Vicious SA cops raid restaurant: video

‘No, these are not videos from Egypt or Libya. This was the Catz Pyjamas restaurant in Melville, South Africa…’

Feb 27 2011 – Rapport newspaper published a video from a South African police-raid carried out against the hapless patrons at the 24-hour Catz Pyjamas Bistro in Mellville, South Africa. It shows the increasingly criminal* ANC-regime ‘s heavily-armed cops storming in, yelling loudly, kicking patrons off their chairs and onto the floors. Unresisting patrons were getting kicked and beaten by police. Patrons then  were forced downstairs, where twelve men and one woman were dumped into two police-vehicles. The 13 people were only released from Brixton police station at 15:00 on Saturday. Apparently they are being charged with ‘resisting arrest’.

‘No these are not videos from Egypt or Libya. This was the Catz Pyjamas restaurant in Melville, South Africa…’

Rapport newspaper obtained video-footage of the shocking event, commenting: “No, these are not videos from (the police-actions in) Egypt or Libya. These events took place in the popular Catz Pajamas restaurant in Melville, South Africa.’

Most of the patrons were getting ready to leave Catz Pyjamas 24-hour bistro at around 4am Saturday-morning when a gaggle of 15 SAPF-members stormed in, blocking the entrance so that no-one else could leave, said its owner. The police never asked to speak to the owner or the manager before raiding their bistro, said Mrs Natascha Coetzee.

What raised their hackles? Apparently some drunken lout had thrown a bottle towards the police contingent outside, in the street. What happened next was caught on the restaurant’s security cameras.
“One minute everybody was still sitting around and the next people are yelled at to sit on the floor, said owner Coetzee. “They didn’t even ask to talk to me or the manager, they simply pulled our patrons from their chairs and assaulted some.’ Some 12 men and one woman were dragged to the Brixton police station nearby, apparently with trumped-up charges of resisting arrest. After hours of waiting by their relatives, they were finally given R500 bail each.

Rapport: “On the video one can see one patron leaving the toilet and coming back into the restaurant – and one cop immediately grabs him by the arm and beats him in the face. The assaulted man falls to the floor – and a third cop then joins in and kicks the man repeatedly in the stomach, ribs and face.
When the three cops finally are done assaulting him, he tries to sit down on a chair – but another cop then pulls him over, chair and all.

By 15:00 Saturday-afternoon, relatives were still waiting outside the police station, anxiously waiting for the arrested restaurant-patrons’ release. One woman waiting outside was Mrs Carmen Benjamin of Pretoria – she was arrested but not charged. Her husband Clint was charged with resisting arrest. “I was in one police-vehicle with my husband and other men.  Nobody resisted when we were loaded into the vehicle. Everybody was too scared and shocked to do anything.’

SAPF warrant-officer Lorraine van Emmerik was asked to comment. She confirmed that ‘the police raided the restaurant because they were still open after 2am which is against the law. The police tried to close the place down but people interfered in their duties there.’ She couldn’t comment on the video because she hadn’t seen it, she added. – Rapport

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* Background:  increasing criminality of SA police forces:

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

2 Responses to Vicious SA cops raid restaurant: video

  1. Steve says:

    This has also happened in Ermelo with the MEC Vusi Shongwe present and cell phones and money was taken from the patrons, this happen in Ermelo three times already. I am also a Pub owner and experienced this live in my outlet. now forced to put cameras because I opened a case at the local SAPS and the docket miraculously disappeared. The protectors are now the criminals, who can we trust.

  2. Misty says:

    Is it illegal for places to be open after 2am? There is a difference between serving alcohol and being open! I remember being in places after 2am??

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