Artist Cornelius Bosch torched to death

 2011-03-09 15:15 SA artist Cornelius Bosch, 55, missing since 24 February from his Kameeldrift smallholding near Pretoria, was found torched to death. Dental records confirmed his identity. (source: Hilda Fourie of Beeld.)

Bosch Cornelius artist expressionist TORCHED Kameeldrift BUFFELSDRIFT AH Pretoria XJC187GP bakkie missing His body was found on Monday in an open field next to Zambesi-drive, north of Pretoria, near his smallholding. His bakkie is still missing.

Reknowned South African painter Cornelius Bosch vanished from his Kameeldrift smallholding without a trace: nothing was ‘robbed’ or ‘stolen’ from his smallholding. Bosch, 55,  was last seen Feb 24 before he disappeared

Local detectives and the provincial police’s detective services had launched a search-party for him. The art website Artween said Bosch describes himself as a South African artist who has been working as a painter full-time for 20 years. His works ranged from landscapes to abstract paintings. Bosch’s friend and colleague, Hester Carstenssaid shortly after his disappearance that it was a mystery that his Bible, toothbrush and other personal items were still at the house, which means he hasn’t gone on a trip…”.

Investigating officer Warrant Officer Stephen Joubert also said that forensic investigators could find nothing amiss at his home. It was  clean and tidy. Nothing appeared out of place.”

Anyone who has seen his GWM bakkie, registration XJC187GP, can call w/o Stephen Joubert on 082-565-6887 or w/o  Pieter van der Merwe on 071-993-7019. his face book:



About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

2 Responses to Artist Cornelius Bosch torched to death

  1. vincent berquez says:

    Mankind is violent and brutal, life is short and full of misfortune. The artist creates beauty and leaves a legacy of hope when he departs this world. Those who did this terrible act cannot destroy the work Bosch created.

  2. Brianna Helene says:

    Cornelius. You will be missed. My family continues to pray for your family. You were a great brother in Christ.
    Love you. See you in heaven Brother.

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