Elandspark ratepayers march against crime – twice

ALBERTON Elandspark Residents twice march against crime.
11 March 2011 ALBERTON – The Elandspark community held a walk against crime on Saturday March 5. The community says they are sick of the crime in the area and are under constant threat of robberies and hijackings. (source: Bruno Carvalho).   Capt Buys of the police also joined the 5.6km walk which took residents 1 hour and 25 minutes to complete. “We all need to be vigilant, if you see something is not right with your neighbours’ premises then get in contact with the authorities. Our message is clear. Criminals beware, we are looking out for one another in this area as crime affects us all,” said one resident. The next walk against crime took place on May 14 at Plomer Avenue, Elandspark.



About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

2 Responses to Elandspark ratepayers march against crime – twice

  1. Hi

    I lived in the area for 20 years only left because of crime. I am still the area estate agent just as “RE/MAX Team Ashtal”

    Elandspark has other problems as well like sewerage coming up in peoples gardens and a proposed 300 units to be developed. In 2008 I did the rounds in getting a pettition signed to try stop the developments because the infrastructure cant cope.

    Please keep me posted on happenings, as I am always available to the residents of elandspark.


    Candice Scheepers

  2. Hi Elandspark Residents.

    As mentioned in my letter above, the council are still wanting developers to go ahead with the development.

    City of Joburg got in touch with me yesterday concerning a “Planning Committee hearing” to be held on the 17th August 2011 at 11:00am. I am happy to represent the Residents if you so wish. Should you want to nominate someone to take my place I will be happy to step down as I am no longer a resident, however I am extremely fond of the suburb and its residents.

    Should any one require a copy of the letter sent to me by The City of Joburg please e-mail me on candice@remaxdazzle.co.za or sms me on 082 394 3938.

    Take care

    Candice Scheepers
    RE/MAX “Team Ashtal”
    Always looking out for the community

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