De-racialisation: just a word for genocide

Zuma plans ethnic-cleansing campaign on a countrywide scale; hiding it behind the velvet catch-phrase ‘deracialisation of the rural economy


Jacob Zuma has promised to celebrate the ANC’s centenary next year by turning South Africa into the black marxist paradise their century-old ‘Freedom Charter’ has always promised them.  More than 25% of the entire black SA population (15-million) now already lives on a vast array of government-handouts without o ever having to work for them… and just in time of the presidential elections, even more black South African votes will now have to be bought to keep this creaking old-time marxist party from imploding.

And if you think that the excessively cruel, violence-driven ethnic-cleansing campaign targetting white South Africans was becoming nearby unbearable last year – 2011 promises to get even worse.AfrikaansSchoolsThreatenedByBlackDemonstrators

This year the Zuma-regime will force even the smallest white-owned businesses to ‘share their wealth’ with black executives’, for instance. He will also take away the legal-property rights of ‘foreign-owned land’ and revert it to South Africans’  – and he does mean ‘ white ‘ SA citizens: whites are already excluded from land-ownership rights and denied most jobs under the black-economic empowerment laws… 

He in fact promised solemnly this week that all the undertakings in the ANC’s century-old Freedom Charter will be in effect by next year. And this is what their Freedom Charter said 100 years ago about land-rights:

  • Restrictions of land ownership on a racial basis shall be ended and all the land re-divided amongst those who work it to banish famine and land hunger..’ The state shall help the peasants with implements, seed, tractors and dams to save the soil and assist the tillers; freedom of movement shall be guaranteed to all who work on the land; All shall have the right to occupy land wherever they choose; People shall not be robbed of their cattle, and ‘forced labour and farm prisons’ shall be abolished.

The ANC ‘s 100th anniversary international communist orgy:

Zuma also promised plenty more posh partying next year – so more and more taxpayer funds will have to be found so that the ANC-regime can piss it away in their party’s centenary celebrations: they are planning an international communist orgy to which all the African and communist leaders will be invited: even the few tottering geriatric anti-apartheid campaigners he can still find in Western countries.

He makes the international communist orgy sound so good!

  • Zuma: ‘On this day next year, the ANC will bring together Africa and the world to celebrate a centenary of our people`s struggle against colonialism, racism and apartheid oppression. We will be celebrating the solidarity we received from the Anti-Apartheid Movement and the progressive forces and freedom loving people from all over the world, in what was arguably the biggest global exercise of peoples` power the world has ever seen. ANC branches must use centenary build-up programmes as an opportunity to mobilise communities behind the ANC through membership drives, political education as well as consistent and effective campaigning.’

Refocusing on his network of ANC-cadre snoops:

He promises to  crack down on the news media’s last vestiges of freedom and is also expanding his countrywide network of ANC-cadre informers who are being instructed to appoint new local-election candidates, ‘re-educate’ the locals, monitor them and provide feedback to make certain that all the local-level officials carry out all his instructions to the letter.

‘ De-racialisation ’ of the countryside:

The keystone of his new presidential election campaign and the ANC’s centenary celebrations however will be to remove the Afrikaner presence from the SA countryside – although he couches these horrific ethnic-cleansing plans in the usual vague communist-speak phrases like ‘economic transition, economic freedom, empowerment of black people’ and his latest catch-phrase: the ‘deracialisation of the countryside’.

  • He said: ‘we will deepen the empowerment of black South Africans… all our people will share in the wealth of the country,’ and describing it as ‘economic transformation and economic freedom’…

The cornerstone of his forthcoming presidential election will be ‘land reform – restoring land to the people’ – which will now be based on the ‘de-racialisation of the rural economy’. He added a new twist however: the ‘newly-transformed black farmers will have to start producing more food for the market; he noted that ‘ a strict production discipline is needed for guaranteed national food security…. ‘

‘Foreign land-ownership will revert to South Africans’ — (but who are these citizens?)

Zuma:  “In order to have more land available for land reform and restitution, government is looking at three forms of land holding:


ANC admits its land ‘reform’ policies lead to depopulation of countryside, collapse of local excess-food production:

2010 ethnic-cleansing campaign targetting all white South Africans: 

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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