ANC-cops out of control

The on-camera assault and murder by a large number of black SA cops of unarmed Ficksburg man Andries Tatane shows a police force which is out of control…

Two government-offices torched in Ficksburg by hundreds of angry pupils after Tatane murder

April 15 2011 – FICKSBURG. Hundreds of black pupils torched two local goivernment offices in Meqheleng township in the Free State after the shock-death of unarmed local man Andries Tatane at the hands of the SA police a day earlier.

TATANE WILLEM KILLED BY SAPS FICKSBURG APR142011 beeld WvdBerg Andries Tatane (33) was a husband and father of one child, a role-model in his poor community where he was a volunteer teacher helping pupils to improve their marks in Science, Math and Afrikaans. Witnesses insist that a scuffle started when he tried to dissuade cops from using a water canon on an elderly, infirm man. Anybody with sense will recognise brutal, excessive force by ill-disciplined cops. Tatane’s ‘resistance’ shown in these clips is more likely the fight/flight response of an injured, desperate man…

Last month, movie material was also posted showing a similar attack against an unarmed man by South African cops.


The brutal assault which caused the unarmed Andries Tatane’s death was put on YouTube videos and sent shockwaves around the world, with South African politicians and commentators reportedly horrified and condemning the brutal police action. On the video  it could be clearly seen that the unarmed man was surrounded by a large number of armed police officers who started beating him mercilessly. He tried to defend himself against men who were armed with heavy assault rifles. Then he gets hit by a bullet, shouts something, stumbles to the street and collapses on the pavement on his back.

Yesterday the SA police again reacted brutally to the pupils’ protest march, trying unsuccessfully to chase them away with tear-gas. The schools had emptied out and the children took to the streets after teachers told them to go home. Police could not prevent the torching of the municipal buildings.

Cops are being rushed into the area from across the country to try and control the anti-ANC rioting which erupted in the East Free State region this week before Tatane was murdered.  A police helicopter is reportedly circling overhead to monitor the situation, says Beeld newspaper .


Free State police spokesman Motamtsi Makhele said ‘they do not want a repeat of yesterday’s events’. He was referring to the murder of Tatane and the violence which erupted. Local ANC-MEC Thabo Manyoni has issued a call to the community to ‘remain calm and to wait for the results of the investigation into Tatane’s death’. It is being investigated by the Independent Police Directorate.

The 45 people who were arrested were released on a warning, with the public prosecutor commenting that ‘some of those arrested people didn’t even participate in the march.’ The case of ‘public violence’ against the 45 arrested people was postponed to May 24.


Police violence has become rife in South Africa. 



A very similar scene of excessive police-violence was also filmed in March this year in broad daylight on a crowded South African street:

The violence and corruption by the SA police towards the public has become so rife over the past few years that the crime-fighting cellphone-group  has launched a new feature called Policing the Police, where its members can call an emergency number and send their recorded conversations with police officers and other ANC-officials who harass, try to elicit bribes or are threatening them directly to fellow-members – and a central unit records and broadcasts these conversations as evidence. 

Police violence in 2009/10:

Police violence in 2008:

Afrikaners tortured in police custody:


Brown James 98 Alzheimer sufferer arrested for forgetting to pay for chocolate bar KRIEL SAPS beaten to death in KRIEL cell_2 BrownJamesbeatentodeathKrielPoliceStationJune920089

Pictures: Alzheimer sufferer James Brown, 98, was arrested and dumped in a police cell at the Kriel police station for forgetting to pay for a chocolate bar at a supermarket. The confused old man had wandered away from his home and relatives rushed to the police station to try and get him released. Police refused to let him go until the next morning. The old man was put in a cell by himself for the night, and his relatives found him dead, with these fresh injuries the next morning. Nobody has ever been arrested or charged for this murder on this utterly defenceless, confused and frail old man. In fact the case has been mentioned in just a few small lines in local newspapers.

the murder of Andries Tatane:

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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

2 Responses to ANC-cops out of control

  1. In 1976 the picture of a dying 13-year-old Hector Pieterson, shot by police, shocked the world and provided much of the impetus that led to the demise of apartheid.

    Now, in 2011, it was the turn of the world to be shocked by the picture of a dying Andries Tatane, who had been savagely beaten and shot by the ANC government’s police.

    The image of Tatane slumped in the arms of a friend is heartrending. By all accounts he was essentially a decent man, an educator committed to uplifting his community.

    The photo could well become the symbol of a rallying call in a new fight against oppression; this time the oppression of the so-called liberators.

    • Today on Tuesday 26 April, protestors were shot at again at the squatter camp of Zandspruit, north of Randburg. Police barred journalists and then fired rubber bullets – again at close range. As a journalist during apartheid, I also was at such protests a lot and one thing I’d always noticed is that the cops were very cautious about firing rubber bullets. They had instructions to stand well away from the crowd, and were only allowed to fire them into the ground from about 200 metres away with their stoppers. The bullets are rock-hard of course, and would bounce off. This inflicted bruises but even so people could get hurt really badly when it struck them against the heads or into their eyes, and a rubber bullet once struck someone’s nose – driving the nose-bone into the skull and killing that person. So police officers in South Africa today are either being told that rubber-bullets are not lethal and that they can fire them from up close, or they are being deliberately instructed to kill people with rubber-bullets for some reason which I cannot fathom. Either way, the use of rubber bullets as a ‘deterrent’ at public demonstrations has never been a very good strategy. It angers the crowd, that I’ve also often noticed, because they are undirected and uncontrollable. It’s terrifying: I’ve had one of them fly right past my ear and it was going at a horrific clip. I have always been very critical of the use of so-called ‘non-lethal’ weapons, even the ones who were designed recently such as the zapper guns and tear-gas. There always are people who can be killed by such devices. The cops are running scared and mean all over South Africa: they’ve been ordered to keep control during the election, and they can’t do it. There really are very few townships where rioting isn’t breaking out some stage or another now. This past year alone there have been hundreds of riots everywhere, and they are increasing in size and violence. People are very, very angry. They feel cheated. The trouble is: come election time, there they all will go again, like sheeple, voting for the ANC. And the ANC will cheat at the polls as they’ve always done. And the international community will send in ‘observers’ from the old anti-apartheid movement stables all over the world who will, as always, pronounce the elections ‘fair and democratic’ while they wade through mountains of pre-marked ballots, as always, and wonder why all those ballots are scattered around all over the polling booths. They will stroll right past groups of people who are being told where to draw their mark for the ANC. The Democracy Play staged by the ANC will repeat itself while the ANC elite gorges itself on the rapidly diminishing wealth of South Africa. I see no end to this at all. In South africa, there has NEVER been any democracy. Ever.

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