SA cops are blue thugs with badges


“There are no human rights left in South Africa with those thugs in blue with their helmets, guns and badges…” Legal Ermelo pub owner, raided three times within two months…

  • Ermelo, Carolina, Melville… it’s clearly a pattern: legally-registered pubs which adhere to the liquor-laws are being raided repeatedly by uniformed, helmeted, heavily armed black cops who manhandle, rob and body-search the patrons in a massive terror-campaign which leaves thousands of illegal shebeens and illegal liquor-outlets untouched… these black cops even touch the sexual parts of female patrons and order them to do push-ups for their own entertainment…

CAROLINA PUB RAID ARTICLE A pub-owner in Ermelo – too scared of reprisals to publish his name – wrote a hard-hitting letter to the news media describing how a large-contingent of helmeted cops with military-assault guns burst into his pub three times: robbing the patrons, body-searching the female customers, touching their sexual parts and forcing the women to do push-ups for their own entertainment. And these raids were allegedly approved and attended by the local ANC-MEC for safety and security-liaison, Vusi Shongwe.

The Ermelo pub owners said many legal pubs are being targetted while illegal shebeens and illegal liquor outlets are ignored.

He writes to Censorbugbear-Reports:  “I am writing this story expressing my big disappointment in the SAPS –  which is supposed to serve and protect the community. In November in CarolinERMELO WESSELTON FOREIGN SHOPS PLUNDERED BY BLACK RACIST LOOTERS Feb152011 BEELDa, there was a raid by the blue thugs,” he wrote.

pic: foreign-owned shops also were looted by socalled rioters in Wesselton, Ermelo: and the cops just stood and watched…These riots erupted in Wesselton near Ermelo after residents accused Vusi Shongwe’s local exec-committee of  manipulating the nomination process; of nepotism, sex-for-jobs, bribery-for-jobs and corruption.


Pub owner: ‘During the township riots the cops attacked the legal pubs again on Feb 11 shooting the patroNs with rubber bullets…

ERMELO WESSELTON RIOTING FEB142011 NEWS24 com He continued: “ This incident was followed by raids on our  pub in Ermelo on December 10 and again in early January. Then during the start of the township riots in Ermelo (pic left)  the SA Police attacked us again enmasse on February 11. This time they even touched the sexual parts of the female patrons and forced them to do push-ups.”

“Clearly, the same (legal) pub owners are always targetted while the owners of the illegal shebeens are being left alone: In Wesselton they even shot the pub-patrons with rubber bullets for no reason whatsoever. I heard that after they did this they ran out of rubber-bullets when there were riots there the next day. 

ANC-MEC Vusi Shongwe stood there and watched:

“The police’s pattern in Ermelo is to enter enmasse and with force, they approach the patrons, body-search them for no reason; stealing their cellphones, money and other personal belongings. The customers, staffers and some owners also were assaulted, insulted and the male cops also (illegally) searched the women, who were assaulted by these thugs in blue uniforms and their sexual parts touched. The honorably MEC Mr. Vusi Shongwe was actively involved  with these raids during this so-called ‘special cleanup operation’. He allowed this brutality and invasion of the private rights of citizens to happen while he stood there, watching.

It almost seemed like bank robbery:

“It almost seemed like bank robbery: the blue-uniformed thugs arrived at all the sites wearing big guns and helmets – their faces hidden behind riot-glass panels so that they could not be identified by their victims. They ordered the patrons not to look at their faces: “or they would not see tomorrow’.

“They also damaged the interiors, breaking chairs, standing on pool tables, bumping tables over with drinks which had already been paid for. This cost the pub-owners a lot of money to replace. Often, people visit the pubs with their friends even if they do not consume alcoholic beverages – they only join their friends. These raids thus cost a lot of money to keep our doors open, customers now are too frightened to come back to visit these sites. “Meanwhile there are expenses and salaries to be paid, rent, insurance, security. But what do these cops know about running a business?

There are no human rights left in SA:

“There are no human rights left in South Africa: the upholders of law and order now are the criminals: they are above the law, with their guns and badges. The sites that were targeted are in fact businesses; they create jobs, they boost the economy. These places are there for entertainment, and stop patrons from drinking in public. We try to keep our customers safe inside our pubs. We are the citizens of South Africa and these blue-uniformed thugs forgot who the people are who actually contribute to paying their salaries.

“Then the next day, Saturday-night at 11h00 three of these thugs returned to those sites they had raided, this time in civilian clothing, drinking very expensive whiskey like Johnnie Walker Black – obviously paid for with blood-money. They believed they would not be recognised. They also demanded that the pub-owners break the law for them by extending their legal drinking-hours, saying they were ‘tired and wanted relaxation and entertainment”.

“Who do they think they are to make and break the laws of this country as they go along? In Gauteng, which we presume is still int he same country, members of the public can buy liquor from bottle-stores on Sundays but not in Mpumalanga province: different provinces, same country… A tavern-owner in Carolina told us that while they were being harassed by these thugs, they were also told that they ‘will clean up in Mpumalanga.’ All this was premeditated by this socalled MEC. .

“Why do they concentrate only on certain outlets which have legal licenses and which stay within the law? We are clearly being victimised by the SAPS. Or do they only harass pubs which have no CCTV cameras?  Why not also harass the many illegal shebeens, all those unregistered outlets, and clean them up instead of harassing those of us who have gone through the entire process of obtaining liquor licenses and try our best to comply with the law?

We urge the president of this country to urgently investigate these raids which are ruining our small business enterprises. This has become very serious and needs urgent attention.That MEC must be investigated including the people who are his blue-uniformed army of thugs. Is this MEC another Mugabe – or is this a second Zimbabwe?” he CONCLUDED his letter – which he had also sent to the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld shortly after the raid. It was not published there thus far.


No, these are not videos from Egypt or Libya. This was the Catz Pyjamas restaurant in Melville, South Africa…’

Feb 27 2011 – Rapport newspaper published a video from a South African police-raid carried out against the hapless patrons at the 24-hour Catz Pyjamas Bistro in Mellville, South Africa. It shows the increasingly criminal* ANC-regime ‘s heavily-armed cops storming in, yelling loudly, kicking patrons off their chairs and onto the floors. Unresisting patrons were getting kicked and beaten by police. Patrons then  were forced downstairs, where twelve men and one woman were dumped into two police-vehicles. The 13 people were only released from Brixton police station at 15:00 on Saturday. Apparently they are being charged with ‘resisting arrest’.

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>




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    The farmers should have live video.

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