Tolstoy Schoeman, 86, last scion of original Boer family Hartbeespoort

Tolstoy  Schoeman, (86) last Boer scion of original Hartbeespoort Schoeman family brutally murdered

Thursday 13 January 2011 By Cynthia Dreyer, Madibeng Pulse –  Shock waves are still rippling through the Hartbeespoort Community at the news of the murder on his Badplaas farm Vygeboom on 16 December of Tolstoy Schoeman, elder son of the founder of Hartbeespoort, Johan Schoeman and grandson of Boer-Generaal Hendrik Schoeman. He had been farming in the Badplaas area for 46 years and was described as an extremely calm and gentle person.

Schoeman Tolstoi 86 killed Magalies farm Dec152010 wife Gudrun abducted assaulted survived

Tolstoy’s younger brother was Lincoln Schoeman who lived in Hartbeespoort for many years before his death several years ago. Tolstoy farmed on the southern side of Hartbeespoort Dam near where Pecanwood is situated today. Tolstoy and his wife Güdryn (65) were sleeping when robbers gained access to the farmhouse through the back door, according to a report at the time in They attacked Schoeman who put up a terrific fight, after which they tied up his hands and feet then strangled him using his pyjama pants. The robbers then demanded money and arms from Güdryn and shoved her into her car to draw money at an ATM. According to police, it seems as if the robbers knew exactly where the car keys of Mrs Schoeman’s Honda Tazz were kept. They also appeared to have used a duplicate kitchen door key to gain access to the house. After driving to an ATM in Machadadorp, the robbers forced their victim to draw money and then drove in the direction of Carolina. On the way there they overturned the car and then fled the scene on foot. When police discovered the wreck with the injured Güdryn inside, she told them about the attack on the farm on Tolstoy and that she suspected that her husband was dead.

Schoeman Güdryn survived farm attack husband Tolstoi killed Dec162010 Badplaas

Güdryn was taken to hospital in Carolina and then transferred to a Barberton clinic. Police have detained suspects after they allegedly boasted in a local tavern about having murdered one old person and having robbed a second one. On Monday, MadibengPulse will publish a comprehensive commemoration with photos of the Schoeman brothers as youngsters on their farm.

Farm murders in South Africa – According to the website “Nicolas Stix Uncensored” Mr. Tolstoy Schoeman’s death brings the total number of South African farmers and their families murdered since 1994 to at least 3,132, although some believe the number is as high as 3,700. Although the actual figures are covered up by the South African police and a controlled international media, it is widely estimated that the total number of South African whites murdered since 1994 is in excess of 35,000.

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

4 Responses to Tolstoy Schoeman, 86, last scion of original Boer family Hartbeespoort

  1. Stefan Schoeman says:

    Dear Adriana
    I would just like to thank you for the blog article you wrote about my father’s murder.
    It was very well written and researched.
    I was first to arrive back on Vygeboom Farm, the day after the attack on my parents.
    My parent’s bedroom was covered in blood, which meant he gave them a good fight. He was a tough old boy, and used to walk at least 5km, with his dogs, around the farm, every day. It kept him really fit.
    What an absolute waste to be murdered in such an inhumane way.
    Tolstoi, named after the famous Russian Writer,”Leo Tolstoy”, was an incredibly educated, compassionate and loving man, who took everyone at face-value. He was a very progressive thinker when it came to the black labourers on the Farm, building them a Primary School, 2 Sports fields, 2 Community Centres and Proper Housing, with electricity and running water. He was the first Farmer in the Area to increase the workers average wages, and was often referred to as the,”Kaffir-Boetie”(Directly translated as the ‘Kaffir Brother’. He hated to see people suffer.
    The purpose of this brief account of who my father really was, is to show the absolute futility of hatred.
    What I mean by this is, that you cannot generalise, and paint everyone with the same brush. “Yes”, my father was a “Boer”, “Yes”, he was afforded opportunities, that many weren’t at the time. “No”, he was not a Racist.”No”, he did not deserve to die at the hands of two cowardly Hyenas, who thought they had the right to “rid” the World of another,”Boer”
    The two guys who murdered my father, have been given bail. My mother is still on the farm, and I fear that being the only witness to the brutal murder, that they will take her out, or send someone else to do the job for them. How can one have faith in the Criminal-Justice system, when killers are allowed free, until their High Court date in June sometime.
    I hope and pray, that the murderers get the sentences they deserve.
    P.S The first words that came out of my mother’s mouth when I got to her in hospital, was,”I have already forgiven them”

  2. Tony Paulo says:

    Güdryn was To the Schoeman family.

    I only just found out what happened to Tolstoy. I am so sorry to read about his passing in 2011. My condolences to the family.

    I worked for Tolstoy in 1978 as a trainee farm manager. There I also meet his oldest son, Johann, his wife Güdryn , his other son Stefan and two other children (a little boy and a little girl)

    He was a forward thinker and an exceptional kind man. In his tobacco farm, at Badplaas, there was a school, clinic and houses for his staff. He was not a racist atall. I remember how well he treated everyone and the total respect that they had for him. I will always remember this about Tolstoy.
    These murderers will pay one day for what they did and they suffering will be eternal.
    What a loss to all that knew him! I am sadden by this.

    Kind regards._
    Tony Paulo

  3. Stephen Jones says:

    I just stumbled upon this story on the internet this day (Mon., 29/X/12), and I am absolutely stunned–shocked silly. I cannot believe it. I just read this here in Texas, 5 minutes ago. Dear God, we pray for justice and forgiveness. How brutal! I hope that Johan is holding up well. It is primarily through him that I know the family. I knew him at the Rome campus of the University of Dallas 3 decades ago. He was kind enough to let me accompany him to visit relatives in Munich and the Black Forest. Rus in die Here, Schoemans, en ons hoop dat geregtigheid sal seëvier.

  4. Ursula Schoeman says:

    The courtcase was in August-September 2013 in the Highcourt Nelspruit.. The judge was Monoa Tefo and on the 10th of September she found Nkosi guilty of all charges and she aquitted Nyathi of all charges!!!!!!!!! When Nyathi heard this he got up and to all our total consternation left the courtroom a free man and has returned to his family on this farm Vygeboom!

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