Cops try invading Pretoria News building

Cops rough up Pretoria News chief-photographer Masi Losi…threaten to arrest exec. news editor Jos Charle…
2011-02-04  Pretoria – SA police officers attempted to storm the Pretoria News building late on Friday afternoon to arrest chief-photographer Masi Losi just after he took pictures of them arresting a suspected thief.

A Pretoria News staff member said photographer Losi had rushed out of the building to take pictures of a mob that had caught a suspected thief. Police arrived and arrested the suspect, but then according to the staffer turned on Losi and attempted to take his camera.

SAPS attack Pretoria News photographer try invading newspaper building Feb42011 Other newspaper staff dragged Losi into the building and police demanded that they be allowed to enter the building and ‘hand over the photographer and his camera’. A senior police officer could later be seen in Vermeulen Street talking to Pretoria News executive editor Jos Charle as about 30 police officers milled around in the street. Numerous police vehicles were parked in the street with their lights flashing, watched by a large crowd.

Charle confirmed the incident, saying he had personally seen the arrest of the thief from his office window and then the reaction of the officers to Losi taking pictures. He said he became alarmed when one of the officers shoved Losi to the ground and had his knee on his chest and another on his holster.  “I went down. They threatened to arrest me as well,” he said, adding the police had claimed that he was interfering with them. Charle said the police demanded that he hand over Losi and wanted to enter the Pretoria News building. He instructed the security personnel to keep the building closed preventing the police from entering. He said that he had received an apology from Gauteng police commissioner lt-genl. Mzwandile Petros, who he said had promised to investigate the incident.

No intention to merge Police, Defence force claims ANC-regime:

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