Seller Beware in South Africa…

The new Tribunal under the 2011 Consumer Protection Act has all-powerful policing rights, can ‘enter-and-search’  any premises..  and can levy massive fines of up to 10% of the annual turnover of any enterprise…

From March 31 2011, the Consumer Protection Act  is going to change the face of South African business forever. A Tribunal to administer it will have the same legal powers as the police, namely to enter and search any premises – including home-workers’, volunteer ngo’s and all businesses premises and offices. It’s all-powerful Tribunal is empowered tohand down fines of up to 10% annual business turnover…

CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT 2011 OFFICE ADDRESSThis Act will negatively affect every business that trades with South Africa  and inside the country-  from the government departments which operate as suppliers;  to voluntary associations i.a. clubs, trade unions, associations and societies related to the goods and services they provide to their members. This Act also applies to the supplying of all goods and services (including importers, distributors, retailers …in fact  the entire supply chain). It relates to the promotion and marketing of these goods and services. It regulates all business  practices i.a. advertising, marketing, contracts, standard terms and conditions, product labelling, promotional competitions, pricing policies, returns policies, franchises, business names, product liability , product safety and even can lay down the law about the language of business. The Cape Times labelled the Act as “let the seller beware…’ Not for nothing did The Cape Times label the Act as “Let the seller beware“.

Download: The Consumer Protection Act of 2011:

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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