Anti-white violence soars: SA Feb162011

Summary: Chicken-farm foreman Leslie Daniels slaughtered like an animal;  smallholder’s ear cut off by black attacker wearing bullet-proof vest and six guns; Cullinan smallholder Joggie Papenfus critical after being shot in the stomach; white courier-business owner Malcolm Armstrong’s skull crushed by black-racist mob in Isando; ex-prison official Japie Alberts, faANC REGIME WAR AGAINST WHITE LABOUR BROKERS TEACHERS ATTACK WHITE SCHOOLSther of 5-year-old son, shot dead in Vanderbijlpark home;


Fuel running low – and cash at banks: Elsa Muller writes: 7:28am Feb 16  With the protests we know what is going to happen. I propose that you make enough provisions to obtain petrol and also cash: in some places they are running out of fuel and also cash at the cash-payment points. Protesters turn on Somali shop owners – Mpumalanga –

Leslie Daniels, 58, foreman stabbed to death Feb11 2011 chicken-farm Kyalami
DANIELS Leslie foreman chicken farm Kyalami slaughtered Fri Feb112011 2011-02-16 “They slaughtered him like an animal,’ said daughter Jessica Daniels, 28, when she discovered her father Leslie’s mutilated corpse on their smallholding near a chicken-farm at Kyalami

 Attacker of smallholder Joggie Papenfus Feb122011 wore bulletproof vest with six guns. Smallholder’s ear cut off…
CULLINAN. Feb 16 2011 – Afrikaans smallholder Joggie Papenfus was shot in the stomach after his in-laws, who manage the Wilde Sering Lodge near Cullinan, were attacked by two black men, one of whom was wearing a bulletproof vest with six guns strapped to it.  The attack occurred on Saturday-night Feb 12 2011. “One attacker wore a bulletproof vest with six guns strapped to it…’ And another smallholder’s ear was cut off after he was unable to give the attackers the key to the safe to the lodge because the employee never had such a key. … Malcolm white courier attacked by black racist mob of truckers Johannesburg Feb152011

  Malcolm Armstrong, 34: white owner of courier-business: skull crushed, nose, cheekbones broken Isando, Johannesburg: vicious black racist-mob attack targetting white ‘labour brokers’ and anyone driving a truck – Isando Feb142011

Japie Alberts, 43, ex prison-official, shot dead, Vanderbijlpark Feb152011
Alberts Japie 43 shot dead at home Vanderbijlpark Feb142011 BEELD bakkiemissing2011-02-15 Former prison-official Japie Alberts, 43, was shot dead inside his house in Vanderbijlpark on Tuesday Feb 15 2011. The father of a five-year-old little son, Diahn, was found in a pool of blood on the kitchen-floor of his home by neighbour Kobus Coetzer.  Beeld reported that Alberts was lying on his stomach and had ‘numerous wounds to his chest and his back’.

ERMELO, South Africa. Feb 16 2011 – Badly undermanned South African cops had to fire live ammunition and rubber bullets at huge mobs of petrol bomb-throwing black protesters who looted foreign-owned shops, attacked journalists, burned tyres, hurled stones, barricaded streets. The violence, caused by a ‘strike by the transport sector’ , also sees SA cops refusing to intervene to  even try and rescue whites who are attacked by the black mobs. More cops were rushed in from other areas and some 188 people were arrested. Police commissioner Cele is set to visit the area. The row erupted over the way local ANC-candidates were elected for the forthcoming elections…

Cosatu/SACP declares ‘War on White Labour Brokers’ On December 20 2010 the co-ruling COSATU trade union, HALL Desire, LABOUR BROKER MURDERED BY COSATU THUGS Dec242010 Bloemfonteinbacked by the SA Communist Party – two members of the troika which rule South Africa with the ANC —  ‘declared war on (white)  labour brokers who are still able to get contract-jobs for whites despite repressive laws barring whites from the labour market. One white  labour-broker, Desire Hall, left, was gunned down execution-style on a Bloemfontein street in broad daylight only a week later… SAPS spokesman Leonard Hhalti yesterday admitted to Agence-France-Presse agency that ‘the violent demonstrations are  so bad you can’t contain it, it’s volatile… we have been firing at them since Monday to diffuse the groups that are being formed by the protesters because they are burning tyres, barricading roads with stones and they are on rampage. They’re also throwing petrol bombs at the police and everything,” he said. A TV crew from eNews was attacked and their broadcast van badly damaged Police said they arrested 33 people in the protests since Monday but they were immediately let go again.


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