Dennis Buys, murdered, Pretoria north, never investigated

Buys, Dennis David, (78) strangled on 19 Nov 2008, at 175 Jack Hindon Street, Pretoria North – case was never investigated, never reported to news media, and is now closed…

Mrs Marieta Erasmus, a sister of Dennis David Buys, 78, reports that he was murdered in Pretoria North on 19 November 2008. She writes on (Feb 7 2011) that the old Afrikaner’s murder was never investigated, was never reported to the news media and that the case has since then been closed. No-one was ever arrested.

 BUYS family ltr SISTER Elsie_ Poppie__Lina _Albert_murdered Dennis_front_OumaMarthie

She  posted a family photograph showing him with his brother Albert, three of their sisters  and their grandmom Ouma Marthie – who was known fondly for her penchant  for reading the Bible – in what is referred to by traditional Boer families as ‘Hoog Hollands’ (High Dutch)..

Mrs Erasmus writes: “On 19 November 2008 I received a phone call at 3.30am from a Pretoria North police officer. He informed me that my brother, Dennis David Buys, 78, who lived alone and was estranged from his wife, was murdered in his house in Jack Hindon Street 175, Pretoria North.

“ I contacted my youngest brother Andries and asked him to go to Dennis’ house. My shock was indescribable, I was shaking for hours afterwards. Andries was told by the police that Dennis was murdered, that a window was broken from the outside, that he was attacked while asleep, his feet were tied together and he was gagged. Then he was strangled to death with a rope. Dennis’ neighbours called the police because they suspected something was wrong when they saw them loading some of his belongings into a car. When the police arrived the black murderers had fled across a fence and escaped.

“My brother’s health was failing, he lived alone for 30 years in the house, he had no housekeeper nor a gardener. Andries visited him only a day earlier and the two brothers played a board-game together. My brother was defenceless and frail.

“His murder was not published in any national newspaper. Nobody has ever been arrested. Despite many telephone enquiries, and personal visits to the Pretoria North police station, none in the family have ever received any reports-back from any police officer about investigating this case. It now has been told to us that there was no investigation at all and that the case has been closed. Dennis David strangled 19Nov2008 175 JackHindonStr_PTANORTH_ never investigated

More losses in this family:

This extensive family, like so many Afrikaner-Boer families, also suffered other losses from attacks by black males. She writes that her sister’s mother-in-law Hannah Erasmus also was murdered on a farm in Muldersdrift, Pretoria. Hannah Erasmus’ throat was cut and she also was raped.

ERASMUS JOHANNA ( “Hannah”) MARIA, 76,  June 2 2008 throat cut, Amos Zulu, 57, guilty of murdering her and of sexually violating her body, Bronkhorstspruit farm

  • June 2 2008 – “A grey-haired farm worker, who previously escaped the death penalty for murder, will be sentenced on Friday for slitting his 76-year-old female employer’s throat and sexually violating her body. Amos Zulu, 57, admitted guilt in the Pretoria High Court to charges of murdering and robbing his employer, 76-year-old Bronkhorstspruit farmer Johanna Maria Erasmus, of her cellphone. He denied guilt to a rape charge. Acting Judge Peter Mabuse however found him guilty of ‘violating Erasmus’ corpse’ after hearing evidence that Zulu’s semen was found inside her body. Zulu had numerous previous convictions, including for assault and rape. He was sentenced to death for murder in the early 1980s. That sentence was set aside and he was released from prison after serving less than ten years. He admitted in a statement that he had ‘lost his temper’ and slit the old Afrikaans woman’s throat after ‘an argument because he was late for work’. 

‘She was kind to me: she gave me two goats:’

  • “Afterwards, he carried on with his duties as if nothing had happened. Social worker Matome Manyama said in a pre-sentencing report that Zulu, who worked as a tractor driver for Erasmus and her son, had told him he “missed” his victim.”My actions were uncalled for and my heart hurts. I miss the deceased. She was very kind to me to an extent that she gave me two goats,” Zulu told Manyama. Zulu’s lawyer argued that “the murder had not been pre-meditated and that Zulu took the cellphone on a whim after he killed Erasmus”. The court was urged to consider the fact that Zulu had admitted guilt as an indication of remorse. The prosecution argued that life imprisonment was the only correct sentence, as Zulu seemed not to have benefited from previous stints in jail and had abused his position of trust.The court was told that Erasmus’ family had trusted Zulu to such an extent they never suspected him of being involved in her murder. – Sapa

Mrs Marieta Erasmus also writes that one of her other brothers,  Albert Buys,  on the photograph above, was attacked in Sasolburg while he was walking to the supermarket and was badly beaten up, He survived after intensive care treatment and surgery, she wrote

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