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Henri Boshoff, 54, top military-analyst Institute of Security studies, dies in mystery crash
Boshoff Henri military analyst INSTITUTE_SECURITY_STUDIES-dead in accident April 25 2011 –
PRETORIA. Top military-analist Henri Boshoff of Institute of Security Studies crashed his car into a guard-rail to avoid an “unexpected detour barrier’ which had been erected at 7am in Duncan Street, Pretoria:  April 25 2011: Bossie Boshoff, 54, whose hard-hitting reports through his work at the Institute for security studies have become increasingly critical of the ANC-regime, died in a mystery accident on 25 April 2011 when his car hit a guard-rail in Duncan Street after he’d tried to evade an unexpected road-detour on his way home to Brooklyn from the Union Buildings. Boshoff was a much-loved Afrikaans community leader throughout his adult life: he was returning to his home in Brooklyn at 7am from the Union Buildings, where he had just attended the annual Australian Legation’s wreath-laying ceremony for the South African soldiers who had died in the battle of Gallipoli in Turkey in world war one. He was also involved in the community-policing forum. Until 2000 he served in the Army, and was involved in organising the SANDF peacekeeping operations in Africa, where he was referred to as “Mr Fix-It”.


Philine Steytler, wife of FS-Agriculture president Louw Steytler, killed in culpible-homicide road accident, Luckhoff
Steytler Philine wife of Louw Steytler AgriFREESTATE killed Apr232011 LUCKHOFF April 23 2011 – LüCKHOFF, FS: Opened culpible homicide case results awaited: 2011-04-23 (source: Vicus Bürger) Mrs Philine Steytler, wife of Free State Agriculture president Louw Steytler, died at 10pm on the road between Koffiefontein and Luckhoff while the couple ‘s car was pulled off the berm – and she’d stepped out fetching soft-drinks from the boot. Mr Steytler had just returned from the FSA regional meeting at the Tri-Hunt guesthouse in Brandfort and had fetched his wife in Bloemfontein to go their farm Nevada near Lückhoff. When the couple pulled off the berm to get soft-drinks, the driver of a Nissan Hardbody bakkie struck their car at high-speed and the Rav4 drove across Mrs Steytler.
She died at the scene. SAPS lt col Thandi Mbambo, polisiewoordvoerder said the Nissan occupants sustained ‘slight injuries’. Mrs Steytler is survived by her husband, by her sons Louw, JVA and Luke, daughter Louise, 21, a B-Com student at Stellenbosch, her parents Lukie and Louise Loock of Luckhoff. No information was released by the SAPS about the driver of the car which crashed into the parked off-road vehicle. Farmitracker will keep this report onder ‘Attacks’ until the inquest or police-investigation determines whether the driver was culpible for homicide or not.


Grobler, Flip and Pop, farmers brutally attacked by three knifemen, Klopperbos farm Hammanskraal

Grobler Flip and Pop 17APRIL 2011 BADLY ASSAULTED KLOPPERBOS HAMMANSKRAAL (source: Gerhard Pretorius, Beeld). – Three black men brutalised and badly beat up 72-year-old homesteader Flip Grobler and his wife Pop, 70 on Sunday 17 April, 2011. Mr Grobler had undergone a heart-bypass operation only two weeks earlier and suffered another heart attack.
The knifemen held the couple at knifepoint for an hour at their Klopperbos, Hammaskraal homestead. Mrs Grobler was repeatedly kicked on her body, leg and in the face. The couple were tied up with wire. The knifemen escpaed with money, four firearms, clothes and used their bakkie as a get-away car – which they then crashed against a tree. Mr Grobler had undergone a heart-bypass only weeks before and the ordeal and beating caused him to have another heart-attack.Mrs Grobler said due to his frail condition, she was trying to draw the attackers’ attention away from her husband. “I wouldn’t have seen my husband alive today. When I came out of the bathroom I found the men dragging my husband around. So I tried to get their attention away from him and they started kicking and beating me. The couple have now moved in with their daughter Ms Mari Taut. Mr Grobler was discharged from hospital three days after the attack, but he’s reportedly ‘not doing well,’ the family said. It is suspected by Marius Mok, deputy-chair of the Praesidium neighbourhood watch, that the same three knifemen also attacked a farm worker on a neighbouring farm a few days later.The worker was admitted to hospital with injuries when he was attacked with a spade.


