Where is Isabella Krog, 2…

28 January 2011 – Berea Durban South Africa – Eblockwatch is assisting Catherine Krog in the search for her missing 2-year-old baby girl Isabella Krog.

South Africa’s border police have been alerted to watch for a two-year-old Afrikaans child from Durban’s Berea, who may have been kidnapped by her father. Little Isabella Krog, 2,  was fetched from preschool by her dad Clint Reynard Walley, on Tuesday afternoon January 18 2011. He was to have returned her to school on Wednesday as arranged, but the pair have not been seen since.

On Thursday, her anxious mother, Catherine Krog, said the arrangement was part of a court order. She feared that Walley had fled the country with her daughter. “He has been threatening to leave the country for a long time. He has mentioned Italy or Vanuatu, but I think he might have chosen Vanuatu (an atoll north-east of Australia),” she said.


Ms Krog said she and Walley had an acrimonious relationship and he had previously warned her that she might never see the child again. She said he could not be reached on his cellphone and his neighbours in Ridge Road said they had not seen him for a while.


A case of child stealing has been opened and pleas for help have also gone out via Facebook and Twitter. Lieutenant-Colonel Anton Booysen, of the Directorate of Priority Crimes Investigations (Hawks), said border authorities had been placed on alert and they hoped to track down Walley and his daughter. He warned Walley’s associates not to hide him and the girl. “If anyone harbours this person while his daughter is in his care, they could face charges of defeating the ends of justice,” Booysen said. Please contact Catherine on 074 5841129 or Andre Snyman on 082 561 1065 – The eblockwatch team


KROG ISABELLA dad CLINT REYNARD WALLEY missing Jan192911 BereaDurban eblockwatch co za

KROG baby may have been taken to Vanuatu north east of Australia

KROG, Isabella 2, missing with dad WALLEY, Clint Reynard, (pic) Wed19Jan2011. Berea Durban ZA SAPS CN 159/01/2011. Mother Catherine Krog tel 0745841129; Andre Snyman tel 0825611065 . Clint Walley may have fled with the child to Vanuatu, an atoll north east of Australia. http://www.eblockwatch.co.za

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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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