Michael van Eck muti-murder rural Welkom

Van Eck Michael 24 MUTIMURDER APR22011 RURAL WELKOM FACEBOOK PAGE“He had an appointment with a female friend from Facebook he had never met before..’



http://bit.ly/fITxzHMichael van Eck, 24: slaughtered for muti, rural Welkom cemetery April 2 2011:

April 2 2011. Single Afrikaner electrician Michael van Eck, who worked at Beatrix goldmine’s Nr 4 shaft, was apparently lured to his death in a rural cemetery outside Welkom – through a Facebook appointment with a girl he’d never met before. Some of his body-parts were ‘neatly amputated’, he was cut into pieces and his remains buried in a shallow grave. His head, right-arm and left-foot are missing. The gruesome murder has all the signs of a so-called  muti murder ‘: the live harvesting of body-parts for resale to ‘traditional healers’. http://www.beeld.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Jong-man-in-stukke-opgesny-20110404-2

Van EckMichael 24 murdered Welkom cemetery cut in pieces buried shallow grave Apr 2 2011

(source: Tom de Wet and Marisa Phillips, Beeld).

His Facebook page shows that he had 32 online Facebook friends – some relatives, some males and he’d also recently made friends with women. His ‘comments’ also show that he had just recently ended a relationship and re-registered himself as ‘single’.


Van Eck’s parents last saw him alive on Saturday-evening just before he went to an appointment with a Facebook female friend he’d never met before. After police traced them when they found his abandoned car at a Welkom taxi rank, Michael’s parents discovered in a large puddle of blood and his bloodied tshirt hanging on the gate of the cemetery on Sunday-morning. A police tracker dog named Xander, under control of warrant-officer Fanie du Plessis of Bethlehem,  then found his torso and some body parts – half-buried beneath a pile of sand, at the rural cemetery beneath a tree. His head, right-arm and left-foot are missing. His torso and severed limb-parts were discovered by a police-dog metres from the murder scene in the shallow grave. Buried with him were his denims, but his underclothes and shoes are missing. SAPS sergeant Puleng Motsoeneng, said ‘Michael’s limbs were neatly amputated. Both legs were cut off at the knee. The left-lower limb has no foot.The right-lower leg with the foot attached was with the torso in the shallow grave. The upper-torso had several stab-wounds.’

The search for him began after police found his car abandoned at around 8am on Sunday with the keys in the ignition at a taxi-stand in Welkom by the police, who also arrested a black man who was getting into the car. His parents Naas and Henriëtte van Eck were traced and that’s when one of his colleagues mentioned that Michael would be meeting a ‘new girl-friend he’d met on Facebook’ at the cemetery just outside Welkom.  The parents rushed in their car to the cemetery, came across a pool of blood and their son’s bloodied t-shirt, and the police dog-team was alerted.

Motsoeneng said there were drag-marks around a building several metres from the gate and that ‘condoms were found there’. Next to the building there was another very large blood-stain. A double-track trail leads to the trees and to his shallow grave. Michael worked as electrician at the Beatrix-gold mine’s Nr 4 shaft in Welkom and still attended the Welkom Gymnasium. He is survived by his parents and four sisters Natasha, Michelle, Bianka and Hendriena. His father and Hendriena insisted on going to the shallow grave to view what the murderers had left of their loved one.

The police issued a call for anyone of any knowledge, or who had seen anything, to call the SAPS duty officer at 082-301-3075 http://www.beeld.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Jong-man-in-stukke-opgesny-20110404-2

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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

10 Responses to Michael van Eck muti-murder rural Welkom

  1. Mandyr says:

    We have been following this horrific story in the news. It is beyond barbaric what has happened and we feel so sorry for Michael and for his loved ones left behind. May God give them strength and somehow find them peace. RIP Michael. God speed to your family and loved ones. We pray that justice will act swiftly and bring the perpertrators to book for the rest of their days. If you know Michael’s family please tell them that they are in our prayers, even although we don’t know them.

  2. J van Rooyen says:

    To his parents i pray for you because i know we question God so easily when things like this happens but as somebody wrote previously God also had to witness the death of his beloved sun. God bless you and bring peace in your hearts, he is with God at this moment.

  3. cinz says:

    I think this was was the most shocking ever i pray for his family and feel so sorry for what they must go threw but remember the God we have is great and is with you all the time. R.I.P MICHAEL

  4. jenny says:

    Mag die liefde van God jul deur die verskriklike tyd dra.

  5. Joey Strauss says:

    Opregte meegevoel met Michael se ouers en susters. Mag jul pragkind in vrede rus.En mag jul sielerus ontvang van Bo. Hy was ‘n ambisieuse jong man met groot drome.

  6. travis says:

    im so sorry to hear this. i cant belive a television serirs could really effect someone to the point of imitating it. please dont give up on god hes there for you

  7. Conrad and Nadine Dercksen says:

    To the van Eck family,our heartfelt condolences. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. tracey says:

    My gebede is saam met die geliefdes van michael.ek kan net dink hoe julle moet voel.alle sterkte met dit wat nog voorle.ek hoop met alles in my dat sy moordenaars n bitter pynlike einde in die gesig staar!!!mag God se liefde julle help deur die tyd

  9. jessicaR says:

    Hoe siek!! Geen woorde kan die onmenslikheid van hierdie duiwelsdaad beskryf ni! Vrede vir michael

  10. Zandra says:

    All I can say is that 20 years is not enough for that dam bitch!!! They should bring back the death penalty to make examples of sick people like her and her pathetic lover. Regards to teh Van Eck Family our thoughts are with you!!!

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