Andries Tatane, unarmed clean-water activist, shot dead by two SAPS bullets, Ficksburg, FS

TATANE WILLEM KILLED BY SAPS FICKSBURG APR142011 beeld WvdBerg25 April 2011  FICKSBURG FS The SABC photographer who filmed the entire scene which recorded the way in which a large group of black SA policemen assaulted and beat up peaceful, unarmed ‘clean-water’ activitist Andries Tatane has told City Press newspaper that he heard the words: “Shoot him” ring out – and then Tatane suddenly collapsed with blood spurting from his chest and died shortly thereafter.

Two rubber bullets recovered from Andries Tatane’s chest…
Tatane Andries Shot at close range by police Ficksburg collapses and dies Pic WillemvanderBergVolksblad2011-04-18 Ficksburg – Volksblad newspaper journalist/photographer Willem van der Berg, who also took the powerful photographs which recorded Tatane’s death, cradled by his Molefi Nonyane, also was the first one to reveal that two rubber-bullets were removed from the chest of Tatane (34), after he was killed during a demonstration in which many thousands of local residents had marched to demand clean water delivery by the municipality on April 14 . (source: Volksblad: Willem van der Berg)
Eight SAPS members of Bloemfontein were arrested: two are expected to be tried for murdering Tatane, the others for assault with the intent to cause serious injury.  The Independent Complaints directorate’s managing director Francois Beukman immediately confirmed the Sunday after the shooting that the police-officers were identified by witnesses and that the investigative task-team had questioned 14 police officers from Saturday-afternoon after the forensic examination revealed the bullets.   The unarmed man was brutally beaten by a large number of police officers who surrounded hm from all sides before he was shot. both pictures were taken by Volksblad photographer WILLEM VAN DER BERG.

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Bevan Bezuidenhout, 11, missing in Roodepoort:
Bezuidenhout Bevan, 11, missing 24 MARCH 2011 This child’s father from Princess, Roodepoort is desperately searching for his eleven-year-old son Bevan Bezuidenhout who went missing on March 24 2011 from Leiman Road. (source: journalist Tihan van der Walt). The last time Sean Bezuidenhout saw his son Bevan was on 24 March — the day he disappeared from Leiman Road in Princess. Bevan was born on 30 November 2000. He speaks Afrikaans, English and some Nguni languages. He wore blue shorts with red stripes, a black vest with red and white stripes and black tekkies with orange patterns. Anybody with information regarding young Bevan’s whereabouts can contact his father, Sean on 076 888 1780; his grandmother, Sylvia on 082 967 5656 or his grandfather, Rodney on 082 668 8680.


Illegal gold-miners endanger hospital, old-age home, two suburbs in Welkom
Welkom illegal miners chop open roadway to loot steel rods underneath 2011-04-23 WELKOM. Only meters from homes of Afrikaner families in Naudeville and St Helena, illegal miners are breaking up roads and tearing up the land around the old St- Helena mine’s Nr 2 shaft in their desperate search for gold-dust. (report and picture: Tom de Wet) The plunderers even chopped open a tarmac-road to get to the steel-rods underneath. The gold-panners, referred to as ‘zama-zamas’ apparently are very desperate people who will go to any length to make money, said DA councillor Karen Meyer. “The circumstances in which they live and work, and the fact that they even cut open a roadway to get to the steel beneath, is proof.’ She joined worried residents and police in visiting the site around the worked-out goldmine and said it’s just ‘an unacceptable situation’. “I am shocked about the massive extent of this problems. My largest source of concern is the safety of the residents. “These criminal activities take place right next to the St Helena hospital, the retirement centre St Knights haven of St Francis, the St. Andrews School, the Pines children’s home and two residential areas, namely St Helena and Naudéville. The lives of children, the elederly and the ill all are being endangered by these unacceptable mining-activities and these cannot be tolerated’.


