Policing the Police…

SA families are becoming so unsafe in a society where the cops are becoming increasingly criminalised *and aggressive towards whites in public, that they need 911-emergency buttons on their cellphones. Families and businesses also sign up enmasse for the unique, countrywide Eblockwatch network.

Eblockwatch cellphone buddies keep in constant touch.  They can also listen in and record cellphone conversations with crooked cops and armed thugs with Eblockwatch’s Policing the Police feature. 

Cellphones, pitted against AK47s, R14-military assault rifles and 9mm police-issue handguns –  while the SA authorities also are confiscating taxpayers’ legal arms in large numbers but leaving the vast, illegal township arsenals untouched… The SA authorities refer to this civil warfare as ‘ordinary crime’.

Families and businesses barricade themselves behind high-voltage electric fencing, burglar bars, barbed-wire across the roofs and gardens… and many family members taking turns with nightly guard-duty. White women and girls are warned not to drive alone in their cars: increasingly criminal cops reportedly pull them over and rape them. It’s all part of normal life in South Africa. The cops are becoming the criminals. Whites are targetted just because they’re white.


Massive advertising campaign for the Home911 cellphone emergency buttons


Livock Jennifer Gauteng hijacked when her kids were small now advertising Home911 Jennifer Livock and family, Cape Town: “My children and I were hijacked from my mum’s front gate when the kids were still very small. While waiting for my eldest son (then 8 years old) I looked out the window into the side-mirror to see a man walking down the side of my car. He had come out of a car right behind me so I thought he was going to ask for directions, until I saw the gun. Lots of thoughts went through my mind in that second. You just don’t really know how you are going to react in a high stress situation but I wish I had Home911 on my cell as I would have pressed it first thing. It’s all very well having an alarm system attached to your home but what about when you are in your car just outside your gate! It’s the mobility of this product that I just love.”  http://www.home911.co.za/


Rice Clive SA cricketer advertising Home911Clive Rice: “There is a great deal of talk and poor delivery and lack of care in South Africa. I am delighted to sign up with HOME911 as it does deliver our most important needs.It delivers entrepreneurial opportunities as well as security to friends, communities and suburbs. Its unique alert button alerts friends and neighbours instantly when you are in trouble to come to your aid. Criminals beware, as you will be hit for 6, as you now have no time to operate and carry out your terrible deeds.” http://www.home911.co.za/ 



Tim & Caron Upton, Cape Town: We want to thank Home911 for their great service and for letting us be one of their trial users.  When we came across Home911 we just knew this was the solution for every  single household in our country. We feel that crime in our areas CAN be reduced, and Home911’s amazing technology helps us to share in the concept of ‘People watching out for People’. Criminals don’t like this. “Tim & Caron Upton, Cape Town http://www.home911.co.za/

Roberts Rina HOME911 advertisement Rina Roberts, Aston Bay.I was very concerned about our safety, when outside, or approaching our house. A friend came to our house and explained the working of the Home911 system to us.  I    immediately joined as a trial user. From that day onwards I never felt sorry, just very glad to know we are protected and emergency help is just seconds away. I experienced it last week, when I by accident pressed the wrong number. Literally within seconds an ALERT came through to my husband’s phone, my neighbour’s as well as our Neighbourhood watch.  I was contacted within seconds and that mistake made me feel so secure.”    http://www.home911.co.za/


Policing the Police: Eblockwatch’s interlinked community-safety approach by cellphone

OLIVIER SAREL AND MARTIE RAPE ORDEAL KEMPTON PARK COPS Oct 25 2009 HEERDEN Shawn van racist metrocops LYTTLETON POLICE STATION  Sondag 23Feb2011 The very first cell-phone security-based company in South Africa was launched a decade ago by Andre Snyman. He called it eblockwatch.co.za. This network has spread into all fields of security-endeavours: they even keep an eye on the country’s few remaining protected rhinos to make certain they don’t get poached (more than 460 rhinos were poached in SA last year alone). A more ominous development – indicating the rapid rate at which the SA policing services are criminalising, is his ‘Policing the Police’ cellphone security programme.

Pics: Many SA whites such as Shawn van Heerden (left) of Lyttleton on Feb 18 2011, now fall victim to increasingly criminal cops. In his case his fiancee Nickie Bonthuys was arrested during an illegal raid at a bistro and taken to Lyttleton police station. http://www.farmitracker.com/reports/view/1075. There also are many incidents reported of large gaggles of cops, helmeted and with highpowered R14 attack-carbines, storming into night-spots and restaurants frequented by whites to terrorise, rob and sexually assault the women. Many white women such as Martie Olivier (right) also are pulled over by policing-officials and raped. She and her husband Sarel were subjected to this abuse by two Kempton Park cops who arrested him on a trumped-up charge, and raped Martie in the back of their family car while her husband was being taken to the police station. http://www.sondag.co.za/artikels/Nuus/COPS-HT-VERKRAG

Andre’s advice to members:

“Ïf you are pulled over by the police please dial this number, the conversation between you and the police is recorded and saved on our server. We ask that you try to provide as much detail as possible during the conversation:

  • Describe the police car (make, model, colour, the number painted on the side of the car along with the registration number)
  • Ask the police person for their name and badge number
  • Mention the number of police officers
  • Make it clear to the officer that you have just made a call to your friend to tell them where you are etc
  • Describe your location and surroundings

“Try to let the phone remain in a position where the conversation can be recorded. When you hang up, a link to the voice recording is sent in an email to your four support members. An additional benefit for our members with the panic button service is that we immediately send an sms notification to them to check their email for your voice recording.

“A note about the length of the call: as many people have been testing the service by simply dialling in and then hanging up we have set the system to only send out the email with the link to the recording if the call was longer than 5 seconds. This is to cut down on false alarm situations.

“The purpose of this service is:

  • “To have evidence of the bogus cop or cop abusing their power
  • “To have your four support members get the details of your situation via the recording
  • “The mere fact that the police officer is aware of being recorded will encourage the correct behaviourhttp://www.eblockwatch.co.za
  • Listen to this example recorded by an Eblockwatch member here
  • Listen to the

Talk Radio 702 interview with Andre Snyman, 14 September 2010


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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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