News summary Jan 21 2011

Summary: SA princess-in-waiting Zindzi Mandela turns 50 at lavish birthday bash while millions starve in SA; Krugersdorp businessman shoots dead a man who attacked his neighbour; Chinese xenophobia-victims charged with assaulting looter in NW;  elderly French hippie-couple found dead in ‘bullet-riddled room” on Sutherland farm


 SA princess-in-waiting Zindzi Mandela turns 50 at lavish birthday bash. 
MANDELA ZINDZI 50TH BIRTHDAY BASH WITH MOMMIE DEAREST SOWETAN JAN172011 South Africa’s princess-in-waiting, Zindzi Mandela, threw a lavish 50th birthday bash this week; her ailing, absentee-daddy gave her a flash silver Mercedes-Benz, everybody praised her glittering red evening dress ; and she paid tribute to “the two people who made her the woman she is”, parents Nelson Mandela and mommie Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, who resided over the proceedings draped in royal-blue silk. Zindzi ‘s ‘lavish, sponsored’ party drew the ‘cream of South Africa’s elite  to Randlords nightclub in downtown Johannesburg from 7 pm to well after 3am on Saturday night’, gushed Sowetan newspaper. And guess who also came to this bash? No daddy did not show up – but ex-journalist SA Justice Minister Jeff Radebe took a prominent place of honour next to Winnie.


Fugitive, elderly French hippie-couple found dead in ‘bullet-riddled room” by massive police force:

NENIERE COUPLE MANHUNT SUTHERLAND JAN182011 Jan 21 2011 – SUTHERLAND. Someone calling himself ‘Staal Burger’ commented on “Here we have a special police-task force, numbering 85 in total, helicopter, aeroplane, leading edge equipment, weapons akin to a full conventional war, to take down two scrawny old hippies. These are the rabid signs of a police state that Nazi Germany would have had a perpetual wet dream about. While this was playing out we have hordes of other cop-killers, drug lords, the ANC’s extended politburo of expert exterminators, professional rapists, rural terrorist gangs, the Mpuma gun-slinging state-tender mafia, shopping centre gun posses, wild west style cash-in-transit heists commandos, amongst others, tucked in snugly into their satin-covered Cloud-9 mattress beds…


Krugersdorp businessman shoots dead armed black attacker of female neighbour, Chubbs guards and neighbours arrest her other attackerSo what did the cops do?

Krugersdorp businessman shoots dead 1 of 2 blacks who attacked local woman Jan192011 Beeld 2011-01-19 Krugersdorp – When two armed blacks arrived in a luxury Mercedes-Benz at a home in Lindhout Street, Noordheuwel, they told the female owner via the intercom that they were making a ‘delivery’. She opened the electric gates from inside her house and then walked out of her front-door – and was stormed by the two blacks who started tying her up. However when her neighbour —  a well-known local businessman who also remained unnamed —  saw her plight he stormed right in with his legally-registered pistol and shot one of the two black attackers in the leg, while the other one fled. The incident was confirmed by SAPS captain Jacob Raboroko. And this all took place only about 600 metres away from Noordheuwel Afrikaans High School… The armed robber succumbed to his gunshot wound later, said the captain. Meanwhile a private search-party comprised of Chubb security guards and the local neighbourhood watch was organised — (where was the police?) — and this private search party made a non-violent, citizen’s arrest of the other robber and took him to the Krugersdorp police station. (Question: It really makes one wonder why South Africans still pay taxes for a police force, when they have to do their own policing and also have to pay for private security companies...)


Two Chinese xenophobia-victims charged with assaulting looter in NW

2011-01-20 — Susan Cilliers reports in Beeld that two Chinese shopkeepers appeared in the Atamelong-magistrate court near Delareyville on Thursday on ‘assault charges’. The shopkeepers, who run a spaza in the township of Madibogo  in the North West township of Madibogo, are being charged with assaulting a man who was caught breaking into their shop and stealing their property. Meanwhile it’s the Chinese businessmen who have been assaulted: reportedly by the local community of Madibogo, who broke into a bout of ‘xenophobic violence” because the Chinese had dared to assault the thief breaking into their shop. Things got so out of hand in this ‘xenophobic violence’that the North West spokesman for public safety had to issue a public statement, denying that it ever even took place – but at the same time also urging people to control themselves and calm down. He did admit to a ‘certain amount of racial tension’ in the black township between Vryburg and Mafikeng after the incident but hey, that was not ‘xenophobia’… and this was confirmed with absolutely certainty by the local MEC Dr Magome Masike who added that ‘reports that Madibogo residents had attacked two Chinese businessmen in xenophobic anger had been exaggerated’.  Meanwhile the victims, Chinese businessmen Zhang Hoi (41) and En Cheng (28), who had captured the thief with stolen goods, now have to appear in court, charged with assaulting the man. It’s not known what has happened to the thief: police did not say what his ‘injuries’ were, nor whether he would be charged with breaking in and looting the spaza.

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