Tortured Afrikaner smallholder Chris Bronkhorst, 67, dies after 8 months due to maltreatment in hospice:
Bronkhorst Chris tortured smallholder dies from maltreatment in hospice May242011 April 24 2011 – Family-friend Marius Avenant writes; “I am sad to say that we have been informed this morning that Chris Bronkhorst has died early this morning after a long suffering. Rest in Peace Chris. You will be remembered.” On September 29, 2010, four black males attacked Bronkhorst, a pensioner, 67 years old, who was already partially disabled from a stroke. He was brutally tortured with melting plastic and he was whipped repeatedly with a sjambok in his Walkerville smallholding home. Some details of the sexual-tortures meted out to the mentally-confused man were so gruesome that they have never been published. The attack was only confirmed to the news media four days later, on November 2 2010, by the SAPS – and only after the family had told the news media about it. Shocking images have since emerged of Chris Bronkhorst’s maltreatment in a public hospice and his continuing suffering due to the maltreatment at the hospice where he was moved after his wounds were healed at the Milpark Hospital a month earlier. When he arrived at the hospice, all his wounds had healed: Family friend Magda Cracknell wrote: “There were no pressure sores on his body when he was moved to the hospice.. Within weeks, a leg had to be amputated because of untreated pressure sores. The traumatic attack caused a severe shock to his body and he has lost his zest for life. On November 20 2010 he was taken back to the intensive care unit with a stroke and complications.” Family members and friends said he was ‘surrounded by uncaring hospice staff.”The police-report of the scene where Bronkhorst was tortured noted that “There were blood spatters against the kitchen wall where they had bashed him against it. He was also lashed with a sjambok’. His wife also found that the black attackers also had dripped melting plastic on his hands – it is summised because they were “angered about not finding any firearms in the gun-safe”.  The forensic signs also showed that Mr Bronkhorst was roughly dragged from the kitchen to the living room and tortured there – so gruesomely that not all the details have been published. She didn’t understand why they needed to torture him after they did not find anything of value. “He was disabled, they could just have taken anything they wanted: he was unable to defend himself and was at home, alone. The torturers only took some cheap bling, a cellphone, a watch and cash – total value: about R10,000… SAPS spokesman capt Shado Mashobane has merely confirmed the ‘incident’ and said “nobody was arrested”. And due to the maltreatment at the hospice, if somebody is arrested they would probably only be charged with culpible homicide – since it could not be proven that the Afrikaner had died because of the wounds the suspects had inflicted on him.. Mrs Bronkhorst’s sister Caroniena Cameron asked Beeld: ‘what kind of people melt burning plastic on someone’s hands. Those are not human beings doing such things…’ original attack as described by Beeld:



Pretoria High Court May 4 2011: Judgment of black male who admitted to assaulting, raping and killing Mrs Ines Christina Maree, 83, in Lyttelton Pretoria.
Maree Danie son of murdered InesChristinaMaree93_KilledbyCollenMonarengPTAHICOURTAPR22011 “The spirit of the devil came over him” and made him assault and rape the friendly 83-year-old Afrikaner woman in 2007, Collen Monareng, 37, a black Tembisa man told the Pretoria High Court.
Collen Monareng, 37, admitted he beat and raped the geriatric Afrikaner woman Ines Christina Maree so badly in her Lyttelton home that she died two months later in hospital.
Her life was worth a bottle of sparkling wine, a kettle and an iron – the only items Monareng stole after he broke into her home and attacked and raped her. He described her as “a friendly old woman who greeted him and his fellow job seekers while they stood outside her home nearly daily for about two years” Monareng said “she even fed his homeless friends when they asked her for food.”Apart from saying the “spirit of the devil” came over him, Monareng said he had no idea why he assaulted and raped her. Her son Danie, picture, says he will never forgive Monareng.


