ANC-students’ threat: ferocious warfare


The ANC-controlled Sasco student organisation plans to disrupt student-registrations countrywide with their ‘right to learn’ campaign – officially kicked off with a mass rally at Stellenbosch university on 21 Januaury. They plan to organise mass-rallies, using the many tens of thousands of matriculants who have not obtained qualifications for specific university courses  – and demand that these ‘working-class students’ all be given immediate access to all the universities for whatever courses they choose. Also in the news – in an obviously totally unrelated incident —  was the announcement that two sizeable arms-caches were discovered in Kathlehong and Boksburg which the police commissioner claimed were stashed there to ‘conduct warfare’.  He didn’t say against whom.


JAN 21 – “Ferocious protests planned at universities – ‘RIGHT TO LEARN’  ralliesKommissar Lazola Ndamase writes to his his 3,160 activist- friends on Face book: –  “The SASCO ‘Right To Learn’ campaigners are at all installed at the campuses to ‘ensure students are not denied access. The Right To Learn Campaign will officially start 21 January with a rally at Stellenbosch University and spread to all the places of learning across South Africa”.  SASCO fired off the first salvo of this war with a media release, announcing that SASCO will be waging ‘ferocious protests’.

Afrikaner universities:

SASCO’s news release refers  to  ‘the throngs of students left on street corners unable to find space in institutions of higher learning’ ; are linked to the fact that the current government has not built one university since 1994: ”It does not even have one university to its name when the apartheid regime took a couple of years and it had built Afrikaner universities. Rather than see these, we have seen the construction of the Gautrain, procurement of arms in peacetime etc. …we call on  our structures in all four campuses of the University of Johannesburg and at the Wits University to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that they turn the screws … even if this includes strikes and ferocious protests.”

Meet one of the young co-organisers of the Right To Learn student protests:


The student protests’ co-organiser Lazola Ndamase, who describes himself as having the title of ‘Commissar’, is on the three-member SASCO executive. His motto: Marx discovered the law that mankind ‘must first of all eat, drink, have shelter and clothing, before it can pursue politics, science, art, religion… but Marx forgot to say man must have sex and reproduce.”  He hails from a beautiful rural environment: the Xhosa-village of Mthombe near Libode (Ezilalini e-Mthombe) , where he played in the local football team.

Meet his comrades:





ARMS CACHE Katlehong Mukhari Street Jan122011 WOMAN QUESTIONED

An unnamed 31-year-old man handed himself in to the police after the seizure of an arms cache, including rocket launchers, limpet mines, and assault rifles in Mukhari Street, Latlehong township east of Johannesburg, said SAPS spokesman Colonel Vishnu Naidoo. The cache includes five mini limpet mines, four detonators, two rocket launchers, six F1 hand grenades, one CSC rifle grenade, two AK-47 rifles, three Uzi sub-machine guns, one R1 rifle, one .303 rifle and one silencer.Ammunition includes, AK-47 rounds, R1 rounds, R5 rounds, 9mm rounds, shotgun rounds and .38 revolver rounds. A number of gold bracelets were also found among the arms. “These people have accrued this stash of arms for one thing only and that is to wage war, and you have done very well to detect them, possibly averting very serious crimes from being committed”, national police commissioner Bheki Cele was quoted as saying to police officers. Another smaller arms-cache in Boksburg containing 11 unlicensed rifles from ‘police storage’ was also discovered in a home on January 12 2010 and another man was arrested.


Earlier: legal arms shipment confiscated in Durban:


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