Afrikaner genocide – proven by expert strategist Pieter Oosthuizen

The blood-curdling reality of the Rainbow Nation ‘ – by Pieter Oosthuizen

An important new Afrikaans history book —  detailing and proving the present genocide targetting the Afrikaner/Boer  minority in South Africa — has been published by national-strategy expert, African- Occult researcher and community-leader Pieter Oosthuizen.


Oosthuizen Pieter Huidige Afrikaner Volksmoord

Author/researcher Pieter Oosthuizen also highlights the ANC’s use of the African Occult as a terrorist weapon in his book, The Current genocide of Afrikaners – the blood-curdling rrealities of the Rainbow Nation  order the CD and/or download in PDF-format for R150 ($15) from


  • Oosthuizen, born in Louis Trichardt in 1958 in a working-class protestant Afrikaner family which can trace its roots from the first VOC-settlement at the Cape of Good Hope to the West-Fresian town of Oosthuizen  —  holds a BA-hons degree in National Strategy.

His main subjects of study remain the revolutionary warfare which was conducted by the Soviet block’’s proxy-use of the violence-driven tribal-African terrorist movements such as SWAPO, ZANU-PF, FRELIMO and the ANC. His expertise, developed during 25 years of field-research, however also focuses on the Soviet block’s startling use of ‘ethno-cultural warfare’ — specifically its ability to use and manipulate the African Occult as a terrorist-weapon…

KGB launched its long-term goal for a black communist regime in SA ever since 1928…

He also highlights the Soviet Union’s close involvement with the African National Congress party ever since 1928 and the KGB’s long-term goal to create a black communist government in South Africa. This goal was accomplished in 1994. Under the current ruling ANC-SA Communist Party-Cosatu troika in South Africa they have now launched their final revolutionary stage, namely the physical annihilation of the 3-million strong, Afrikaner/Boer minority . Importantly, Oosthuizen also is the co-founder of — an important new centralised internet tool which since April last year, has also tracked the  exact details of this ongoing genocide, which is being deliberately hidden by the ruling troika behind a facade of  highly inaccurate ’ crime statistics

Farmitracker has thus far since April 2010 logged more than 890 incidents of extremely violent genocidal incidents specifically targetting the white Afrikaans-speakers  since April \2010 – in all its gruesome details.




Oosthuizen kicks off the Afrikaans-language history book by quoting from the Rome Statute Definition of Genocide – and then proceeds to prove that there is an active, ongoing Afrikaner-genocide taking place. 

  • the commission of certain acts with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racia, or religious group. The acts listed are ‘killing members of the group or causing them serious bodily or mental harm; forcing the group to live in conditions calculated to bring about the group’s physical destruction in whole or in part; and using forcible measures to prevent births within the group or to transfer children out of the group to another group’.

After a detailed description of the events which brought the Afrikaner/Boer nation to their present predicament, he outlines in a series of  hard-hitting chapters all the gruesome details which have brought him to conclude – as have so many other international genocide experts such as Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch – that this small, highly visible ethnic-European nation on the southern tip of Africa is in the middle of a very deliberate, ongoing genocide which is actively organised and supported by the ruling ANC-communist party troika.

US government knew of the Afrikaner-genocide plans in 1982 – and did nothing to stop them

What is particularly disturbing is Oosthuizen’s chapter dealing with the US government:  the fact that it knew of these genocidal-plans by the then-exiled ANC-party through its six-day Senate Hearings of its Judiciary Committie in 1982 – yet the US regime did nothing to prevent it from taking place after 1994.

On the contrary: after these 1982 Senate hearings, the US government  was seen to switch its support from the National Party government to these genocidal ‘freedom movements, especially the African National Congress-in-exile:   even though the ANC-exiles in their violence-and-rape driven camps in Angola etc. were also receiving active, hands-on support in the form of massive quantities of weapons, terrorist-insurgency training and financing from the entire Soviet-block at that time…

  • Oosthuizen for instance, reproduces the documents from this 6-day US Senate hearings – which were summarised on September 17, 1982 by Sen Jeremiah Denton, of Alabama – the then-chairman of the subcommittee on Security and Terrorism; who noted that the Soviets, East German- and Cuban interventions on the southern African subcontinent were “extensive in their support of the so-called national liberation movements’.

“ US fails to comprehend … the motives of those who sought political power under the guise of national liberation “… Sen. Denton:

  • “These (hearings) are glaring reminders’,  warned Denton, ‘of our failure to fully comprehend and appreciate the motives  and interrelationships of those who sought political power under the guise of national liberation. These also serve to remind us of the terrible price which others (i.e. the population of South Africa) have paid for our previous mistakes. ‘

Oosthuizen’s meticulously researched book is particularly important  as it is published at a time when many European political groups, and even liberal Oxford-University historian RW Johnson and American journalists such as Carol Forsloff;  or widely-divergent Israeli political authors such as Ilana Mercer  and Avigdor Eskin  are beginning to protest in various forms against the ongoing genocide of the Afrikaner.Boer people  this year. In fact this week, French activists are joining Israeli pro-Boer activist Avigdor Eskin in anti-ANC government protests outside the SA embassy in Paris, France. And in Belgium in December 2010, visiting SA president Jacob Zuma was also asked some very pointed questions by a Euro-parliamentarian about the murders of Boer farmers while Zuma spoke in the European Parliament…

South Africa in heading for perdition with its violence and AIDS: French historian Bernard Lugan:


other sources:

“A Bloody Harvest’ – gruesome documentary on Afrikaner genocide in 2002 –


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AfrikanerPlightCarolForsloffArticleSept242010Page1 AfrikanerPlightCarolForsloffArticleSept242010Page2

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  1. George Askew says:

    Please ask Pieter to contact me.
    I am trying to help my fellow white S Africans to get to New Zealand and Australia.

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