Black-racist appointment of High Court Judge in West Cape is Unconstititional, top expert warns
Henney Robert only black applicant among 7 for WC High Court appointed 2 posts left open The April 12 2011 appointment of Western Cape High Court Judge Robert Henney, picture, was unconstitutional warns president of Cape Bar Council. The rejection of 6 skilled white judge-candidates over this one succesful black candidate– while still leaving two of 3 posts vacant on the WesternCape High Court Bench – is racist and unconstitutional because the Supreme Court of Appeal’s president and deputy-president were not present during the April 12 2011 interviews, the deliberations and the decisions. Their presence is required under Section 178 of the
SA Constitution, said Senior Council Alasdair Sholto-Douglas SC: “The ‘Cape Bar Council is deeply dismayed that the JSC filled only one of the three vacancies on the Western Cape High Court, for which it interviewed seven shortlisted candidates on 12 April 2011. Mr Henney was the only black candidate. The remaining six candidates were white. One was a woman. All six of these white candidates have served as acting judges in the Western Cape High Court on numerous occasions. “ Entire statement issued by Alasdair Sholto-Douglas SC, Chair Cape Bar Council, April 20 2011 :


5 women killed in North West: muti mass-murderer on the loose:
WITCHDOCTORS ADVERTISING JOHANNESBURG 2007 Madibeng Pulse editor Cynthia Dreyer reports that ‘extremely worrying news has come to light that there may be a serial killer on the loose in the western areas of North West. However, the culprit could move to another area if he feels that he is being pursued by police. Brigadier Ngubane of the North West Communications has sent this message to all women in North West Province to heed the warnings at the end of this report. It could save your life and that of your family and friends:
“The communities of Lichtenburg, Blydeville, Boikhutso and surrounding areas, the South African Police in the North West would like to issue out a warning about the suspect/s that have allegedly raped, and murdered women between January 2010 and April 2011. “The police recently found the half naked body of a woman in a decomposed state at Blydeville Cemetery on Friday 15 April 2011 at around eight in the morning. The body was found with a cut off left index finger and the right ear. It is suspected that the victim was raped before being killed. The suspect is unknown at this stage and the police investigation continues. “The body is the fifth one to be found in the area, especially around Blydeville. The other four (4) bodies of women with ages ranging between 16 and 40 were found in Blydeville Extension 1 between January and September 2010. All victims were raped before being killed. “The police cannot rule out the possibility that crimes might have been committed by the same suspect. ” The tel  for Lichtenburg Police Station is (018) 632 8258, alternatively Crime Stop can be contacted on 08600 10111. The Investigating Officer is Warrant Officer Monyayi, 083 353 1279.


Springs ratepayers set up War Room to ‘combat the ever-increasing crime”
Ratepayers in the mining town of Springs in South Africa have set up their own War Room to combat the ‘ever-increasing crime’, reports Amanda van den Barg on 21 April 2011. “The Selection Park and Clydesdale Citizen-policing-forum have combined forces and set up a War Room to protect the residents in their communities inside a radius of about 20km². The War Room walls are covered in detailed maps of the entire Selection Park area, as well as the smallholdings of Edelweiss, Daggafontein and Struisbult — and a radio to communicate with unpaid volunteer-members while they are out on patrol.
Louis Hennings, chairman of the CPF, hopes to install 300 CCTV cameras to  monitor the Selection Park area all of which will be linked to plasma screen TVs in the War Room.“The War Room will also be used for their monthly meetings with police, and with the maps being used to plot criminal activity, any special operations with police will also be organised from there.“As it stands, our members take up shifts to patrol the whole of Selection Park and the cameras would make a huge difference to our own efficiency,” he says. Meanwhile the question must be asked over and over again: why do people still pay their rates and taxes to the ANC-regime when the taxpayers still have to spend all their free time and all their money to do their own policing?

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