Nigerian 419 scammers use FBI stationary

Warning: do not accept nor respond to any of these money-laundering offers from

Nigerian 419-scammers now send emails with duplicate FBI documents and from a accurate-sounding fbi-email address, advising that ‘your money is waiting for you’. It is mailed from the address  – DO NOT EVER reply!

NIGERIAN 419 SCAMMER MAP LAST 500 ACTIVITIES Feb242011These are dangerous people who will even kill you if you respond to their bait. The majority of these scammers now are located in South Africa because of that country’s modern banking-infrastructure. Many are Nigerians  tribal members who form close-knit gangs (according to the map).  However there also are links to these scams and sophisticated money-laundering syndicates who use South Africa ‘s modern-banking system and its very criminal society as a convenient conduit. Wealthy people who respond to these scams —  being lured by believing that one really can get something for nothing —  often are kidnapped upon their arrival to ‘claim their money’ in South Africa if they aren’t willing to have their bank-accounts emptied out at gunpoint.  And if their relatives and business-associates refused to pay their ransom or have blocked their bank-accounts, these people even get killed.

GEMBALLA UWE Tuner of Stuttgart fame murdered dumped in ditch South africa Oct32010 It is believed for instance that the gifted German Porsche-upgrader Uwe Gemballa of Gemballa Motors in Stuttgart, may also have been murdered by one of these scammer-gangs; that he was lured to South Africa with false business-offers of some kind – or may even have gone to personally investigate some troubling business-arrangements. The exact truth will probably never be known now, but these scammers are very sophisticated, for instance often havng personal meetings and/or hold long telephone anbd Skype-conversations with their prey, and provide reams of official-looking documents using the names of bona-fide business people, to lure top-earners to South Africa with promising deals. On February 9 2010 it was reported that German car-firm owner Uwe Gemballa had gone missing upon his arrival at the Johannesburg airport. On October 3 2010, Uwe Gemballa was found shot dead in the veldt – murdered execution-style by a shot in the head.[3] And he hasn’t been the only wealthy Westerner who suffered this fate.

It is suspected that his murder was a result of a 419-scam-type money laundering operation which turned against him [4]. The Sunday Times even mentioned the names of international business people whose names were wittingly or unwittingly used by an international money-laundering syndicate – stretching from Switzerland and Germany to Johannesburg – also involved in a scheme in which imported cars are stuffed with cash. This sinister syndicate also is available to carry out contract killings on order.”

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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