Terrorist extremists enter SA easily

 SA not immune against terror attacks warns expert Prof Hussein Solomon

South Africa must realise that the country is not immune from terror-attacks similar to the one two days ago which killed 35 people and injured 180 at Moscow’s largest international airport, warns Prof Hussein Solomon, lecturer in political science at the University of the Free State. Solomon has been monitoring the ‘growing tendency by terrorist groups to use SA as a central base where various terrorist groups are planning their international activities.’

50% of all immigrants enter SA ‘with sinister motives’…

Beeld journalist Erika Gibson quoted him as warning that intelligence sources warn that 50% of all the immigrants entering the country ‘with sinister motives’. “Many obvtain illegal South African passports which they then use in other parts of the world in terrorist-activities.’

About a week ago the SAPS and the Home Affairs Department arrested 355 illegal migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and China at Crown Mines near Johannesburg. This large group is still being interrogated about their purpose for being in the country illegally. Solomon: ‘over the past few years there have been growing numbers of extremists who use South Africa as a transit-country or safe haven. And in view of the arms-caches being reported, the corrupt police force, the politicised intelligence-services and a lack of skills makes my long-term prognonsis for South africa ‘very worrisome.’

“The reason that there was security during the World Cup 2010 can be mainly attributed to the fact that so many security-experts from other countries were present. This gave a false sense of security amongst South Africans, with its security forces believing that ‘everything is under control’ and that things are going well with the country.’

However he warned that ‘several extremists with ties in Mozambique, Somalia and elsewhere have been captured over the past year – and due to the extremely poor border-controls, many more can slip through the borders very easily.’’ http://www.beeld.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/SA-nie-immuun-teen-terreur-waarsku-kenner-20110125PAMA SABELO JAN262011 FACEBOOK TWIN TOWERS ATTACKERS SALUTED



SA pilot in UK plane bomb threat drama

2011-01-26  Meanwhile Erika Gibson also reported that thanks to the level-headed behaviour of Francois Dannhauser, 34, an Afrikaner pilot from Pretoria, a potentially life-threatening drama in British airspace was resolved without incident on Monday. A drunk British passenger said there was a bomb on board an Etihad Airways Airbus A340 from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to Heathrow Airport in London.

Dannhauser was the first officer on board the plane. He took over the controls of the plane while the Swedish captain handled the crisis over the radio. The plane was eventually accompanied by two Eurofighter fighter jets from the British air force to Stansted airport outside London, where it landed.

Bomb threat at same time as Moscow bomb:

Dannhauser’s father, Francois – also a pilot – said from Pretoria on Tuesday night that the bomb threat was made just as a suicide bomb attack took place at Moscow’s biggest airport. “The threat was the whole time treated like a real danger to the plane, the crew and the passengers,” he said. The plane had to stand at Stansted Airport for six hours while British police bomb experts searched it for an explosive device. Nothing was found and the Briton was arrested. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/SA-pilot-in-UK-plane-bomb-threat-drama-20110126

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