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Summary: Garage owner stabbed and stoned to death on plot in Shannon, FS; Dutch student Hans van Gulik launches archive of the ‘Never Ending Boer Genocide 1899 to the present; ; Disabled Boer couple Willemina and Willem Laynes assaulted by Die Moot cops; ANC regime slammed in Jerusalem protest over secret Boer Genocide ; SA science/techno and human-development ratings dropped dramatically after apartheid:

Die Moot, Reitfontein Pretoria Dec 31 2010 – Wilemina and Willem Laynes, an elderly, partially disabled Boer couple, were driving to their family outing on December 31 with their son, his fiancee and her teenaged son, when they were stopped by the SAPS. The cops assaulted the old man, then threw his crippled wife to the ground – breaking her hip in two places and chipping a knee-bone. And while the distraught old lady was being rushed to hospital, the cops arrested the father and son Adriaan Strydom, 44 and threw them in a police cell throughout New Year’s eve. The father and son were released on $50 ‘bail’ the next day – but no charges have been lodged against them as far as we are aware… There was no evidence of any drunkenness, yet Beeld newspaper described this as a ‘road-rage incident’ caused by the frail old couple…

Laynes Willem and Willemina in hospital after beatings by cops Piic Deaan Vivier

more details on the ‘ Stop the Boer Genocide ’ photo albums of Kalahari Annie at

Feel free to download all these photos and turn them into your own protest videos!


Garage owner stabbed stoned to death, Shannon, Free State Jan12011
THE unnamed owner of a garage in Shannon in the Free State was stabbed and pelted to death with stones, police said yesterday.Captain Rulene Kuhn said the garage owner, 51, went to fetch money at his garage on Monday night.”He was overpowered at the gate of his plot by an unknown number of men,” Kuhn said. He was stabbed in the arm and hit over the head with stones.”He died on the scene.”The assailants fled with an unknown amount of cash and the man’s car.The car was later found overturned on a road in Bloemspruit. The attackers had run away by the time police got there.”The police are busy with an intensive search for the suspects,” Kuhn said. Anyone with information can contact the investigating officer, Warrant Officer Michael Kortman of the organised crime unit in Bloemfontein, on 082-554-2729.


ANC-regime slammed by Israeli protestors


Jan. 2 2011 – JERUSALEM. Protest against ANC-regime against the secret genocide of the Boers/Afrikaners in South Africa in Jerusalem, Israel: “The world is silent but we will not be silent”, said Avigdor Eskin. “These Boers were always the best friends of the State of Israel… and long before the Boers helped the Jews through the very worst times. We will not remain silent now while they are being slaughtered…’


Dutch student Hans van Gulik launches detailed “Never-Ending Boer Genocide” archive in The Netherlands

The final-year communications student notes that the ‘genocide launched against the Boers by the British has never really stopped”, and has started to archive each murder which took place on Boer farms since 1994 under ANC-rule: by name, place and date. He refers to this ongoing murder-campaign  as the ‘Never-Ending Boer Genocide”, writing:

  The proclamation on January 14, 1901, prepared by Marthinus Theunis Steyn (sixth and last president of the Orange Free State, 1896-1902) and Boer General Christiaan Rudolf De Wet and many other sources showed that the British had abandoned all forms of “civilized war” against the Boers.  Horses and cows were shot and farms torched. Wounded and captured Boer guerillas were mostly stabbed in the throat and – the so-called “pig throating” – or transported to the 47 overseas POW camps. And in more than 70 British concentration camps set up for the often raped, dishonored Boer women, children, babies, sick and elderly, many were tortured to death. Even doctors at these camps were not ashamed of the “effectiveness” of the cultivation and distribution of typhoid bacilli which they claimed was an ‘effective treatment for all inmates’. The black population – mostly rounded up farm workers of the Boers – also did not escape this persecution: in 40 ‘Black’ concentration camps housing approximately 130,000 people, mostly whole families – however they were allowed to search for food in the veldt, whereas the Boer inmates were not. This English system of warfare against defenseless prisoners was denounced and widely published by the English journalist and human rights activist Emily Hobhouse. Please join his site and also help him maintain and update these Dutch-language archives at: ABBOTT Lientjie, Coronation Park tent village, Krugersdorp South Africa CRADLE OF HOPE ORG

Picture above: once again, more than 800,000 of the 3-million Boers now are forced to live in dismal squatter camps where charities such as Helpende Hand, Volkshulp 2000 and the Cradle of Hope help keep them alive. Many of these Afrikaans children cannot afford to go to school unless Helpende Hand pays their school fees and school-clothes. And little  Lientjie Abbott, 2 years old, faces a bleak future in a country where she and her fellow-Boers are banned by law from the job market. She and her parents now have to try and survive on food-handouts from the Cradle of Hope charity organisation in the Coronation Park/Kroningspark municipal park which was taken over by  destitute Boers and turned into an orderly, reasonably neat squatter camp in Krugersdorp. The local ANC-regime is trying hard to get them forcibly removed to black areas. 

—————-Afrikaner Poor in Coronation Park Krugersdorp THREATENED WITH FORCED REMOVAL TO BLACK MUNCIEVILLE CAMP

Investigative journaist Finbarr O’Reilly writes in the Vancouver Sun in June 2010 that, although they are the best-educated and technically most-skilled minority in South Africa, the white Boers are growing desperately poor and homeless: they are deliberately barred from the labour market by the ANC’s black-economic-empowerment laws


SA’s science-technology rating drops dramatically after end of apartheid 

New York. OECD press release. Since the 1960s South Africa had close to the same rate of development as the 35 top-scientifically- and technologically-advanced OECD countries.  In 1994 South Africa got its first black government –  and this graph of of its latest Human Development Index shows the result.

ANC RULE SAFRICA HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX 1994 2010 OECD statistics for SA in 2010:
The OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook 2010 reviewed key trends in science, technology and innovation in ’emerging’ economies i.a. South Africa, Brazil, China, India, Russia…

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