Edenvale teens threaten nature-lover

Edenvale teens turn rabbit-killers

A group of four teenagers in the Hurlyvale, Edenvale area sent a death-threat to a local resident who objected to their hunting and killing rabbits in the local municipal park. (source: journalist Charmaine Slater)

Hurlyvale resident Mrs Judy Sheehan is in shock after receiving an apparent death-threat in her post box from a group of teens in the area. The threat follows after a confrontation between Mrs Sheehan on April 12 and four teenagers, three boys and one girl, in Hurlyvale Park. She stopped her car when she spotted the teenagers hunting down several of the rabbits which have moved into the guard house at Hurlyvale Park. “I stopped my car and asked the children what they were doing,” Mrs Sheehan said. “The girl in the group was very cheeky with me and said that there were plenty of bunnies and they only wanted one of them,” she added. Mrs Sheehan said that when she tried to explain to the children the importance of letting nature be, they simply walked away. She then drove home.
“The children walked past my house and saw where I lived. This morning, (April 13) I found this drawing in my post box addressed to ‘the lady who cares for bunnies’” Mrs Sheehan said. The drawing which the NEWS has a copy of depicts two bunnies being hung and a third being shot at by a boy.

In bold writing at the top of the drawing reads ‘save the bunnies’ while at the bottom of the drawing it reads, ‘if you need a bunny killer, sacrificer, food and fur coats’ with a telephone number.The NEWS contacted the number on the picture but it was later determined that neither the woman who answered nor her children where in Edenvale yesterday. “I am shocked by this,” Mrs Sheehan told the NEWS.

It’s not known whether the youngsters are hunting the rabbits to supplement the family meals. 




About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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