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Summary: 1. Unarmed white Edenvale residents Philip Jackson and Dillon Ensley, gunned down and killed by armed black men at braai.  2. The increasingly criminal ANC-regime’s justice minister Jeff Radebe  – chairman of its national conventional arms-control committee –  is in the firing line for allowing the sale of arms to Libya in 2010. 3. Some 100 Pretoria metro-cops already are convicted criminals; another 520 internal-disclipline cases pending since 2007: uniformed, armed thugs, out on the streets, and still getting paid…


Philip Jackson , Dillon Ensley shot dead, family braai, Edenvale Feb 25 2011

Why kill unarmed people when you can just rob them?

Edenvale residents Philip Jackson, 53, and Dillon Ensley, 21, were gunned down by armed black men while the victims were having a family-braai in the backyard, according to Beeld on Feb 26 2011. There seemed no motive for such excessive violence against an unarmed family: the socalled ‘robbers’ only looted a few cellphones and some cash.

Cop blames the unarmed victims for being shot dead, apparently:

ENSLEY Dillon 21 and JACKSON Philip 52 KILLED BRAAI EDENVALE Feb242011 BeeldPresent at the barbeque were Dillon Ensley, his girlfriend Stacey Jackson, 20, and her parents Pillip and Janet Jackson. Warrant officer Jean Olckers of the Edenvale police said that while the four whites were being tied up in the kitchen, Jackson was shot dead while Ensley was shot in the stomach. He died at Glynwood Hospital. The police officer also seemed to imply that this shooting actually was the fault of the victims: “Jackson apparently jumped up in one stage to confront the ‘robbers’ and several shots were fired…’ she told the newspaper. The loot for two deaths: a few cellphones and some cash. The two women are under a doctor’s treatment and were not at home when the newspaper called to interview them. It’s not known from this what kind of injuries the women may have suffered.  This was a brief summary. The entire Afrikaans version can be viewed on:


More than 100 Pretoria metro-cops are convicted criminals; 520 internal-disclipline cases have been pending against metrocops since 2007… and they are still on the streets, in their uniforms:

Solidarity Legal Aid Insurance.jg 2011-02-25  Beeld: more than one-hundred of Pretoria ‘s metropolitan police are convicted criminals: the worst example being one particularly criminal member, who has already been found guilty of 13 violent crimes and is awaiting trial in nine other cases.  And another whopping 510 internal-disclipline cases have been pending against metrocops ever since 2007. All these ‘police-officers’ are kept on in their jobs in the meantime.

Training and qualifications for metro-cops in SA:

  • Countrywide, applicants for this job, are given a six-month training course before they get handed their gun and police uniform. Their average hourly wage is R45 an hour. They also get paid additional bonuses of R1,000 to R5,400 each for protection at public events. Their qualification requirements are minimal: applicants do not even require a matriculation certificate to qualify. Recruits who do not  have a matric certificate actually are tested by Technikon SA to prove that they have some literary and numeracy skills for the job.

Cobus Claassen of Beeld quoted from an internal Pretoria Community-safety forum document from October 2010 which contains a long list of metro-cops’names who have criminal records – and thus should be banned (by law) from working in any official policing capacity. The crimes for which these more than 100 listed metrocops were convicted of are serious: ranging from assault, rape, indecent assault, public violence, theft, driving under the influence of alcohol, and contempt of court. Local town councillor Ms Karen Meyer submitted a demand at the council meeting last night asking an urgent investigation into 510 internal investigations against specific officers since 2007. All these cops are still in their jobs. “What happened to these internal investigations? Between January 2010 and June 2010, a total of 240 internal-disclipline cases were submitted against metropolitan police officers, yet not one case has been completed. These include ten charges of bribery, 29 of corruption, six of fraud, and two attempted murders.  The ANC mouthpiece William Baloyi admitted that ‘in the past there have been delays in these internal-disclipline cases’.

South Africa sold massive arms-cache to Libya several months ago:

The increasingly criminal ANC-regime is in the international firing line for selling massive supplies of arms including C130 Hercules aircraft to Libya just a few months before its uprising last week. Jeff Radebe chairs the national conventional arms-control committee: he claimed the sale in late-2010 was legal. Opposition party MP David Maynier said that ‘some 100 sniper rifles, 50,000+ rounds of ammo, 40mm multiple-grenade launchers, several Hercules C130 aircraft and armoured personnel carriers were sold to Libya just a few months ago. Arms Cache Kimberley Diamond Fields Advertiser MarynavWyk 2011

These massive-arms shipments from SA to Libya several months ago, may also explain the mysterious arms cache which was intercepted by the SA railway police in Kimberley this month. While the SA authorities refuse to disclose any information about it and it’s such a secret that the police have not even given the investigation docket an official case-number –  this may also have been a transshipment to Libya. As has now become known, Libya was buying massive quantities of weaponry from all over the world late last year, including from Belgium and South Africa.

These two confiscated containers in Kimberley contained 18 tons of explosives, missile warheads, 20 tons of ammo, 9mm pistols and AK47 assault-carbines – according to Maryna van Wyk, journalist for the Diamond Fields Advertiser (above). The authorities refused to comment on it nor would they  disclose its origin or destination. The SAPF special investigations unit, the Hawks, confiscated the two container-loads full of weapons, and said they were investigating the legality of this arms-cache. The SAPF spokeswoman for the Northern Cape, Cherelle Ehlers, said the Northern cape Explosives Unit had received information regarding a train transporting ammuniton and explosives. “Upon investigation it was concluded that all permits for the transportaiton of the explosives were in order and the container was released to travel to the stipulated destination,’ she said. However when the containers were parked at the Kimberley Railway Station, they were apparently broken into and some of the contents removed. The police then were called in to investigate. However, Van Wyk quotes a well-placed source at Spoornet that ‘the investigation is veiled in secrecy to such an extent that the docket has not been issued with a case number yet…’ The Hawks then moved in and confiscated the shipment, saying the ‘permit for the ammunition was incomplete’.  Nothing has been heard of this arms-shipment since. The Diamond Fields Advertiser is the only newspaper which wrote about it.

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