ANC Shoot Boer slogan: protests

 Malema fan counts dead Boere – Boers hold protest march on Friday March 11:

2010-03-17- Clearance Letlonkane, a self-proclaimed suppporter of ANC youth league leader Julius Malema – who insists on chanting the genocidal hatespeech slogan Shoot the Boer in public —  places updates of farm murders on a Facebook Julius Malema page with 12,000 fans.

The Freedom Front Plus, the civil rights movement Afriforum, the pro-Afrikaans-Actiion Group, and many Boer-groups have repeatedly warned that the ANC youth leader’s controversial song “Shoot the Boers, they are rapists” could incite murders of Boers and their families. Malema’s Facebook page has over 12,000 fans. One, Clearence Letlonkane, has been posting information about farmers being murdered, as reported on news websites, every few hours over the past few days. (source: Beeld:  Daniëlla du Plooy).

Ernst Roets, national chair of AfriForum Youth, says they will use the Facebook posts as evidence during the hate speech case against Malema which they’ve submitted to the equality court in Johannesburg.  Anton Alberts, their parliamentary spokesman on economics, said Monday: “one doesn’t have to give the matter much thought to realise that Malema’s utterances are creating an atmosphere which is beneficial to those who want to murder”. “The FF+ will do its part to stop this scourge in the political and legal arenas. The farming community will have to start protesting publically against the murders and the lack of a commando system. Afrikaners should start learning to toyi-toyi.”

March to ANC HQ Johannesburg Friday March 11 to protest against genocidal hatespeech:

ANC SUPPORTS GENOCIDE OF BOERS AND SO DOES BONOAfriForum Youth civil rights movement plans a peaceful march in Johannesburg Friday to protest against Malema’s behaviour.  Roets said the court case is “an important priority, but it is also necessary for the public to make it clear that the behaviour of Malema and the youth league will no longer be tolerated”.A letter of grievances and name-lists of victims will be handed to the ANC Youth League during the protest march. Those who have been affected by farm murders will also participate in the march.

  • Roets: “The protest will be legal, peaceful and orderly… in direct contrast to the ANC Youth League and Malema’s irresponsible actions. Buses from Pretoria have been arranged and placards with slogans will be supplied.”

One of Clearance Letlonkane’s updates reads: “3,000 farmers dead since ’94… we lost more people than that… we r far from being even… So kill da boer, kill da farmer.” Another:  “They kept the wealth of our land… the little riches obtained is not merly (sic) enough to be shared equally amongst all of us… Hence it is that corruption persists… Crime will not rest until all that was stolen 4rm us is… all regained…” Letlonkane also writes that “eight people have been murdered on farms in Limpopo since the beginning of February”. When questioned about this, he commented as follows: “I haven’t killed anyone, but I am not sympathetic to those who have been murdered… sue me for not shedding a tear.”

    Floyd Shivambu who is the ANC youth league mouthpiece told News24 they had ‘nothing to do with the page, adding: ” People have always written nonsense on Facebook. We have complained in the past and it is very sad that people would use the name of Julius Malema for hate speech,” said Shivambu. He said another Malema fan page had been removed from the social networking site after it had been found to contain hate speech. Asked whether he saw any connection between Malema’s singing of a song calling for the killing of “boers” and Letlonkane’s posts, he said ‘none’.

More hatespeech: “ One Bullet – One White Infant “ …

Potgieter family five of 6 massacre suspects Lindley courtDec132010 Such hatespeech has been going ever since the ANC regime gained hegemony illegally in 1994 – and the regime has never intervened to stop it nor to publicly ever condemn it: for instance Nceba Sodo and Mfundo Dlungwane, two government officials who coined the slogan “One Bullet One White Infant’ on their facebook pages on May 25 2010 — are still sitting in their jobs..

Wilmien Potgieter, 2, executed with a bullet through her skull: Dec 3 2010: … “One Bullet – One White Infant’

Nearly 8 months after coining this genocidal song, little Boer girl Wilmien Potgieter, 2, was executed by one of the black males standing in the dock above – one of these males had picked up the baby by her  red hair and fired a bullet through her skull. Nceba Sodo, 25 May 2010 on his Face book page’:

  • “What can we do to protect our black babies from these future oppressors and racists? His friend Mfundo Dlungwane replied: “We have no choice but to kill the white babies, simply because they are goin to grow and oppress our babies, so we kill the white babies… when the rite time comes we’ll chop their heads off and they became headless little racist. In the bible it says the sins of the fathers will fall onto the next generation”, we’ll not only be liberating what belongs to us, but also fulfilling prophecy…’ Replied Nceba Sodo: … you shall reap what you sow. The seed of racism, hatred, colonialism and apartheid was sown yesterday and today is the harvest time, so let the white infants/babies reap the harvest that their forefathers have planted. I fully agree with you, kill them before they grow and oppress our babies.’ Replied Mfundo Dlungwane: “Amen, Aluta continues. I ain’t over till we even… One Bullet One White Infant

ONE BULLET ONE WHITE INFANT Sodo Nceba hatespeech FacebookMay252010





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