Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr: challenge with q’afir-song

Popular, outspoken Afrikaans-language campaigner, the composer/singer Steve Hofmeyr has gone and done it. His new song is enraging the black South African community.He has thrown down the gauntlet – challenging ANC youth league leader Julius Malema about his continuous demonisation of the Afrikaners and inciting his followers by chanting  ‘ Shoot the Boer. ‘ If Malema can sing songs which incite people to kill his fellow-Afrikaners, than Hofmeyr figures he can also sing his new song  – and  which contains the word ‘kaffir’: Other than Malema’s chant, Hofmeyr’s new song does not however call for the annihilation of anyone – contrary to the genocidal chants sung by this crowd at Malema’s hatespeech trial in front of the Johannesburg Equality Court’s steps.  The trial resumes on May 19.MALEMA TRIAL BARRAGE OF HATESPEECH SCREAMERS TO INTIMIDATE AFRIKANER WITNESSES

Steve Hofmeyr’s new song – lyrics

“My hart klop toktokkie waar hy breek vir my volk
Voor die kakie kanon of die kaffer se dolk
Dit maak nie meer saak nie waar ons ons begeef
Ons sal dit oorleef…

Ek lig my oë tot die berge op
Waar sal my hulp tog vandaan kan kom
Ag my God jou woorde lê deur my geweef
Ons sal dit oorleef…”


My heart beats toktokkie where it breaks for my people
against the English (Khaki) canons or the Kaffir’s dagger
It matters none where we now are heading
We will survive this ordeal …

I raise my eyes to the mountains
ask where will my help arrive from?
Oh my Lord your words are woven within me…
We will survive this ordeal…

42 reasons why Malema should stop demonising Afrikaners:

Steve , who runs the Stop Boer Genocide campaign on  Face book,  also published 42 reasons why Malema should start zipping up his mouth and stop demonising the Afrikaners.

He writes:Afrikaners/Whites are suffering from confession fatigue. Even their childen are now paying for the ‘sins of their forefathers’.’They have had to admit to past injustices and are now made to apologise for any prevailing failures. They are secondhand citizens made to pay firsthand taxes. Blaming them is a relief valve for black leadership who has demonstrated zero accountability, confusing self-enrichment with achievement… Hatespeech Songs (kill the Boer) are sung by ANC leadership and met with quiet insolence and even pride… “  (more:)


Hofmeyr Steve 42 reasons for Malema to stop demonising AfrikanersBoers

The Afrikaner genocide – videos by Solidarity Trade union:–Niemandé-Prinsloo

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

3 Responses to Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr: challenge with q’afir-song

  1. Ozzie says:

    Turn about is a bitch in any language. If you want to deal it you gotta be able to take it to mate !!!!

  2. Ozzie says:

    You go Mr Hofmeyr, if its okay for them to promote hate songs you may make you artistic view heard as well !!!

  3. Mr Venter says:

    Dus tyd dat ons Suid Afrikaaners opstaan en iets begin doen, Hul kom weg met “rape,moord en bedrog” en wat word daaraan gedoen? niks!!!!Kom staan saam en wen ons land terug lank lewe die ou Suid Afrika.

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