Emaciated Afrikaner model Candice Swanepoel shocks world

Emaciated Afrikaner model Candice Swanepoel shocks fashion world

CandiceSwanepoel BEFORE  Lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret was once famous for choosing ‘curvy’ models to advertise their swimwear. But when the firm unveiled their latest swimwear range onlookers were shocked when model Candice Swanepoel from South Africa revealed her emaciated figure (left).

Swanepoel Candice emaciated March312011The 22-year-old Afrikaans girl had clearly lost “a significant amount of weight” when photographed modelling the lingerie line’s new range of swimwear at The Mondrian hotel in Los Angeles, according to the UK Daily Mail. The blonde Afrikaner girl’s  concentration-camp appearance was a far cry from when she fronted up the company’s Valentine’s Day campaign just two months earlier. (right)

Then, in a two-piece raspberry bra set, her sexy curves were clearly on display. Now, there are worrying health concerns about her drastic weight loss.

Just look at the legs — so skinny, they look like straight lines. That’s not how the human body is meant to look. Likewise, her waist appears to have disappeared completely.

Candice was the cover girl for the 2011 Swim issue, a huge honor, and her body will land in the mailboxes and on the coffee tables of women worldwide.


Candice – seen on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2011 two months earlier:

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