Toddler death: body parts harvested live


The ANC has always used the African Occult as a weapon to control its electorate terrorist-war strategy expert Pieter Oosthuizen in his book “The Sixth Weapon … Ethno-Cultural Warfare


The unnamed black toddler’s body parts were harvested while she was alive… Johannesburg – Jan 18 2011 – Mike Smith writes: A black couple were arrested Tuesday for allegedly murdering a 4-year-old girl in 2009 in Katlehong and keeping her body parts, Gauteng police said. The child’s body was found dumped near a Cash&Carry in September 2009 with one of her eyes, breast and genitals cut out, Captain Katlego Mogale said. Some of her remains —  which initial tests confirmed belonged to the 4-year-old –  were found in a plastic bag in the bedroom of the couple’s Mandela Park home. Police were not ruling out the possibility of the couple being linked to other cases with the same modus operandi in the area. The 49-year-old man and 51-year-old woman were expected to appear in court soon on charges of murder, kidnapping and possession of human tissue.


MUTI MURDERS SOUTH AFRICA children body parts harvested while they are alive

The ruling ANC uses the African Occult and -tribal customs in its ethno-cultural warfare, as terrorist weapons and to control its electorate with:  Pictures above, bottom row:  torture-methods to exercise control over large crowds were taught as ‘cultural traditions’ to young ANC-exiles, who were taught these terrorism-methods and African Occult strategies in the exile camps in Angola – and which now are widely used by local-level ANC-commissars to control their electorate in the townships.  –  Books by military-strategy expert Pieter Oosthuizen:The Sixth Weapon … Ethno-Cultural Warfare’ and The Current genocide of Afrikaners – the blood-curdling realities of the Rainbow Nation.’  The practice has spread: for instance exiled Haitian dictator Jean-Bertrand Aristide apparently came out in support of necklacing as a control-tool, and after a coup forced him to flee to South Africa, he took up studies in Ethno-Cultural practices. Order CD and/or download in PDF-format for R150 ($15) from


Writes Mike Smith: “These mutimurders of small children are not isolated cases. Hundreds of small black children go missing every year in Mandelatopia…….and you can bet your last dollar many of them end up as muti/witchcraft potion: ”

  • Albino boy dismembered live for tribal medicine ‘ They tied up the parents of a six-year-old albino boy and then chopped off his arms and legs before running away… The child was dismembered alive and his screaming woke up the entire neighbourhood. ‘
  • Toddler’s mutilated body found Welkom – The badly mutilated body of a 3-year-old toddler was found Saturday hours after she was reported missing to Thabong police, a Free State police spokesperson said.The little girl, Onele Galata, went missing on Christmas day and was reported missing on Saturday morning, said Inspector Malebo Khosana.”She was found dead at B-Hostel in Masole Street. She had multiple stab wounds to her right eye, right side of the mouth, over the left ear, chin, neck, right ribs and middle chest,” said Khosana. The girl’s private parts were also removed. “The intestines were also protruding out of her body.”Anyone with information that could assist with arresting the toddler’s murderer was urged to contact Superintendent Kedibone Gopane on 082-442-1372 or 086-001-0111.
  • Mutilated boy ‘left to suffer’ Johannesburg – A two-year-old boy whose genitals were badly mutilated was left to suffer for about an hour at Kagiso Police Station on the West Rand without medical attention, the SABC reported.
  • Cops find mutilated body Johannesburg – The mutilated body of a 17-year-old boy was found near Pella Village in Madikwe on Thursday, North West police said. Superintendent Louis Jacobs said the boy’s body was discovered next to a road by a passer-by early on Thursday morning. His tongue and genitals had been removed. It appeared the boy was attacked, mutilated and killed somewhere else and his body dumped next to the road, Jacobs said. He was last seen alive on Wednesday morning and lived with his two brothers nearby. Meanwhile, a 13-year-old boy who was found mutilated on August 5 near a village outside Rustenburg remained in a serious condition, Jacobs said. Police were investigating the incidents. Jacobs said he could not speculate on what the motives were when asked if they were ritual attacks.
  • Boy survives muti attack Johannesburg – A little boy has been found with his genitals mutilated in the Ebumnandini informal settlement in Kagiso on Johannesburg’s West Rand, Gauteng police said on Friday. Inspector Bongani Sibiya said the boy, aged between three and four, was spotted by two men on Thursday. “The men thought something might have been wrong when they saw him walking around crying. They stopped their car and noticed that his takkies and pants were stained with blood.” Sibiya said the child was taken to a police station where it was later discovered that he had been mutilated. He was taken to hospital and was said to be in a stable condition. Police were trying to find out where he lived and were searching for his parents.”It’s hard because he is traumatised and he can’t give us any information. We appeal to the boy’s parents to contact 011 410 1485 or 073 469 9323.”
  • 11-year-old girl beheaded in Swaziland An 11-year-old albino girl was walking home when she was shot in front of her friends in Swaziland. Her headless body was found a short time later. The youngster had been washing clothes and bathing in a river with her friends, The Telegraph reported. They were heading home when a man in a balaclava grabbed her and shot her in the back. He then dragged her away. Her headless body was found upriver. The girl’s name was Banele Nxumalo. A man identified as her father, Luke Nxumalo, told The Times of Swaziland: “What happened to my child is very painful. I wonder why albinos are targeted because they are just humans like us and a gift from God.”



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  1. Bastard how can any human do anything like that…. They are not human

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