Bertus Gouws injured,black-racist gang assault Alberton

Bertus and Jean Gouws, parents of two teens, brutally beaten by large number of black youths in Alberton, Feb  5 2011

Bertus Gouws was injured by multiple assaults from a large group of blacks: police refuse to accept his complaint:Feb 5 2011. Bertus and Jean Gouws, the Afrikaans parents of two teens kids who were picking them up from a party in Alberton, were brutally assaulted with bricks, pipes, bats and bottles by a large group of black teenagers while the parents tried to protect their children from racist abuse by some black youths at the party.

Mr Gouws was standing next to his car, waiting for his teenaged kids to get in the vehicle to drive them home, when he was suddenly hit in the face by one black youth while another one hit him simultaneously on the back of his head with a bat. That was the start of a sustained assault during which he was dragged, kicked, beaten with pipes, bats, bottles and bricks by a large group of blacks including one girl who assaulted Gouws’ daughter.  There were accusations of racism leveled from both sides. Despite Gouws’ obviously severe injuries indicating that he had been the victim of a sustained, multiple-assault, the local cops have refused to accept the Gouws’ couple’s formal complaint.

Gouws Berthus brutally beaten by black youths ALBERTON Feb112011

Alberton Record wrote that Bertus Gouws fell to the ground after the first assault and tried to stand up, but was unable to do so due to his injuries from being kicked simulatenously. He tried to crawl away, but the entire group of black youths grabbed him, dragged him behind a car where they kept  hitting him with pipes, bats, bottles and kicking him. Jean was also being hit and kicked for trying to help Bertus, and his daughter Suzette was pushed around by a girl who was standing nearby.

Their daughter Suzette called the local community-policing-forum and the police, but the police never responded to the violent attacks carried out against the Afrikaans family. On the contrary: they have also refused to accept their formal charges of assault, saying ‘another case of assault was already opened before they did.’  It is being reported by the Alberton Record that many of the boys who attacked Bertus that night also attend a local school and that this school ‘has been extremely supportive and have been helping us with the investigation.” The case is currently waiting to go to court.

Gouws Berthus brutallybeaten by black youths Alberton Record Feb112011

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