Manhunt for Neniere murder-couple intensifies

This couple is heavily-armed, and have already  gunned down two SA cops…


SUTHERLAND, NORTHERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA – Dr Philippe Neniere, 60, and wife Agnes Neniere, 58, a French-born naturalised South African couple who are members of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment  ‘end-time’ cult, are hiding in the kopjes and kloofs of the hilly Karoo Hoogland veld around Sutherland –  after gunning down two police officers four days ago. They are on foot, carry a large weapons’ arsenal with them, and are extremely dangerous.NENIERE COUPLE MANHUNT SUTHERLAND JAN182011


Between them, these ‘end-time survivalists’ carry a .22 hunting rifle, a 9mm pistol, a semi-automatic rifle, two revolvers (a .765 Magnum and a .38 Special) and a pump-action shotgun.

Before they fled on Friday while cops tried to confiscate their illegal arms-hoard, they shot dead SAPS student-constable Jacob Bolema, 27, and shot SAPS warrant officer Glenwall du Toit, 42, in the spine. Du Toit is recovering, it is said.

The couple are described as wearing defence-force uniforms and high-quality hiking boots, are said to be ‘exceedingly fit, and knowing every bossie” on the Hardie farm where they lived for 12 years about 22km outside Sutherland. Sixty police officers now are searching for this heavily-armed and very dangerous couple, who have a fatalist attitude: they believe the world is coming to an end in 2012.

Police suspect the couple have holed up and are watching the hunt for them from a  hide-out. “They’re probably watching every move we make,” one said….  Sixty cops are hunting for them with teams of trackers and police dogs.

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

One Response to Manhunt for Neniere murder-couple intensifies

  1. Placido says:

    Ag shame, the cops can’t even track down an oldish man and a WOMAN.

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