’s friend told the police that the four suspects then attacked them. The deceased and his friend ran in different directions to escape their attackers. One of them ran to a nearby house and the other into the veld,” said Tshisikhawe. “The friend returned after a while to find his friend dead. His throat was slit.” The mother of the surviving victim, and who wishes to remain anonymous, said that according to her son the attackers were travelling in a vehicle with ANC stickers on it. “According to him, the four men confronted them and asked them for which party they are going to vote,” she said. “My son and his friend responded by saying they are not going to vote at all.” Tshisikhawe said: “the SAPS cannot confirm the allegations that the suspects asked the men if they are going to vote and if their vehicle had ANC stickers.” No arrests have been made but police are investigating. An appeal has been made for the public to come forward with information. Contact the police on 086 0010 111.

source: 17 May 2011 Fanie Mthupha


South African expat teen who wanted to enrol at Stellenbosch university falls victim to local police-brutality: arrested after trying to stop old man from being beaten up:  the UK-based youth appears in court May 24:his parents dread having to return to SA when their work-contracts expire..


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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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