Afrikaner youths gets aggression at ANC minister office

Afriforum youths were greeted with aggression at Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu’s office…’


May 4 2011 – Charl Oberholzer, the national chairman of the  Afriforum youth league, was accosted with ‘aggression’ by staffers while visiting the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans Lindiwe Sisulu’s office yesterday. Afriforum youth league members were there to hand in a petition, asking the Minister to explain – under the Freedom of Information Act – whether , why and which 600 ANC youth league members were recruited for military training at Saldanha military base; for which purpose; and when these facts were going to be published. “We ran into a wall of aggression’, our legitimate request for information was “rejected as unnecessary’ and the media’s presence was aggressively condemned. We were told  that ‘the minister did not have time to have to explain themselves to Afriforum youths,”  said Oberholzer ( below) in a statement afterwards.

AFRIFORUM CHARL OBERHOLZER AGGRESSIVE RESPONSE BY ANC MINISTER MILITARY TRAINING MAY32011 Oberholzer, above, being accosted by a Sisulu office staffer yesterday,  said the training of 600 ANC youth league members was undertaken under the auspices of the National Rural Youth Service Corps and the seven-week militia-training was approved by Sisulu and by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. It was paid for by the country’s taxpayers. He pointed out that the Minister was obligated, under the Freedom of information act, to make this information known to the public.  “We demand to know the manner in which these trainees were recruited, what their political affiliations are, the exact details of the training programme , the composition of the National Rural Youth Service and what their purpose would be,’  he said.

Article 199(7)(b) of the Constitution of South Africa very clearly indicates that no political party may be advanced by the security forces. To prevent that South Africa – as is done in the neighbouring Zimbabwean dictatorship – trains political recruits and undermines the country’s welfare, it it crucial exactly for what purpose the National Ruyral Youth Service Corps is being trained,’ he said.

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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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