Avril Gordon locked in, tortured for months

http://bit.ly/e1ClKp – Avril Gordon, 52, tortured, starved, chained, locked up for months in PE flat

2011-03-31 Port Elizabeth. – For many months, Mrs Avril Gordon, 52, was locked up in her flat, half-starved, beaten with a chain and a wooden pole, burnt with boiling water and tortured so badly that she required emergency plastic surgery repair to her face. She was rescued by neighbours who heard her constantly crying, weeping and moaning  – and kicked open the door…

A top detective described the long-term torture of Mrs Gordon as ‘worse than any murder, rape or robbery-scene I’d ever investigated in my 32-year-career.’ Her second husband – whom she married only six months ago after a tortuous two-year relationship  —  SA Air Force sergeant Frederick Gordon, 42, was arrested last Thursday and is being held in the St. Albans prison until his scheduled remand-appearance in Port Elizabeth magistrate’s court on Thursday, March 31 2011.

Gordon Avril tortured locked up for 2 yrs PE ZA March312011 Beeld pic

The detective told Beeld newspaper: “I had never looked into such painfilled, desperate eyes until I saw that woman’s eyes. She suffered all this in a two-year-period and it’s a wonder she’s survived, said col Mark Howland of the Humewood police station. The emaciated Mrs Gordon underwent intensive plastic surgery two days ago to try and repair the damage to her carved-open nose and torn upper lip.  “I went through a pure hell which I would not wish on my worst enemy. But from now on, things can only get better and I am looking forward to a future with my children and grandchildren,’ said Mrs Gordon from her hospital bed.

She was in a relationship with the sergeant for two years before the couple married in November last year and moved into an apartment block in Forrest Hill. “He was incredibly jealous and constantly accusing me of affairs with other men. I wasn’t allowed to work,’ she said.

Investigating officer sergeant Paul Roelofse said the torture ‘had been going on for months but increased in intensity in the two weeks before his arrest’ We received statements from neighbours who listened day and night to horrific weeping and moaning and hitting sounds from the adjacent flat’. Neighbours tried knocking on the door – and said Gordon initially refused to open the door, and told them through a window that ‘his wife was asleep’. However the neighbours heard the woman moaning pitiously at that point – and kicked open the door.  What they found inside  the flat left the neighbours in tears and weeping, said sergeant Roelofse.

Open Bible had clumps of her hair and skin stuck to the pages:

“Mrs Gordon was sitting in a corner, weeping, and with her face literally bashed apart. Only the upper part of her nose was still intact.
She was covered from head to toe in cuts, slashing wounds, she had missing teeth and horrific burn wounds where boiling water was poured on her. She was never taken to any hospital and had to treat her pain with headache-powders. The flat itself was a pig sty full of beer-bottles, blood-spattered walls, a bloodied chain and a lock.
“The worst part was the Bible laying open with clumps of her hair and skin from her skull stuck to the pages.’

daughter Vallery Figueira who rushed  from Johannesburg to be with her mom,  said: “I would never have recognised her in the street.” As soon as her mom recovers, her three daughters will take her in and start taking care of her, she said.


About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

2 Responses to Avril Gordon locked in, tortured for months

  1. Helen says:

    This guy must get the same treatment in jail as what he did to his wife.
    A person that does this to another human being has no heart, and he must get the same treatment, I believe what you can dish out you can receive.

  2. Gail Rieck says:

    Sorry but the “thing” that tortured that poor woman is certainly NOT a man but a freak of nature!!!

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