Afrikaans teachers brutally attacked, Kameeldrift


Karen and Johan Joubert, teachers Via-Nova School, brutally assaulted by 3 armed blacks Kameel-Drift Jan 3 2011

 PRETORIA. – Two ‘Via Nova school for Disabled Children’ teachers Karen, 45, and Johan Joubert, 52, were brutally and repeatedly assaulted by three armed black men on their Derdepoort smallholding right next to high-crime Kameeldrift on Monday night, Jan 3 2011. The SAPS  confirmed the ‘armed robbery’ only after they were asked to do so by Beeld Afrikaans daily three days later. The police are not investigating two cases of attempted-murder.

  Joubert Johan 52 wife Karen 45 teachers ViaNovaSchoolKameeldriftSurviveAttJaan52011

    Two ‘Via Nova school for Disabled Children’ teachers Karen, 45, and Johan Joubert, 52, were brutally and repeatedly assaulted by three armed black men on their Derdepoort smallholding right next to high-crime Kameeldrift on Monday night. The blacks stole her laptop computer containing her entire Master’s Degree Thesis. She will have to start all over again…


    Fanie van Rooyen of Beeld newspaper writes that teachers Karen and Johan Joubert were astonished that they had even survived the 40-minute ordeal, when they were assaulted repeatedly while being tied up and were forced to kneel while they were waiting to be executed, with a gunman holding a pistol against their heads.

    Mr Joubert received eight blows over the head with a massive spanner, he said after his discharge from hospital on Wednesday. The couple still had difficulty walking during the interview with the Beeld team.

    Heavy rain muffled the sounds of the breakin:

    It all started while the Joubert couple watched TV on Monday-evening at around 20:15 – when three black men walked into their living room after breaking apart the outer door of their bedroom to gain entrance.

    Due to the noise from the heavy rain beating down on their tin-roof they had turned up the sound of the TV and did not hear the break-in. Their pitbul-terrier Noenoe, kept inside in the living room, also didn’t hear the break-in: only raising the alarm when the attackers were inside.

    ‘The first (black) man stormed towards us with a pistol, and the other two were armed with heavy spanners, shouting that we had to ‘sleep’, ordering us to lie down. One immediately bashed Mr Joubert over the head with a spanner while Mrs Joubert’s right-arm received a brutal beating.

    After their hands were tied together with rusty barbed-wire, Mrs Joubert was dragged around, forced to show the attackers where their valuables were. Two men, who were threatening to rape Mrs Joubert, dragged her through the homestead. “When one took a wallet from a cupboard a package of ammunition fell out,’ she said, ‘then they demanded to know where we keep our firearms, and I was threatened with rape.’

    She was constantly being threatened at gunpoint and had to also hand over her laptop computer which contains her Master’s Degree thesis. She is going to have to repeat it because it’s now lost, she said.

    Kneeling for their execution:

    The Afrikaans couple then were forced to kneel in the living room while the gunman pushed the barrel of his gun against their heads – as if he was going to execute them. “I thought it ws the end,’ said Mr Joubert – and then offered to show the blacks the location of the safe. “It drew their attention away from their plans and I am sure it saved our lives,” said Mrs Joubert. Her ordeal then started all over again as they kicked her around brutally while forcing her to get jewellery and money from the safe.

    “Just before they left one said ‘I want to kiss you goodbye’, kissed me on the back and then pushed me hard so that I fell against a cupboard.’

    They waited about 15 minutes after the black males departed before scraping together the courage to go and seek help from neighbours.

     SAPS captain Johannes Maheso was asked to confirm ‘the incident’ and he did, also adding that they were merely investigating a case of ‘robbery with extinuating circumstances’ – but not attempted double-murder. 

    Afbeelding kaart

    Of course nobody was arrested. No SAPS-search team was sent out to search for the three attackers immediately afterwards either. The rate of convictions emanating from the  Kameeldrift police station is hardly worth the mention, despite the great many hidious crimes committed there over the past ten years.


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