Manhunt for killers of Magda Fraser, Highlands North


Magda Fraser, 42, bludgeoned to death with hammer, two black male suspects, Highlands North post office Jan 15 2011

  • “Trusted, respectful” post-office worker Mark Makhubele was filmed on CCTV opening up the post-office with a key…

HIGHLANDS NORTH, Johannesburg. Police  launched a manhunt for two black males and published a photograph of suspect Mark Makhubele, below –  a part-time post office worker who is suspected of bludgeoning to death Highlands North post-office mistress Mrs Magda Fraser, 42, with hammer-blows, Saturday-morning as she arrived at her job. The two black suspects were filmed by CCTV unlocking the door half-an-hour before she was bludgeoned to death, said police.

    Fraser Magda PO mistress murder suspect Mark Makhubele SOUGHT Jan182011

    “He wished these were still the biblical times so that his wife’s killers could be stoned to death, ‘ said her grief-stricken widower Douglas, 44, to Beeld journalist Jacques Steenkamp yesterday. Fraser said he had dropped Magda off at the post office at about 06:45 where she has worked for the past 25 years in the Balfour Park-shopping centre.

    • “She opened up every morning to receive the day’s new mail-delivery. At 9am her manager contacted me and wanted to know where Magda was because clients were lined up outside. The manager had also noticed on CCTV that two black men carried boxes from the shop and also noticed that she did not answer her cellphone, he told me.’ Fraser rushed to the shop.

    She often passed out from fear-attacks:

    Fraser Douglas widower murdered MagdaFraser PO mistress Jan192011 consoled by sister Fraser – left being consoled by a sister during the interview – said he initially believed that she did not open up because she may have passed out in a fear-attack: something which has happened to her before. Upon his arrival he was greeted by some 11 armed police officers and security guards – all waiting for permission to break open the door.

    “I wanted to know what was going on, but they said I would have to break down the door myself because they were not going in without permission. “ It took concerted efforts for about half an hour to force open the lock allowing the assembled cops and guards to storm into the building where everybody trampled all over the crime scene.

    “I ran through the shop, shouting her name,’ said Fraser. “The safes stood open and were empty. Only when she did not reply to my calls did I realise something was wrong.”  He then was stopped by a security guard from entering one of the bathrooms, with the man telling Fraser: “I am very sorry.’  “Why did they have to kill her?”  He asked. “Did they do that because she could identify one of them”? 

    Police almost immediately identified part-time worker Mark Makhubele as one of two suspects – they noticed on CCTV that he had opened the post office back door with a key and was followed into the shop by another black man and that they then later were filmed carrying out boxes. Fraser: “Makhubele had good manners. He always appeared to respect my wife. I cannot believe that he could have killed her this cruelly.’

    SAPS captain Phillip Maganedisa said a manhunt was launched for the suspects after they failed to find Makhubele at his registered abode. He asked people to call him at  0-072-701-2293.

    Sisters from Norway and Kruger National Wildlife Reserve:

    arrived from Norway:Mrs Fraser’s sisters Melony Marchbank (47) of the Kruger Wildlife Reserve and Jenny Hendriksen (53) arrived from Oslo in Norway. The murder-victim ‘s funeral is scheduled for Thursday 10am from the Old Apostolic Church, Symhurst. She is survived by her children from her first marriage, Quinten, 19, Desiree(18) and Arthur Yeates (18), and her stepchildren Wayne (19), Eric (17) and Grant (17). She and Fraser had been married for 18 months.

    About Adriana Stuijt
    Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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