SA’s Brave New World: historian RW Johnson

SA’s Brave New World” by Oxford Prof RW Johnson

Reviewed by Ivan Fallon

Few people are better qualified to write about post-apartheid South Africa than RW Johnson. An anti-apartheid activist with some “struggle” credentials, a Rhodes Scholar and Oxford professor, Johnson is the author of ‘How Long Will South Africa Survive?’,  one of the seminal political books of the 1970s.


SA Brave New World Since the End of Apartheid R W Johnson “ (Johnson) can also claim to be one of the few people alive today who attended speeches given by Dr Hendrik Verwoerd; and by Nelson Mandela before Mandela was imprisoned. And Johnson has monitored every second of the ANC government since 1994, which he now sets set out as a mighty Insight-style investigative report in this new book.

“If you didn’t know Johnson and his writings of the past 15 years, you might be forgiven for thinking this was his time. It should have been, but for Bill Johnson the times are out of joint. He is one of nature’s (or certainly South Africa’s) great pessimists, a man who has looked very closely at modern events and seen little to please him.

Mandela: a ‘charismatic pawn for sinister Marxist-communists who hijacked the ANC in exile…

For Johnson all (literally all) is dross, disappointment, betrayal and corruption. There never was a Mandela miracle – the “real miracle”, he says, was how FW de Klerk “led the white minority to surrender its power peacefully”.

Mandela, for Johnson, was little more than a charismatic pawn for the sinister Marxist-communists who had hi-jacked the ANC in exile and who were really only interested in getting their snouts in the trough. Johnson in his career as writer and academic has moved seamlessly from leftish campaigner to right-wing sage.

He rejected the ANC for the IFP, Chief Buthelezi’s Zulu party, and as the years have gone by, so his dislike and contempt for the ANC has increased. Even before Mandela was elected president, he argues, he had been shouldered aside by Moscow-trained Stalinists who allowed him no real power in the new government. All key appointments were made by the party and policies were decided by a cabal who translated it into speeches which Mandela dutifully read puppet-fashion.

Mbeki will give Hitler or Stalin a good run for their place in history…

The real power behind, and later on, the throne, was the (now) former president Thabo Mbeki, who in Johnson’s assessment will give Hitler or Stalin a good run for their place in history. Mugabe, who plays his part, is a minor villain by comparison……


‘ Afrikaner will not lift a finger to rescue himself from genocide because of his dominee – ‘

Knorrig writes on the outrageous, no-holds-barred rage-blog: “SouthAfricaSucks

“Anybody who knows the Afrikaner knows that his/her moral guidance always came from the local dominee (preacher). Having always been stout Christians, the Afrikaner elevated his dominee to the highest level in society. Even in the military back then, the domenie/chaplain held the same rank as the unit commander.


This arrangement worked perfectly when the dominees were still ‘old school’ Christians. They were the true shepherds that ensured the survival of their herd. But then these all-powerful dominees lost their bearings once the Western world changed from a Christian world based on rules to a Secular Humanist one based on emotion.

And that is, in my opinion, the reason why the Afrikaner is not lifting a finger to halt the slow but sure genocide of his/her Nation. Let me use an example that should highlight the above problematic.


Reiners Ricardo 9 shot by gunmen Kempton Park son RevDean_Tryna NGChurch

Knorrig continues:  “Yesterday a dominee, his wife and their 9 year-old son were hijacked, robbed and shot by blacks in Kempton Park. Dominee Dean Reiners , wife and kid, were dragged out of their car and forced to lay on the ground next to their vehicle. Dominie Reiners then immidiately started to pray out loud for one of the black savages. It obviously didn’t work because the black barbarians buddy calmy shot and seriously wounded both the dominie and his son.

The dominie and his wife have also been hijacked and robbed in seperate incidents last year. After those incidents, the dominie said; “One must remain positive and pray for criminals”. After yesterday’s incident the dominee had the following to say; “ The Lord is walking on a desert road with his people, because there  are still desert inhabitants who must still be saved”. In Afrikaans; “Die Here stap ’n woestynpad met sy mense, want daar is woestynbewoners wat nog gered moet word.”

“Love your neighbour’ has morphed into “we are al innocent at heart..’

In other words what this dominee is saying is that the current suffering (slaughter) of the Afrikaner is God’s Will because the Afrikaner has the Christain duty to ‘save‘ the poor un-Christian souls of Harry die Hottentot, Jacob skirt-puma Zuma, Malema, Mugarbage and all the other poor little (*$&#?) savages who are wiping us out 24/7!

There you have it in a nutshell! This is precisely the reason why Afrikaners haven’t revolted yet, despite being subjected to a slow genocide. The average Afrikaner still follows his/her dominee’s moral guidance like the obedient sheep they are. That means, if the dominee says ‘forgive the kfrs that are killing you’, then the Afrikaner will forgive them.

Naude Beyers  one of many dominees preaching the Afrikaners into oblivion

“It was also the dominee that convinced the Afrikaner leaders to hand over power to the barbarian hordes. Beyers Naude, Nico Smith, Van Zyl Slabbert, Willie Esterhuizen were all expert theologians. They were the ‘moral advisors’, the ‘soul’ of the Afrikaner, who brought about the downfall of Afrikaner self-determination, ergo ‘Freedom!’


… modern Coke-Light Christianity just creates individual feel-goodness…

Knorrig continues: “Please note that this article is not a ‘Christian-bashing’ effort – on the contrary – I’m a Christian, albeit the most recalcitrant one since CS_Lewis. But that’s not relevant here.

  • What is imperative to understand is that these highly intelligent dominees (they studied 9 years!)  were seduced by postmodern tenents like ‘Man is inherently good’ (humanism), ‘being before sein’ (existentialism) and ‘there is nothing outside the text’ (deconstructivism/post-structuralism).

The aforementioned postmodern tenents are diametrically opposed to ‘old school’ Christianity in which duty, reason and communal faith played vital roles. Let’s be honest here – what else is the charismatic Coke-light Christianity of people like Anchus Buchan other than individual feel-goodness based on emotions evoked?

In short; ‘Love your neighbour’ has morphed into ‘You are your neigbour’……and ‘we are all innocent at heart as One’ bound together by the fickle emotion called love.

There is nothing innocent about the human condition…

Now call me a heretic if you like, but I firmly believe in God-given human reason. The type of Reason that gave us the brilliant insights of people like Nietzsche, Darwin,  Audrey – all of whom have proven that there is absolutely nothing ‘innocent‘ about the human condition and even less so in the human heart. Old Testament stuff/wisdom, in any case.

  • God has given us brains – let’s use them to ensure our bloody survival…
  • What is therefore desperately needed when it comes to the moral guidance given by the Afrikaner dominee to his flock, is an assimilation of basic scientifically-proven Darwinian/Malthusian tenents.  Simply put, God has given us brains, let’s use it to ensure our bloody survival!

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