Chantelle Barnard: cruelly murdered, Benoni farm-plot

Chantelle Barnard, 20, Benoni smallholder: the Afrikaans girl was raped, then her throat was slit: and then she was bathed… when she was discovered by her mother:

‘She looked like a porcelain doll.. so peaceful’

2011-04-04 Benoni smallholdings. Twenty-year-old Afrikaans smallholder Chantelle Barnard was raped, her throat was slit through – and then her body was bathed. Beeld reported that her mother Suzette found her daughter’s naked, mutilated body in their former homestead on a Benoni smallholding where the two women had lived until last Friday. Chantelle was last heard of when she had gone to their former home to hand over her mother’s keys to the caretaker.

Barnard Chantelle 20 raped throat slit and then bathed Benoni AH Apr22011

Her family started searching for her when she did not answer her cellphone and a neighbour later reported that they had heard someone screaming on the smallholding in the afternoon. Suzette Barnard went to the smallholding and banged on the doors until the caretaker opened for her.  She asked the caretaker’s son to remove bandages from his hand and said she could see a bite mark. A blanket was lying in a pool of blood in the lounge.

Caretaker’s son arrested
She ran through the house and found her daughter’s body in one of the bedrooms. She told Beeld newspaper it appeared that the body had been bathed. “Chantelle was lying naked on the floor and I could only see the right side of her face. There was not even a drop of blood on her body but her hair was wet and a container with make-up was next to her body.” Suzette Barnard told The Star newspaper: “She was so cold and the cut to her throat was so deep. She looked like a porcelain doll, soft and peaceful on the one side, [but] on the other side of her face it was blue.”
The caretaker’s 33-year-old son was arrested and expected to appear in the Benoni Magistrate’s Court on Monday. As usual the race of the caretaker’s son was not mentioned.. And also as usual,  the SAPS would not immediately confirm the report of this latest rural

Above: Latest logged murders on farms and smallholdings: Chantelle Barnard, 20, April 1 2011 Benoni smallholding; Michael Desgranges 71 March 13 2011 Ronaldkloof smallholding Pinetown; Johannes Senekal 70 March 21 2011 Roodepoort agriholding police refused to open murder-docket; Cronje Maree, farm security guard executed while forced to kneel on Alkmaar Nelspruit farm March 24 2011; Frans Powell beekeeper murdered Sundra agri-holding 17 March 2011;

Rural murders, names list up to April 1 2011:


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3 Responses to Chantelle Barnard: cruelly murdered, Benoni farm-plot

  1. Gordon says:

    It makes me MAD with rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!! G

  2. Joani van den Bergh says:

    Chantelle se moordenaar was ‘n wit, Afrikaanse man.

  3. Anel says:

    Jacques one liewe vriend, ons gedagtes en gebede is met jou en jou familie! Die vark moet antwoord as hy voor God staan! WYS MENS NET HOE MESSED UP ONS LAND IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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